How to “take care” of Ukrainian pensioners

How to “take care” of Ukrainian pensioners

The pension reform, proposed by Prime Minister Groisman, was announced as a reform of raising pensions. However, in practice, the prepared bill is replete with “innovations”, each of which, as a rule, are incompatible with each other, neither theoretically, nor practically!

  1. The increase of pensions by 30%, in fact, does not meet the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, which was already in 2014 violated by the revolutionaries of “hydrology”. Ie, the current Constitution of Ukraine provided for an annual review of the amount of pensions until March 18 of each subsequent year in the amount of at least 50% of the minimum wage for the previous year, as well as the revision of pensions in the presence of inflation, which, in fact, was not done by our ” revolutionaries “neither in 2014, nor in 2015, nor in 2016. During this time, the dollar has risen, at least three times or more! Thus, the state’s debt to retirees is much more than 140 billion hryvnia. A 30 percent increase in pensions does not compensate even for the tenth part of the losses suffered by retired people as a result of galloping inflation (populism and deceit of the current government are once again demonstrated to the Ukrainian people).
  2. Various verbal formulations in determining the total length of retirement seniority do not allow many people who have reached the age of 60 to receive a full-fledged pension, rather than the so-called social pension. The use of formulations such as “declared employment”, as well as a gradual increase in the total length of service from 15 to 35 years will lead to the fact that at least 60-70% of the population will not live to their pension (after all, the government is well aware that before the 60-year-old age does not reach 40% of men and more than 20% of women)! The high mortality rate is a direct result of a low standard of living: 80% of the population lives below the poverty line, while according to various sources, about 10% of the population is actually starving. The quality and high cost of medical care plus the chronic social stress associated with the civil war, the influx of migrants deprived of basic means of livelihood, the ever increasing robbery and banditry in the streets of cities and villages of Ukraine is an incomplete list of factors that reduce the life expectancy of our people.
  3. Catastrophic aging as a percentage of the society, that if two pensioners were employed for one pensioner, today one pensioner is employed for each pensioner. And in a year or two, two pensioners will fall on one worker, especially since 80% of Ukrainian families are suffering from the war in Ukraine and 80% of Ukrainian families are in a difficult financial condition, young able-bodied people leave the country, which could be the basis for the revival of the Ukrainian economy and which could increase the birth rate of Ukrainians and stop the catastrophic disparity between mortality and fertility in Ukraine (mortality is two or more times higher than the birth rate).
  4. In the so-called “pension reform,” mistakes related to the size of pensions for people whose wages exceed UAH 40,000 per month are still not taken into account, that is, a single social contribution is charged on wages that do not exceed 40 thousand UAH per month. The same officials, for example, judges, prosecutors, employees of some law enforcement agencies, whose salaries are equal to 100-200-300 thousand UAH per month, pay taxes only from the amount of 40 thousand UAH, and they will receive a pension of 90% of the amount official salary. For example, if an official received 100 thousand UAH. a month he will be credited with a pension of 90 thousand UAH per month. Considering that the so-called solidarity form of payment of pensions is preserved in Ukraine, this means that he will pay taxes during his working life not from 100 thousand hryvnas, but only from 40 thousand hryvnias, and his accrued over 50 thousand hryvnias will be withdraw from the general boiler at the expense of the bulk of other working people. What kind of social justice are we talking about?
  5. The declaration by different governments since 2000 of the intention to introduce a so-called personalized funded pension is also unreal for today for several reasons: first, constant inflation will eat up the accumulated money, and secondly, many people who, from the 1990s onwards This year they lose their jobs as a result of the stoppage and disintegration of both state and private enterprises as a result of the chronic economic crisis, they are innocent of the fact that their often highly skilled hands turn out to be of no use to anyone, ybrasyvayut out and they are forced to earn a living in the markets, in various private and public companies as vremennyhraznorabochih, merchants, etc., without a permanent job, and without proper employment records. As a result, many really struggling for survival and constantly working people who have reached retirement age, as if lacking official, declared work experience. As a consequence, they will receive a tiny social pension instead of a full-fledged, deserved by their own labor!
  6. “Pension reform”, written by the Großman government under the dictation of the International Monetary Fund, aims not to improve the social standard of living of pensioners, but to reduce their numbers through artificial stimulation of the death rate of the population through impoverishment, malnutrition, lack of basic medical care, chronic stress like consequence of the severe socio-economic and political situation within Ukraine.
  7. In the so-called pension reform, not a word is said that in fact, the solution of all problems of pensioners, including the huge deficit of the pension fund (140 billion UAH), must be carried out entirely by other means and methods. In fact, the solution to this problem lies only in the plane of the upsurge of the disintegrated Ukrainian economy, the disorganized system of medical care, the collapsed system of law enforcement agencies, the collapsed judicial system and many other crisis processes that arose in the country after the advent of swindlers and amateurs on the wave. called, “revolution of hydrology”.

Only the coming to power by universal democratic elections of a new parliament, the Government and the President, which will be distinguished by high education, honesty, diligence and professionalism can allow to change the economic and social policy in the country, including to solve the problem of Ukrainian pensioners. There is no other way!


Public figure, academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

What land reform is necessary for Ukraine?

What land reform is necessary for Ukraine?

ТThe so-called land reform, i.e. free sale of agricultural land, is detrimental both for the state of Ukraine and for its people. Under whatever “sauce” we would not be required to free the sale of land, the true purpose of this scam is to procure its inflationary, unrefined dollars, by the world’s Masonic organizations. After all, the acquisition of such a real asset, like Ukrainian black earth, is strategically important for obtaining in the future the global dominance of these trillions in the matter of the world’s food dependence on them. In fact, Ukrainian farmers really need reform in the following areas:

  1. The most severe blow to agricultural producers is the introduction of value added tax on their products, therefore, the return of a preferential tax system to agricultural producers (VAT refunds) is a key condition for the growth of agro-industrial production in Ukraine.
  2. Lowering the fixed agricultural tax rate.
  3. To stop the fiscal pressure on farmers through increasing the estimated value of land and, consequently, the growth of rent, the ultimate goal of which is to increase absolute revenues in the form of an increasing tax on personal income from growing rents.
  4. To stop the unwarranted increase in wages in the agricultural sector not related to the growth of production and against the background of a fall in the profitability of these enterprises. When the government tries to increase revenues to the state budget through taxes on wages (which today constitute almost 52% of the salary itself), while increasing tax pressure on producers of agricultural products.
  5. To stop politicization in all economic questions, incl. return agricultural markets in Russia and other CIS countries, which causes agricultural producers to lose about 40% of their traditional sales markets (which is associated with corresponding significant financial and economic losses amounting to billions of dollars).
  6. To abolish the collection of VAT when importing new models of agricultural machinery, advanced varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops and livestock breeding (like cattle, pigs, poultry, rabbits) into Ukraine, plant protection products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides).
  7. To reduce the price of mineral fertilizers due to the revival of the Ukrainian chemical industry, and also to abolish excises on Russian fertilizers until Ukrainian producers of mineral fertilizers raise their volume of production to the maximum, so that the price on the domestic market is economically acceptable for farmers ., the introduction of mineral fertilizers would give a tangible, scientifically valid effect).
  8. Lower the price of gas and electricity not only for the population, but also for agricultural enterprises to an economically sound level.
  9. Create favorable conditions for the livestock sector by introducing excises on the import of foreign livestock products to a level at which Ukrainian livestock production becomes profitable, with a profitability of at least 50-60%. This will allow filling our shops with Ukrainian meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.
  10. The financial and banking support of agricultural producers should ensure, at a minimum, the stability of the national currency and cheap (2-3% per annum), long-term (10-15 years) loans for the livestock sector, the restoration and development of the irrigated farming system.
  11. Prices for agricultural products exported from Ukraine should be regulated by the government through state export companies, so that foreign exporters do not steal Ukrainian agribusinesses using a system of monopolistic collusion while understating purchase prices for domestic agro products. This leads to unfair enrichment of exporters & nbsp; through their receipt of excess profits and deterioration of the economic situation of agricultural producers, who receive a minimum profit when selling their products at underpriced prices as a result of collusion by foreign exporters.
  12. Elimination of corruption at all stages of export-import transactions with agricultural products and goods for agricultural production in Ukraine.


Public figure, academician and vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Аnatoly Peshko

What kind of health system meets the interests of the people of Ukraine?

What kind of health system meets the interests of the people of Ukraine?

The real essence of the government’s declared medical reform is to shift the financial costs of health care from the state budget to the average Ukrainian. This process reflects simply the inability of the incumbent government and the President to fill the state budget at the expense of economic growth. Therefore, their only method of survival is the principle of “selecting and sharing” or ask for debt!

In fact, the healthcare system in Ukraine is the most adequate for our country. Moreover, given the general impoverishment of the population. Medicine itself requires reform only in part:

1. Improvements in the system of medical education (complete elimination of corruption and improving the quality of teaching)

2. Improving the material and technical basis for diagnosis and treatment of patients not only in the central highly specialized medical institutions of the capital, but also in improving the laboratory and instrumental diagnostic and medical medical equipment in all regional, district and district hospitals and even rural dispensaries. This is possible only with the normal funding of the health sector. The volume of health financing in developed countries is 6-8% of GDP. But for Ukraine, with its poor state budget, the volume of health care financing should be at the level of not less than 10-12%.

Public figure, academician & nbsp;
and Vice President of the Academy of Economic &nbsp of Sciences of Ukraine

A.V. Peshko

An open appeal by a citizen of Ukraine Peshko A.V.

An open appeal by a citizen of Ukraine Peshko A.V.

An open appeal by a citizen of Ukraine, a public figure,
Academician and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine
Pesha Anatoly Volodymyrovych to the Prime Minister of Ukraine
Groysman Volodymyr Borisovich, Minister of Finance of Ukraine
Danylyuk Oleksandra Alexandrovich, Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
Victor Nazarenko,
acting Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Myroslav Vasilievich Sold.

Regarding the violation of human rights at the administrative border with the territory of the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Arriving at the checkpoint “Kalanchak” from the territory of the Crimea at 9:30 am on May 25, 2017, I was forced to stand in a queue at the checkpoint “Kalanchak” until 18:00. In this queue at the Ukrainian border there were also about 400 cars. In these cars there were people like the elderly, and those who were already in the 70 to 80 years. Also, there were a lot of teenagers in the car, juveniles and infants, and even children with cerebral palsy. In total there were about 1,200 people. I am convinced that this situation is not only a gross violation of human rights, but it is a superhuman abuse over the citizens of Ukraine!

I would like to draw the attention of the leaders of the Ukrainian customs, the heads of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, who manages the work of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, other Ministers, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine, all deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the establishment and guarantee of human rights and freedoms is the main duty of the state, and, consequently, the state has no right to restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens, namely: the right to free development of their personality (Article 23 of the Constitution of Ukraine) the right to life (Article 27 of the Constitution of Ukraine), the right to respect for dignity (Article 28 of the Constitution of Ukraine), the right to liberty and personal integrity (Article 29 of the Constitution of Ukraine), the right to inviolability of housing (Article 30 of the Constitution of Ukraine ), the right to the secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, telegrams affine and other correspondence (Article 31 of the Constitution of Ukraine), the right to non-interference in his personal and family life (Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine), the right to freedom of movement, free choice of place of residence, the right to freely leave the territory of Ukraine (Article 33 of the Constitution of Ukraine ), the right to freedom of thought and speech, to the free expression of his views and convictions (Article 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine), the right to freedom of opinion and religion (Article 35 of the Constitution of Ukraine)!

Taking into account all the above, I would like to warn employees of the customs and border services of Ukraine, as well as profile ministries, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, that they are also citizens of Ukraine who also reside in the territory of Ukraine and who must also comply all the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine (the Basic Law of our state)!

Any regulations, decisions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, instructions of the ministries and departments of Ukraine, which are in conflict with the basic provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine and violate the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, are illegal and must not be executed by any of the citizens of Ukraine. And in the event that anyone, regardless of the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, based on subordinate acts of ministries and departments, will prevent Ukrainian citizens from ensuring their rights and freedoms – either civil servants or anyone who violates the Basic Law of Ukraine, will be brought to administrative or criminal responsibility, depending on the severitycrime associated with violation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

I believe that the incident that occurred in my presence at the checkpoint “Kalanchak” on May 25, 2017, which I mentioned above to you, is a gross violation of Articles 27, 28, 29, 33, 34 of the Constitution of Ukraine!

Based on the above, I as a taxpayer, as a citizen of Ukraine, as a person whose rights were violated by the artificial creation of a queue at the border and the unfitness of the border guards and customs officers, should bring to justice the leadership and employees of the Kherson regional customs and border services, namely, the deputy chairmen of the Kherson regional the border guard service (since the head was at that time suspended from performing the relevant duties).

My repeated request to assist citizens of Ukraine in moving through the border and customs post at the checkpoint “Kalanchak” deputy heads of the regional customs service cynically ignored, and also ignored the appeals of all citizens who were next to me, and this, I would remind, there were hundreds of Ukrainian citizens. The people were terribly indignant and annoyed by the behavior of civil servants of Ukraine and the highest leadership of Ukraine in general, and demanded the immediate arrival of the leadership of the State Customs Service of Ukraine, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, in order to see with their own eyes, in what conditions the Ukrainian citizens are kept at the checkpoint “Kalanchak “Kherson region, where there is no drinking water, nor even primitive conditions for personal hygiene and natural needs. People asked that the room they called “a toilet” was visited by either the head of the border service, or the head of the customs service, or the higher authorities of Ukraine, so that they would perceive at the authorities the attitude of the Ukrainian state to the Ukrainians!

You, the leaders of Ukraine, should understand that not people are your servants or slaves, and you are servants of the people, and we keep you at the expense of those taxes that have recently been stripped from the people along with the skin!

We, the Ukrainians, demand that the services of the state, that is, all the leadership of the border and customs services, respond to us – the Ukrainians: who allowed them to treat such people to their people, who keep them at the expense of their taxes ?!

According to the border guards, it became known that the 9-hour queue was due to the lack of the Internet, resulting in the database “hung”. Also, from the words of the latter became known information that at the checkpoint of the Kherson region, namely the checkpoint “Chaplinka” and checkpoint “Kalanchak”, the Internet is systematically having problems, because there they use the services of private Internet providers. The question arises: why such a structure as a border guard service uses private unverified Internet providers?

I would like once again to pay particular attention to the absence of elementary conditions for staying at the border for the normal functioning of border control and the creation of appropriate conditions for those who pass it. And there is not the most elemental, even proper illumination of the territory around the checkpoint, not to mention sanitary standards, which includes at least a toilet (at this checkpoint it is such that it is not nearly possible to approach it), a desk for reviewing things (things for review are laid out on asphalt or sand), a canopy to hide from the rain and the sun (it does not exist at all for those crossing the border on motor vehicles).

According to my observations, the turn was also caused by the slow work of border control and customs inspectors. Most of them work one finger using the computer keyboard when entering data into the database. Why are such professionally unfit workers working at the border?

In the above-mentioned acts of the leadership and employees of the border guard service there is a degree of negligence (Article 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and abuse of power (Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), excess of official powers (Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Failure to perform or improper performance by the official of his duties due to his unfair treatment or his hidden interest (corruption), which causes substantial damage to the rights, freedoms and interests of Ukrainian citizens, interests of legal entities, public or public figures, is also seen.

I also draw your attention to the fact that in the above-mentioned actions of the leadership and employees of the border guard service there is a deliberate failure of the military official to perform the actions that she had to perform in his official duties, which caused substantial damage (Article 426 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

I demand, as citizens of Ukraine, a public figure and just a person, to bring employees and the leadership of the State Border and Customs Service of Ukraine to administrative and criminal liability.

I demand that the Minister of Finance, the heads of the border and customs services of Ukraine arrange for the crossing of the administrative border of Ukraine with the Crimea, which will meet European standards and a decent level both in terms of equipment and the quality of work of border guards and customs officers of Ukraine.

In case of not reacting or improper response to this complaint, I will be forced, as a public figure, to apply not only to the court of Ukraine, but also to the European Court of Human Rights regarding the protection of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

If we want to Europe, then, first of all, you need to make Europe in the territory of your own state!

June, 13, 2017 року 

On behalf and at the request of hundreds of Ukrainian citizens,

who along with me pass these “circles of hell” on checkpoint “Kalanchak”

May, 25, 2017 року

Public figure, academician and vice president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

How to restore the prosperous life of the Ukrainian people?

How to restore the prosperous life of the Ukrainian people?

Restoring the prosperous life of the Ukrainian people directly depends on the revival of the Ukrainian economy. In order to revive our country, at the first stage it is necessary to conduct a number of political reforms (elections are to be held on a pro-rata basis with open party lists: only people who do not have a criminal record, except those convicted for political convictions, less than 40 years with one or more higher educations, only internationalists on convictions, with experience of effective managerial work at state-owned and private enterprises throughout enee the last 10 years). It is necessary to re-elect the Supreme Soviet and the President.

On second stage, I hope honest, qualified and responsible leadership of the country will have to ensure a series of transformations in the country’s economy: firstly, in the financial and banking sector of Ukraine.
– It is necessary to fix the exchange rate of the national currency.
– Increase the share of state banks in the financial market to 50% and at the expense of honest, qualified and authoritative leadership of the country and the National Bank, to create people’s confidence and confidence in the safety of investing their funds in state banks that must ensure 100% safety of both deposits themselves, and the purchasing power of their money, as well as sufficient interest yield on deposits.
– You can introduce new types of funds depositing in the form of purchase of conditional precious metals that allow you to fix the price of your conditional gold, for example, at its market value, and when refunding deposits, get the money in proportion to the market value of the precious metal at the time of the deposit refund, plus obtaining guaranteed interest that should not be subject to any taxes.

It is with the help of the National Bank’s instruments that it is necessary to limit the sale of currency for the purchase of non-critical imports and to ensure a stable exchange rate for the purchase of goods and technologies for critical imports (vital drugs, new technologies, equipment, energy).

At the third stage, direct directive and mediated state regulation of the economy will be implemented, which should stimulate interest in investing both domestic and foreign investors’ resources in the real sector of the Ukrainian economy. This implies the need to reduce taxes on dividends and on the repatriation of capital to 5%, ensuring 100% protection of the invested money from any raider actions by bandits, or any state power structures (DFS, MIF, SBU, prosecutor’s office, etc.) . That is, at the legislative level, all interference with the work of industrial and agrarian enterprises, especially those that conduct expanded reproduction, either through reinvestment of own funds, or through the attraction of domestic and foreign loans (especially long-term ones – 10-15 years), or by attracting foreign investors. It is also extremely important to reduce taxes on workers’ wages, at least to the level of 15% in the first stage. It is also necessary to ensure the return of VAT in the case of the export of Ukrainian goods, moreover, this system should work in an automated mode. In addition, the new Parliament, the Government and the President should develop:
– clearly prescribed and calculated on the basis of an objective financial and economic situation in the country;
– Strategic development plan for the next 5, and then 10, 15, 20 years with the definition of specific macroeconomic indicators for the growth of individual industries, agriculture and other sectors of the economic complex of our country. That is, strategic planning in the main sectors of the economy, such as: energy, heavy industry, agriculture, is an indispensable condition for a non-crisis, non-wave, but straightforward, progressive growth of the economy of any state (look at the example of China).

At the fourth stage, it is necessary to adjust the imbalance between the percentage of producer income and the entire chain of intermediary companies (freight forwarders, trade, etc.). Producers’ income can not be limited, but intermediary companies should have limited mark-ups on goods and services for the population, especially for essential goods, for example, for food products. The mark-up from the producer to the buyer should not exceed more than 15% in general, in the pharmaceutical industry, the mark-up from the manufacturer (or state importer) should not exceed 5% and only in the production of consumer goods (household appliances, computers, telephones, cars, etc.) mark-up can not be limited vatsya, if it is not detrimental to the relevant domestic producers.

At the fifth stage, state regulation of export-import transactions is necessary, through directive and indirect – through the system of currency targeting, – introduction of excise taxes on imports (restrict imports to 15% of GDP), especially one that inhibits production growth key domestic products, etc., allowing only critical imports. It is necessary to stimulate domestic production, mainly to increase domestic consumption, as well as for export growth, but no more than 35% of GDP). For example, in Ukraine the livestock sector has been virtually destroyed. Namely, cattle, both dairy and meat directions. In 1986, the number of heads of cattle was 46 million 800 thousand heads, of which 35 million were dairy cattle. To date, in Ukraine, the total number of cattle, both dairy and meat, is only about 1.5 million. This means that already today we import dairy products from Poland and other countries, and on the shelves of shops Polish oil and cheeses are cheaper than Ukrainian (at the same time, of equal quality).

To correct the situation, it is urgent to introduce excises on all dairy products, cattle meat, pork, at such a level that import prices are at least 20% higher than the cost of similar Ukrainian products. This will save the industry, and when returning to agricultural producers those minimum benefits that they had on the return of VAT, which is used for production. This will stimulate the growth of domestic livestock, both cattle and pigs, as well as further development of food processing industries for processing meat and dairy products. This will lead to the receipt of goods with high added value, which will increase the incomes of domestic producers, give new jobs, provide decent wages to the Ukrainian people and stimulate internally solvent consumption. Such transformations ultimately stimulate the restoration of Ukrainian agricultural machinery, food machine building, the restoration of the work of chemical enterprises for the production of mineral fertilizers, the creation of domestic producers of plant protection products, the development of domestic seed production and breeding livestock!

That’s how stimulating the development of the most important industry in today’s Ukraine – the agrarian one – can affect the revival of the entire Ukrainian economy. But, in order to implement all these plans, it is necessary to prohibit the sale of land for the next 10 years at least (!) At the legislative level. Otherwise, we will lose the main wealth of our people, and 25% of the world’s chernozem reserves, through a system of virtuoso legal fraud, and European Masons who rob the whole world through sale, printed by themselves dollars and euros. If this happens, it will not only be the loss of Ukrainian agricultural production, it will be the loss of Ukrainian statehood as a whole!

At the sixth place, it is necessary to carry out real reforms that create legislative and objective material conditions that eliminate the ground for corruption in the system of state customs bodies and DFS, corruption in the system of former state, and now half of the private largest monopolies, namely, it is necessary to win corruption in the system of rail transport, seaports and sea transport, air and trucking freight and passenger traffic. Also it is necessary to achieve effective work of ant monopoly committee to stop corruption by foreign agroeksporterov, domestic and foreign mobile operators and stationary communication, Ukravtodor system.

Seventh: We need to carefully approach the tax reform for the return of benefits, first of all, to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, especially in the processing of agro-industrial products. This will help increase the number of enterprises-producers, increase employment, increase incomes of citizens, increase purchasing power and, again, stimulate domestic production.

Eighth: it is necessary to completely abandon cooperation with the IMF and other international financial institutions that require Ukraine to sell off its main natural resources for nothing: forests, land and other minerals. Cooperation with any financial institutions is possible only on terms of profitability for Ukraine. Basically, the financing can be obtained on the domestic market in amounts exceeding the Marshal’s plan if the international financial institutions do not want to provide us with financial assistance, not by a drip method, but by real global financing for reforming and re-equipping the obsolete material and technical base of Ukrainian industrial enterprises.

Ninth: the most important question underlying the economic and social existence of Ukraine is the energy issue, where it is also necessary to think about the creation of economic tax and legal norms that would destroy the ground for corruption and give impetus to development of the energy industry of Ukraine. First of all, it is necessary to stop the lawlessness in the system of Naftogaz of Ukraine, in the Ukrtransgaz system, in the Ukrhazdobycha system, and also in the half state company Ukrnafta. In addition to the reorganization and controlled management of the oil and gas production system, Ukraine urgently needs to address the issues of ensuring the safe operation of nuclear power generating enterprises (NPPs), stopping attempts to “grab” in this sector, and restoring closed-cycle nuclear fuel production for our nuclear power plants at state-owned enterprises. In order to diversify energy resources, it is necessary to develop more actively alternative energy sources (wind generators, solar batteries, it is possible to use underground and aboveground coal combustion to produce natural gas, it is possible to develop energy production by using some microorganisms, for example algae such as Daniela in lakes, such as Sivash and etc.). Perhaps, the increase in the efficiency of thermal power plants due to the use of the technology of plasma combustion of water-coal mixture with the use of both anthracite and brown coal, whose reserves in Ukraine are very large. In this combustion, it is possible to burn the water itself, which in the state of plasma is divided into hydrogen and oxygen.

Tenth: It is extremely important for Ukraine to restore friendly trade and economic relations with the CIS countries, first of all, with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and others. This is due to the fact that many Ukrainian enterprises are tightly integrated into the former Soviet economy and the destruction of old ties causes huge losses to Ukrainian enterprises, the inadequate receipt of more than two-thirds of the proceeds from the former Ukrainian export, which is about 60-80 billion dollars. You can not lose traditional sales markets, the more so having such a huge capacity.

In parallel, we are not prevented from developing economic relations with Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other countries, but there the markets are much more severe and competitively heavy. For a more successful solution of economic issues, the state must take care of social protection of the population. To do this, the new leadership of the country is obliged to implement sound reforms in the system of medical services to the population, in the system of secondary and higher education, in the pension system for the elderly, disabled people and other socially vulnerable groups of the population.

It is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, under which the state budget must provide all the people of Ukraine with guaranteed, free qualified medical care, the same education and the same free and full-fledged protection of all socially unprotected people living in Ukraine. Only with this condition will people believe in the new state leadership and will take an active part in the economic and social transformation of our country.

Public figure, academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

What is the suffering of the Ukrainian people?

What is the suffering of the Ukrainian people?

The total lack of professionalism, adventurism and populism of the Ukrainian government and the National Bank led to a terrible state of the Ukrainian economy, to the poverty of our citizens. The main reasons for what is happening in the absence of a really calculated strategy for the development of the economy of our state.

The government’s actions are clearly corrupt and populist. Corruption can be traced to the fact that unjustifiably, voluntaristically, energy prices were increased by 6 times or more, that is, gas and electricity. This caused, in fact, the bankruptcy of chemical enterprises in Ukraine, a sharp decline in the profitability of metallurgical and machine-building enterprises. The rise in prices, respectively, for mineral fertilizers, combined with the predatory growth of fiscal pressure on enterprises of all forms of ownership, both industrial and agricultural, has led to the fact that honestly operating enterprises are already becoming unprofitable. Ie, in the next six months, not only small entrepreneurs will start to stop their work, but most of the previously stable agrarian farms of the average level, and this will also cause heavy losses for large agribusiness producers.

Unreasonably raised prices for energy carriers led to a sharp rise in prices for housing and communal services. In addition to plundering the Ukrainian economy, the Government began to plunder its own people, living mostly in poverty. The system of so-called subsidies, when the state directly pays for energy resources to power generating companies owned by oligarchs close to the authorities, in fact represent a scheme for stealing the money of taxpayers through payment for the multiply inflated prices of budget money to their own oligarchs. The people do not even understand that under the guise of helping the poor, their money is stolen and dubbed between the participants of the scheme: the government is the oligarchs owning energy-generating companies.

Populistic actions of the Government in the form of a twofold increase in the minimum wage up to UAH 3200. in fact, led to mass closures of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, a reduction in jobs in almost all enterprises, non-payment and reduction of budgetary expenses for scholarships to students, a reduction in medical institutions, as a consequence, further reduction of medical personnel, a sharp deterioration in the capacities of the population of villages, urban-type settlements in obtaining emergency and other qualified medical care.

In addition to the above innovations, the Government of Grojsman and Poroshenko since the new year 2017 has increased even more than from the beginning of 2016 tax extortion from industrial and agricultural enterprises. So, in the agrarian sector, the benefits were abolished even, at least, for partial compensation for the value-added tax. The cadastral value of land plots is unreasonably increased in order to increase in absolute terms the rent for the land and, accordingly, to increase the size of income tax and military levy from this rent.

At the same time, the Government of Yatseniuk and Groisman introduced so-called tax invoices for the value-added tax, which must be submitted no later than 15 days before the end of the current month. As a result of these manipulations, all sales VAT that are produced by enterprises in the second half of the month is deliberately counted in the concept of & laquo; tax liability & raquo; and must be paid to the budget even if the costs of the enterprise for the purchase of inventory are almost equal to the sales volumes . Thus, the Government unhesitatingly takes huge amounts of money from enterprises that are equal to VAT obligations for the last half of the previous month and uses this money all next month. At the same time, sharply reducing the volume of circulating assets of agro-enterprises. As a result of these, in fact, fraudulent schemes, all agricultural producers incur huge losses.

To date, agro-industrial enterprises are forced to pay value-added tax not only from wages, but from all taxes on wages (a single social contribution, income tax, military duty), which is plus a salary of about 50% of additional costs. In addition, agricultural producers additionally pay VAT on rent and taxes on this rent (income tax and military charge).

In addition to such innovations, the refinements of our Jesuit Government are also extended to the return of value added tax for the export of agricultural products. Ie, when exporting products directly from the agricultural producer to him, even theoretically (not to mention the virtually unrealistic possibility of receiving a VAT refund), not all the value-added tax is paid back from the price of selling agricultural products, but only the amount of VAT only on those commodity-material assets that are spent in the production of a particular type of product (ie VAT on the purchase of fuel, fertilizers, herbicides and equipment with spare parts). But the company’s expenses incurred by him for paying a salary together with huge taxes on this salary, as well as expenses for rent payment and taxes on this rent, general economic expenses are not taken into account and are not subject to return to agricultural producers. Thus, agricultural enterprises can even theoretically receive a refund of not 100% of VAT, but somewhere not more than 30% of that amount! In addition, all tax inspectorates were given an unofficial order to conduct severe inspections to those enterprises – agricultural producers, who, when exporting their products, require a legal VAT refund! Tax authorities established a rule that the amount of fines in relation to such enterprises should at any cost be counted in an amount exceeding the amount of that VAT, which the enterprise legally asks for compensation. The forms of tax pressure on agricultural enterprises are especially cruel, since it is the only sphere of the Ukrainian economy that has worked effectively in our country.

The government’s attempt to stay in its seats on numerous corruption schemes at the expense of its own people and all, without exception, industrial and agricultural enterprises, in conditions when all foreign creditors and the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe refuse to provide new even predatory (because of total corruption in the country) loans, leads to a total collapse of the economy of our country. The collapse of the Ukrainian economy is also accelerating due to the sophisticated, also corrupt, activity of the National Bank of Ukraine. As a matter of fact, there is a deliberate destruction of “foreign” & raquo; banks, and their collateral property is sold under corrupt schemes with huge kickbacks through a system of state enterprises designed, allegedly, to compensate depositors of banks the amounts lost by them. To date, citizens of Ukraine from such a collapse of the banking system have lost more than 100 billion UAH., And legal entities, enterprises of the industrial and agricultural sector, have lost much more than 150 billion UAH.

This is not a complete list of the “benefits” committed by the Government and the National Bank of Ukraine under the leadership of the President of Ukraine and the incompetent parliament, consisting of 80% of scammers, crooks and semi-literate and uncultured “elected” people!

Silent people, like silent lambs, generate a government of wolves!

Public figure, academician
and Vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

The concept of economic rescue of Ukraine

The concept of economic rescue of Ukraine

Numerous assertions from pro-government experts and journalists that in Ukraine, ostensibly, there are no decent people for changing the current unprofessional, adventurous and corrupt government is nothing more than an attempt by the current leaders of the country to shuffle out of the state budget for a longer time at the expense of taxpayers and the people belonging to all state enterprises.

I want to cite as an example a number of names of highly educated and professionally trained, with great experience, candidates for ministerial posts in the future, I hope, really popular the Government of Ukraine.

One such person is a truly unique economist and financier, Viktor Suslov, who can perfectly handle the work of the Minister of Economy or the Minister of Finance. Moreover, it is within his power to supervise the two ministries in the position of Vice Prime Minister.

Instead of the current semi-literate and incompetent leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture, it would be wise to appoint a smart and experienced leader, a real agrarian Leonid Kozachenko.

The most effective Minister of Industrial Policy in the Ministry, which is overseen by, including the chemical industry, would be well-known in the business circles of Ukraine and an authoritative worldwide, honest and highly intelligent professional – the director of the Odessa Portside Factory Valery Stepanovich Gorbatko.

The Ministry of Energy, no doubt, must be managed by a person with extensive experience in the energy sector, who has proved himself to be one of the most effective leaders in this field Plachkov Ivan Vasilievich.

The Ministry of Education could be headed by well-known professors, academicians such as academician Skripnyuk Alexander Vasilyevich, academician Belopolsky Nikolai Grigorievich, academician Skull Alla Vasilievna, academician Makogon Yuri Vladimirovich.

The Ministry of Health needs a leader who would not only have excellent knowledge in the field of medicine, pharmacology, but also the experience of an effective head of healthcare institutions. Such as academicians Evgeny G. Pedatchenko, director of the Institute of Neurosurgery, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences Vitaly I. Tsymbalyuk, professor, director of the Institute of Urology Sergei Alexandrovich Vozianov, Deputy chief doctor of the Central Clinical Hospital Tertyshny Ivan Aleksandrovich and many others are not only highly qualified doctors, but also deeply decent, responsive and honest people.

The Security Service of Ukraine should be headed by professional people loyal to the interests of the people of Ukraine, and not to foreign special services, such as the former chairman of this department, Igor Dryzhchaniy, the Prosecutor General’s Office effectively and professionally worked under the former general prosecutor Alexander Ivanovich Medvedko, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine should be headed by people who have great professional and combat experience, as well as possessing high and human qualities – such as the former commander in air forces and air defense forces of Ukraine Igor Aleksandrovich Romanenko. The Ministry of Internal Affairs should at last be headed by experienced and honest law enforcement officers, such as the former deputy chief of the Kyiv Department for Combating Organized Crime, Gorbachev Alexander Vasilyevich, the former head of the material supply department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, general Golub Yuri Nikolayevich and many other former and current employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, able to restore law and order in the state and overcome total crime and corruption in our country.

This is not a complete list of really smart, experienced, highly professionally trained and gifted leaders who could lead Ukraine out of the catastrophic situation in which it is today. Therefore, the assertion of pro-government heralds about the senselessness and ineffectiveness of the re-election of the current parliament, government and president is a pure deception of Ukrainian citizens who are deliberately misinformed by the oligarchs who seized power in Ukraine. And do not want to part with it!

In addition to concrete personnel changes in the government, it is necessary to re-elect the Supreme Council of Ukraine on the basis of only a proportional system, with open lists where all candidates must meet absolutely specific criteria that must be prescribed and strictly enforced by the Central Election Commission when registering new candidates for people’s deputies, and as well as candidates for deputies of regional and district levels. The Central Election Commission should be increased, at least twice, to more effectively control the process of registering candidates for People’s Deputies, as well as for more objective and uncontested control over the election process itself. Members of the CEC should be elected in this political situation by the whole composition of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, without any quotas on the part of the president or the Supreme Council.

As for the economic policy of the state, it is necessary for the future of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to strictly observe the following, the most important postulates: Using direct directive and indirect state regulation, it is necessary to begin the restructuring of the Ukrainian economy, focusing on creating the so-called “economy of subsistence economy”, ie, e., the development of the domestic economy should be directed primarily to the development of those industries and enterprises that will meet 85% dstvenno citizens of our state.

Import of goods should be state-regulated and ensure the importation into the country only of new technologies, equipment for various spheres of the economy, developing on an innovative basis.

In the agrarian sphere, as the leading one in the economy of today’s Ukraine, it is necessary to focus on the development of agricultural engineering, the optimization of the work of scientific research institutes, the system of the Agricultural Academy of Sciences to generate new, more productive varieties, those crops that are most adapted to the Ukrainian natural and climatic conditions and have the greatest demand, both on domestic and foreign markets. To create favorable conditions for the work of chemical enterprises for the production of mineral fertilizers, by reducing the price of natural gas in the production of products for domestic consumers, in order to reduce the cost of fertilizers and improve the efficiency of crop production. For the revival of the livestock sector it is necessary to directively establish strict excise taxes on imports of meat and dairy products from other countries. In order for the development of livestock in Ukraine (poultry farming, pig breeding and the increase in the number of cattle of meat and dairy sectors) profitable and developing, it is necessary to introduce an excise rate at which the cost of Ukrainian livestock products would be at least 20-30% lower than the prices for Imported meat and various dairy products. The Ukrainian food market should be filled with high-quality Ukrainian products, including organic production of at least 95%. The state should return agricultural producers benefits on the value-added tax and stop the blasphemous fiscal pressure on the agrarian business.

In addition, the banking system of Ukraine should provide agricultural enterprises with long and cheap loans, for 10-15 years at 2-3% per annum. Especially for the development of the livestock sector, namely, the production of meat and milk from cattle, as well as for the restoration and development of irrigated agriculture, which will allow the transfer of agroproduction to intensive production technologies, which will significantly increase the productivity and profitability of the agricultural sector. This will provide not only the Ukrainian consumer with quality and cheap food products, but will also allow Ukraine to enter foreign markets with much larger volumes of agricultural products, with the highest added value.

Such a policy of the state will give a large inflow of foreign currency into the country and ensure a positive trade balance of our state. The development of the Ukrainian economy is impossible without significant investments that we can attract both from abroad by providing a preferential taxation system for enterprises with real foreign investments, as well as by attracting ordinary Ukrainians to the banking sector of the country and creating a loyal tax system for the return of Ukrainian capital origin from abroad, provided they invest in existing ones and establish new enterprises of commodity producers. It is the low rates of taxes for such investors that will help increase the number of enterprises-producers and, thereby, create new jobs and ensure high purchasing power of Ukrainian citizens, which in turn will stimulate domestic consumption and development of the economy oriented to its own Ukrainian market. Only if Ukrainian producers sell their bulk in the domestic market and export no more than 20-30% of their products, the Ukrainian economy will have a stable growth and, in fact, will not depend on the financial and economic crises systematically shaking the entire world economy.

I repeat once again that only a well-thought-out and skillful state regulation of the market economy will allow Ukraine to withdraw from the economic abyss, into which it has been lowered by the current incompetent, irresponsible and corrupt government. One of the very important factors that can help the recovery and progress of our country’s economy is the fight against corruption, starting with top state officials and ending with small officials at the local level. This issue should be given special attention. Many people doubt the possibility of eradicating corruption in Ukraine. It’s possible. To solve this problem, it is necessary that honest people, statesmen in their convictions, be selected for all leading positions in the system of law enforcement bodies. It is these frames that can lead to & laquo; clear water & raquo; first and foremost corrupt officials of the highest echelon of power, who must be convicted under the law and really get a long prison term with complete confiscation of property. Only such concrete examples will force society to free itself from corruption policy, which today, in fact, is legalized in the state. To the historical experience, saying that: “The man who steals a loaf of bread, will be put in jail, and those who steal the railroad will be put in parliament” there was no place in the future structure of the system of state government of Ukraine.

In order for the economy of manufacturing enterprises and trade intermediaries to be balanced, and the population did not suffer from inflated prices for goods and services, especially the basic need (basic foodstuffs and medicines), the state should directively establish trade margins for these types of goods and services in the amount of no more than 5-15% on the way from the manufacturer to the end user. The financial system of Ukraine should be a tool to help stimulate the production of goods and services, as well as to stimulate the consumption of these goods and services. Therefore, the task of the National Bank of Ukraine is to stabilize the banking system, to ensure a stable exchange rate of the national currency (such methods of regulation of the rate exist and can be used, but not by the corrupt, but by the new and honest leadership of the NBU). To restore confidence in the banking system of Ukraine and attract funds from Ukrainian citizens, domestic business investors, as well as foreign investment.

It is necessary that the National Bank be subordinated to the new Parliament and bear full responsibility for its activities before the new collective body exercising supervisory functions. Only if the population, internal and external investors are guaranteed security and stable profitability, as well as 100% protection from inflation of their money, which can be provided, first of all, by state banks controlled by a responsible, honest and professional Government and Parliament – Money return to the banking system and provide the necessary conditions for ensuring effective lending, existing and newly created enterprises-producers.

The new Government should focus its attention on such branches of the Ukrainian economy that have a strong foundation for long-term development in domestic and foreign markets. First of all, it is necessary to focus on restoring the full cycle of nuclear fuel production that existed in Ukraine for the development of nuclear energy as one of the most important fundamental branches ensuring energy independence and state stability. In addition, there are many alternative technologies for biofuel and electric energy production in Ukraine, which also need to be developed (these technologies are known, but in this article I will not stop them, since this is a very large amount of special information). Ukraine should develop its aircraft and rocketry, because it is one of the five states in the world with similar enterprises and experienced personnel with high intellectual potential.

But the development of all the above sectors of the economy is impossible without the restoration of traditional sales markets for Ukraine, which are primarily Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other republics of the former Soviet Union, which accounted for 40-60% of Ukrainian exports in various sectors of our economy. Europe can be one of the potential markets for Ukraine and then only if we produce new, innovative products that will exceed European counterparts. Otherwise, all the promises of the European Union to provide Ukraine with immense sales markets, no more than deceit & nbsp; in order to gain access to the purchase of Ukrainian natural resources at the lowest possible prices, in order to obtain the greatest personal benefit by European capitalists, who will not under any circumstances give Their markets, causing themselves losses. Their promises are only an excuse for invading the markets of Ukraine and gaining access to cheap Ukrainian resources, up to buying up Ukrainian land and ousting our nation from their own country.

I do not cite and do not decipher many effective tools that allow to restore and develop the Ukrainian economy because many of the mechanisms known to me to improve the investment climate and production growth in the country can be used by the current corrupt government not for the benefit of the Ukrainian people, but for personal gain only. Only with the advent of the new Parliament, the President and the Government I guarantee the provision of information that will restore the Ukrainian economy and ensure a dignified, secure and secure life for the Ukrainian people, of which I am a part.

With the hope for a bright future,
Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

The Soviet health care system for Ukraine

The Soviet health care system for Ukraine

After watching the recent “Black Mirror” program on the “Inter” TV channel devoted to the issue of medical care to the population, I realized that I can no longer stand by and watch the process of the collapse of our medicine!

What exactly scares?

It is absurd to discuss health issues, involving people who do not have medical education, who do not understand, in principle, the system of medical care that takes place in various countries around the world. It’s sad, but the fact that even the chairman of the Health Committee has an orthodox view of the health system that they want to legitimize in our country and demand its obligatory execution.

The system of medical aid created in the USSR was and remains the most humane, generally accessible and as close to the population as the city and the village. It was this system that gave people highly qualified and free medical care for all people, regardless of their social status. In addition, the Soviet system of training medical personnel was much more effective than the existing in America so-called “test system” of education, including medical.

The “test system” of learning in general is imperfect. And for doctors it is completely unacceptable because a doctor should not only have a good memory and memorize the material that domestic and foreign medicine has worked for him. The present doctor, in addition to knowledge of the theory and practice of both classical and non-standard variants of the manifestation of diseases, must have clinical thinking that allows him to conduct differential diagnostics. A true doctor should be able to diagnose correctly if there is even a very complicated and confusing symptomatology (that is, when the disease can acquire not the classical course, in which it is very difficult to distinguish one disease from others having a similar clinical picture). “The test system” does not develop the doctor here this very thing – clinical thinking. It makes his work more like a robot that knows some specific symptoms and, at the same time, has a strictly regulated so-called “treatment protocol” (treatment regimen).

The superiority of Soviet medicine and Soviet doctors over American (and other Western doctors) has always been felt precisely because our doctors approached the diagnosis and treatment of patients, taking into account the fact that the same disease in different people can take place in completely different ways . And the sensitivity of patients to the same drugs depends very much on their individual tolerability of these drugs. In other words, modern so-called selective beta-1-adrenergic blockers (for example, nebilet) affect some patients effectively, and in other patients with the same diagnosis (eg, hypertension) do not have any effect. On these patients, non-selective beta-blockers (for example, anaprilin) ​​act more efficiently. We see the same thing with antibiotics, when the sensitivity of each patient to the same antibiotics is different (each patient needs to select an antibiotic individually). Although, of course, there are general principles of antibiotic therapy, but they are effective only in the classical course of certain diseases. In real life, unfortunately, we are doctors with sufficient experience – we know well that there is practically no classical course of diseases. This means that an attempt to unify the treatment of all diseases through the approval of a specific therapy scheme for each disease (protocol of treatment) is an example of a short-sighted approach from a limited perspective to the treatment of a particular disease. Such protocol treatment regimens will produce an incomplete result and a large number of complications in those patients who are the victim of such “narrow-eyed” therapy.

An attempt to translate the universal system of rendering medical assistance developed in the Soviet Union into the framework of the so-called & laquo; insurance medicine & raquo; is erroneous and criminal! The fact is that every citizen of our country should always remember that, according to the current Constitution of Ukraine, the state is liable for those tax payments that we pay out of our salaries (income tax, unified social tax, taxes on household deposits, taxes on pensions, numerous taxes on enterprises of various forms of ownership), provide the population with high-grade, highly qualified and free medical care.

The fact that today the current government in Ukraine does not comply with the Basic Law of Ukraine and does not provide the population with full-fledged, effective and free treatment is a crime of the current government and is not a reason to change the health care system in Ukraine! Simply, the current anti-human state elite is trying to shift an expensive system of medical care to people from the state treasury (which, in fact, is also our money, already paid for the state to fulfill its mandatory function of protecting life and health of Ukrainian citizens) on the shoulders and so on living below the poverty line of the population of our country!

People should understand that the insurance companies that are being created are essentially the same financial commercial structures as the banks. They are also subject to similar risks of bankruptcy, stolen, depreciation of contributions of insurance premiums due to inflationary processes and other criminal scams in which insured patients may lose their savings in large part or completely. Therefore, people will not get any social guarantees from the introduction of insurance medicine! And they will receive only one more instrument of their robbery.

In fact, in order to establish an effective health care system in Ukraine, it is necessary to restore the growth of the economy of the state, its industry and agriculture, which will provide people with high-paid jobs and will allow the state budget to be filled so that the new government, the President and Parliament can ensure sufficient funding for the Ministry health care of Ukraine. This will make it possible to maintain the proximity of medical assistance to people in the village through the preservation of feldsher-midwife stations, rural dispensaries and district hospitals. And already qualified and highly qualified medical aid will be provided by doctors of regional and regional hospitals. Highly specialized medical care will continue to be provided by specialized medical institutions that are part of the system of the Medical Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health of our country.

Everything is extremely simple. Sufficient funding, not by inflationary, but by real money from medical workers, should provide for raising salaries for doctors, nurses, nurses and other employees of medical institutions at the level of wages of socially developed countries such as Germany, Sweden, England, Finland and others. The problem of our health is absolutely far-fetched. The only problem here is the meager financing of medical institutions, which absolutely does not meet the modern world requirements. As soon as doctors, nurses and other medical workers receive decent wages, and hospitals – the necessary resources to purchase the current pharmaceutical products and modern diagnostic and medical equipment, all problems of the medical industry will be resolved!

The problem of the Ukrainian health care system is not its inferiority, but its inadequate funding!

Therefore, the problems of the health care system in Ukraine are directly related to ineffective governance, which, especially over the past two years, has led to an almost complete collapse of the state’s economy. Serious problems arose not only in the healthcare sphere, but also in the sphere of pensions: the state’s debt to pensioners is equal to 160 billion hryvnia, which is more than 23% of the total budget of our state for 2017. Social failures are also acutely visible in the sphere of secondary and higher education, and in the field of culture and science!

And all these crisis processes are the result of the adventurist management of the state by people who have neither sufficient education, nor experience, nor the ability to effectively manage the industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy of our country. This is our greatest tragedy, without the permission of which all sorts of adventurous attempts at pseudo-reforms in all spheres of Ukraine’s social life are undoubtedly doomed to failure!

Public figure, academician and vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

We must love and respect the Ukrainian language

We must love and respect the Ukrainian language

My mother was born in the village of Goncharevo, near the city of Myrhorod, the station of Gogolevo and the heart of every Ukrainian town such as Dikanka. These cities were brightly and sincerely sung in the works of our favorite writer Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. My childhood from the earliest years passed in a small hut-mazanik where my grandfather and grandmother, whom I have loved and love to this day, have lived all my life, although they have not been with me for more than three decades.

It was thanks to this sincere and great love for his relatives, who were true Ukrainians, and most importantly, they were human, friendly, and most importantly, real people with a capital letter. They were farmers. The love for the native language, to the native land and our Ukrainian people grew in me, since my childhood.

My father was also born on the farm of Gapta, near Ovruch in Zhytomyr, in the family of doctors. Together with the name of my father, I received love for my native Polesie region. My father taught me not only to be a doctor, but also, first of all, to be a true person.

The Ukrainian language for me is our native land, the endless fertile groves, on which the ripening grain shrinks, these are forests, in which tasty strawberries, blueberries, tasty mushrooms, a lot of different game and different birds grow. Thanks to my father, I became not only a doctor but also a dedicated hunter and fisherman.

So, for me, the Ukrainian language is, first of all, the best memories of life, connected with the wonderful nature and wonderful people living in a country called Ukraine.

Love for their parents, grandfathers and ancestors, love for the history and traditions of the Ukrainian people is passed from generation to generation thanks to the Ukrainian language. Therefore, the Ukrainian language is not just a means of communication, it is a language that transmits emotions, feelings, love, life, history of the Ukrainian people. Respect for the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation begins with love for the Ukrainian language.

But it is important not only that we have the opportunity to speak Ukrainian, it is important that every Ukrainian remains a true person in any situation.

The Ukrainian language teaches us not only to be human, honest, friendly, it teaches us to respect all other people of different nations living near us in our country. Therefore, in any case, we can not allow the development of the Ukrainian language to press other languages spoken by our compatriots, whether Russian, Jewish, or Hungarian, or any other language.

Love, first of all, your country, love your people and, directly, every citizen of Ukraine, protect them, create for them conditions of decent life, worthy old age, decent education. And let the Ukrainian language help you in the best understanding of each other and in creating favorable conditions for the development and prosperity of the Ukrainian nation in the whole world!

public activist, Academician,
Vice President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine,
Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

Demographic catastrophe of Ukraine

Demographic catastrophe of Ukraine

The suffering of the Ukrainian people began after a strange “coincidence” since the departure of Ukraine from the USSR. Thus, the population of Ukraine until 1991 was approximately 52 million people.

The real disaster for the country is the so-called “revolution of dignity”. Since its inception, Ukraine has lost more than 3 million people in 2 years, and this is only official data. To date, according to official statistics, the population of our state is 42,600,000 people (excluding the Crimea). However, this figure is not true. The fact is that, in fact, no census has been conducted in Ukraine, although, according to the UN recommendation, it is necessary to do this at least once every 10 years. According to many Ukrainian and foreign experts, the population of our Motherland, today, does not exceed 30-32 million people !!! This is due to the fact that no state body carries out monitoring of real mortality of the population, as well as the real extent of emigration of Ukrainians from their historical homeland.

What are the reasons for such a terrible state of Ukrainian society? And there are many reasons. First and foremost, it is the unfavorable socio-economic conditions of life, the civil war in the east, the frightening rise in crime, accompanied by the growth of particularly serious crimes, namely murders (in particular, commissioned), robbery, robbery with the use of firearms and even explosives . A vivid confirmation of these words is the blasphemous assassination committed today by a well-known Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet, as well as knife wounds inflicted on Ukrainian journalist Fo rbes Ukraine.

Considerable importance in the fall of the population is played not only by the increase in mortality but also by the decline in fertility associated with the deterioration of the health of the Ukrainian nation.

Despite the many reasons that led to high mortality and low birth rates of Ukrainians, as well as their desire to leave their homeland and emigrate to more prosperous countries of the world, the main reason for the sharp negative dynamics of the population is the difficult economic situation that arose as a result of coming to power after the coup d’état – the “dignity revolution” – a gang of swindlers, thieves and adventurers. Total corruption from the bottom to the bottom erodes the economy of our country worse than a cancerous tumor. According to the World Agency “TheWorldFactbook” 2015 by CIA Ukraine is on 225 place of 226 countries in terms of inflation, at the same time, Ukraine occupies 199 place from 202 countries at the rate of industrial production growth. In addition, our country is “honorable” 222 place from 225 countries of the world on the growth of gross domestic product (GDP), below Ukraine only the Gaza Strip, the African country Sierra Leone and Yemen. A similar situation with the collapse of the agro-industrial sector, carried out by our parliament and the government aimed at the collapse of agriculture, leads to an even greater deterioration in the socio-economic conditions of life not only in the city but also in the village. By the way, it should be noted that the life expectancy of peasants is much lower than the life of citizens. Only over the past two years, more than 2000 villages have disappeared from the Ukrainian map. The highest mortality rate in Ukraine is observed in Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava regions. In general, mortality in Ukraine is 3 times higher than in any European country. Or more precisely, in Ukraine the highest mortality in Europe & mdash; 15.7 deaths per 1000 people (according to the CIA of the United States). Our country ranks 2nd in the world in terms of mortality, while the South African Republic (South Africa) is ranked first. In addition, Ukraine nowadays takes the first place in the world in terms of natural loss populnosy. Population of Ukraine every month falls to 70000 people. In fact, from the map of Ukraine, 1 city of region subordination, such as Komsomolsk, Okhtyrka, Uman, disappears monthly.

One of the most serious reasons for the fall of the population of Ukraine is the civil war in eastern Ukraine.

The frames of the television chronicle show the Ukrainians the unfortunate warriors of the disabled who lost their health in the crucible of the war in the east. They are shown without hands, without feet, exposing as a standard the true warrior-hero. In fact, this is a cynical attempt to conceal their crimes against the people of Ukraine by pseudo-heroism, which, as it were, jump on metal prosthetics depicting people who have gained “happiness” by losing vital parts of the body (hands, feet, eyes, faces, etc.). , all of which try to represent the heroism of our soldiers. In fact, this is a mockery of the common sense of Ukrainian society.

I think that any mature person understands that someone’s children, husbands, and parents become no-one needed by the disabled, completely unadapted to the realities of today’s life. At the same time, we must not forget that it will be 2,3,5 years or more, and the state will forget about these people with disabilities in the same way as forgotten about the soldiers of the Afghans, Chernobyl victims. These people will be one on one with, sometimes, inhuman physical, moral and psychological, material problems, which, unfortunately, inevitably catch up with these, really, innocent young guys.

Particular attention is paid to the health of the Ukrainian nation. Unfortunately, according to official statistics, only 2% of people are absolutely healthy among people between the ages of 20 and 40. Excessive drinking and smoking (more than 50% of young men and about 40% of women are smokers). In addition, the disorderly sexual life of Ukrainian young people leads to an increase in morbidity among young people including a variety of life-threatening diseases, such as viral hepatitis C, AIDS, and other viral and bacterial infections (papillomavirus infection, gonococcal disease, syphilis, and others). Chronic inflammatory diseases of urogenital organs in women and men result in almost childhood of almost 50% of women of childbearing age (20-40 years). A similar situation is observed in men who, in addition to breaking the fertile function (fertilization function), develop early prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) and the development of impotence. Every 10 young people in Ukraine, unfortunately, are impotent. Violation of the childbearing function, in the investigation of alcoholism, infectious diseases of the urogenital organs, is one of the reasons for the low birth rate in Ukraine.

Due to the difficult material and moral-psychological climate in the country (war, unemployment, low wages, lack of housing for young families), our youth are virtually no plans for the birth of children: 80% of children are born “out of season”, 20% of children are born out of wedlock – “civil family”.

If, God forbid, all the negative trends listed above will be preserved, then the Ukrainian nation will disappear from the map of our planet. What’s next?!!!

Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko