What kind of health system meets the interests of the people of Ukraine?

What kind of health system meets the interests of the people of Ukraine?

The real essence of the government’s declared medical reform is to shift the financial costs of health care from the state budget to the average Ukrainian. This process reflects simply the inability of the incumbent government and the President to fill the state budget at the expense of economic growth. Therefore, their only method of survival is the principle of “selecting and sharing” or ask for debt!

In fact, the healthcare system in Ukraine is the most adequate for our country. Moreover, given the general impoverishment of the population. Medicine itself requires reform only in part:

1. Improvements in the system of medical education (complete elimination of corruption and improving the quality of teaching)

2. Improving the material and technical basis for diagnosis and treatment of patients not only in the central highly specialized medical institutions of the capital, but also in improving the laboratory and instrumental diagnostic and medical medical equipment in all regional, district and district hospitals and even rural dispensaries. This is possible only with the normal funding of the health sector. The volume of health financing in developed countries is 6-8% of GDP. But for Ukraine, with its poor state budget, the volume of health care financing should be at the level of not less than 10-12%.

Public figure, academician & nbsp;
and Vice President of the Academy of Economic &nbsp of Sciences of Ukraine

A.V. Peshko

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