Ukraine’s economic collapse

Ukraine’s economic collapse

  Экономический крах Украины

Contrary to numerous statements of Pro-government economists and members of the current Parliament and Government that Ukraine supposedly has some economic growth of 2.5 %.
(by the way, it was planned to increase by 3.2%).

In fact, the Ukrainian economy is steadily and steadily moving into the abyss.

Numerous loans from the IMF and the World Bank not only do not improve the situation in the economy, but on the contrary, contribute to the prolongation of being in power completely unprofessional adventurers who robbed and continue to Rob the Ukrainian people. Unfortunately, in the environment of the newly elected President, there are no highly professional economists, honest and responsible professionals with experience in the effective management of any serious enterprises of the real sector of the economy. Once again, Ukraine needs professionals who really know the different types of both industrial and agricultural production. We do not need “theoretical economists” who like to talk virtually about the economy and who already in practice, occupying senior positions in the state, have shown their failure as effective leaders who know the real production, and have the talent to raise it is already half, and sometimes completely ruined enterprise . I mean economists such as Pynzenyk, Lanovoy, Cherniak, and the like economists-utopians.

The problems of Ukraine are much more serious than the current government is trying to present.

-first: in the country, practically all industrial, and especially machine-building enterprises are collapsed. Somewhere at the level of 40-60% of their production capacity are metallurgical enterprises, as well as mining and processing industry. Moreover, 60% of GOK Products are sold for export, not for Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises. This is not only unprofitable for the country, but it clearly demonstrates the fact that no more than 40-50% of their capacities work at the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. The rest of the production is simply destroyed. And this despite the fact that the global market remains in demand for cheap Ukrainian steel products. Ukrainian metallurgy survives not due to high efficiency, not due to modernized enterprises and the production of high-quality and highly profitable products, but only due to the temporary, but favorable conditions in the foreign markets of developing countries.

secondly: Ukrainian engineering is in the state of the patient intensive care unit, which is on artificial respiration. Relatively stable situation at the enterprises producing engineering products for military purposes, the Ukrainian automotive industry is practically not functioning. Agricultural machinery, in fact, is reduced to the existence of four enterprises – Berdyansk agricultural machinery plant, which produces only harvesters for various purposes and other small and low-tech products for imported combines. Unfortunately, Ukrainian harvesters are not produced in Ukraine. Kharkiv tractor plant (KHTZ) is in a deplorable state. It produces small batches of tractors 1 and 2 power class. There are attempts to produce tractors class 3. But the quality of these products is very low due to the use of mainly Chinese components, as domestic enterprises-subcontractors almost all destroyed. Attempts to produce trailed agricultural machinery, unfortunately, of poor quality make the Odessa plant of agricultural machinery and Boguslav machine-building plant, which produces medium-quality trailed sprayers and other small agricultural machinery. We see that the so-called agrarian Ukraine, in fact, lacks the most important component of agricultural production, namely, agricultural machinery. Developed in the Soviet years, the Ukrainian aircraft industry is completely looted and destroyed. On the ruins of domestic airlines attempts to produce new military transport aircraft.

Ukrainian rocket industry is really looted and destroyed. In this industry, American and other Western companies simply suck out the intellectual potential (Ukrainian engineers) and other researchers of the highest level of training.

-thirdly: Ukrainian energy is on the verge of collapse and a complete stop. This can be seen from the deplorable state of the CHP plants, and even more horrifying state of the NPP , where out of 15 power units of all five nuclear power plants in Ukraine, eleven power units have fully developed their resources and need either reconstruction, with the cost of reconstruction of one power unit 300-500 million dollars, or decommissioning and closing of old power units (the cost of closing one power unit 500 million dollars) , or construction of new power units (the cost of one power unit 5 billion dollars). As we can see, under the budget version of the operation of nuclear power, the reconstruction of the already used – up power units requires 5.5 billion dollars. in case of closure of old and construction of new power units, Ukraine needs 60, 5 billion dollars.

The situation at hydroelectric power stations is no less deplorable. Most of the hydroelectric power plants built in the period of active Soviet industrialization are in disrepair. Especially acute is the need for urgent repair of the dam of the Dnieper hydroelectric power plant, although signs of destruction and the risk of breaking the dams takes place at other hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine. In addition to the Dniester PSP.

– fourth: the state of agricultural production has already passed from the state of withering to the process of progressive and steady reduction of acreage due to non-professional and adventurous activities of the relevant ministries of the current Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This is due to the thoughtless allocation of land from the common fields of small plots to individual small farmers or, directly, to the owners of land shares, who cultivate the land with gross violations of agricultural production technology, leading to depletion and a sharp drop in the quality of Orna land. In addition, a huge amount of acreage is lost due to the allocation of access roads to each small private land plot. All of this ultimately leads to the impossibility of using wide-cut and modern agricultural equipment, as well as doing are either ineffective or vzaimounichtozhayuschaya the process of applying herbicides: fungicides, insecticides, desiccants and other means of plant protection. It also increases the cost of production by increasing the volume of maneuvering equipment, resulting in extra fuel costs, seed consumption, overspending of mineral and organic fertilizers, weighting work for machine operators. In General, all these “innovations” significantly increase the cost of production, while world prices of demand for these products remain stable, which, in General, causes a sharp drop in the profitability of agricultural enterprises. Lost profits farmers of Ukraine due to the introduction of VAT in the amount of 18 % on all products, as well as the introduction of VAT on all consumables for agricultural production, purchased on imports, which are introduced and additional excise duties and other charges, which introduced the Government of Ukraine for its survival through the destruction of the agricultural sector. According to my calculations, the Government annually steals from agricultural producers not less than 160 billion UAH. this is despite the fact that in all developed countries of the world agriculture is exempt from all taxes, and receives direct support from the state in the form of direct and indirect subsidies (for reference: in the European Union – 30 % of the EU budget goes to direct support of agricultural producers). The same result was brought by the actions of the Government due to a sharp increase in the rent for land, the same large increase in fixed agricultural tax, unjustified economic increase in wages in the private agricultural sector, which with huge tax rates on ZAR. Fees in General leads to a sharp drop in the profitability of agricultural enterprises.

As a result of the incompetent actions of the adventurous government, agricultural producers are not only unable to conduct expanded reproduction and the introduction of new technologies (including the most important aspect – the development of irrigated agriculture), but unfortunately, farmers are no longer able to carry out even the planned modernization of their equipment and technological facilities, such as granaries, warehouses, etc.

The above information clearly and clearly demonstrates the state of the collapse of the Ukrainian economy, which is further aggravated by the ongoing hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, which leads to a drop in the investment attractiveness of the whole of Ukraine, the departure of Ukrainian specialists and workers to work and permanent residence in European countries, partly Russia. The IMF and World Bank loans were eaten and stolen , and as a result of the actions of the adventurous Prime Minister A. Yatsenyuk and his 1 Deputy – N. Yaresko, was signed a debt agreement (agreement on debt restructuring), in which Ukraine because of the debt of $ 3 billion was thrown into bondage to its external creditors, when we have to pay not only debts with interest, but, subject to GDP growth of more than 4 %, Ukraine will be obliged to pay creditors annually on interest – 20 % of its GDP . This wildest fact made Ukraine almost an eternal slave of the IMF! There is no way out of this situation, with the traditional conduct of economic activity today. Only this year Ukraine has to repay % on loans in the amount of 417 billion UAH. that is more than 15.5 billion dollars (almost half of the state budget is the state budget of 38 billion dollars)

Thus, I with great regret state the fact of complete economic failure of the Ukrainian state and , as a result, a sharp deterioration in the standard of living of Ukrainians , as a result of extremely meager state funding of all the most important social areas , for which the responsibility is, namely , the President, the Government and the Supreme Council of Ukraine: meager financing of health care , leading to its collapse, which is trying to disguise the visibility of some pseudo-reforms, and in fact, just a primitive destruction of the material base of Ukrainian medicine and the survival of medical staff not just from work, but from their home country. A similar situation is observed in the system of both secondary and higher education in Ukraine, the same deplorable situation in the field of culture and science of our state!!!

I can state the fact that traditional approaches to Ukraine’s withdrawal from this economic and social collapse will be futile and fruitless. I see the salvation of Ukraine only in the implementation of a completely new, unconventional strategy and tactics, both economic and financial-banking, energy and infrastructure policy. Ukraine can be brought out of the crisis without destroying IMF and World Bank loans, but this is a completely different strategy and technology of economic development of the Ukrainian, and not only Ukrainian, state. These principles will be equally effective not only for Ukraine, but also for Russia, Belarus and other developing countries.

With optimism and faith in Ukrainian,

Russian, Belarusian and other peoples, academician

A. V. Peshko

Prihvatizatsii – euromaintenance or “porokhomor” in the Ukrainian economy

Prihvatizatsii – euromaintenance or “porokhomor” in the Ukrainian economy

The third day went as parties do not declare, after Moore raised the noise around this topic.
October 3, 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published a promising and intriguing order No. 756-R “About zatverdzhennya minds the sale of majestic shares publeo AKTSIONERNOGO tovaristva “Centrenergo” competition first vakreste proponowane prices for the principle of the auction.”
The story of the suffering of the Ukrainian privatization did not know of similar examples of greed and bespredelschiny! However, as we see Ukrainian ” Euro-reformers “are able to make an indelible impression even on” seasoned ” scams and crooks.
It is hard to believe, but from the moment of publication of the above-mentioned resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the Ukrainian public, business and economic elite had an opportunity to observe the fact of “unprecedented generosity” of the Ukrainian government to close to it in spirit and, perhaps, for some other reasons, potential investors of public joint stock company “Tsentrenergo”.
Particular attention is drawn to the third paragraph of this resolution, according to which the Ukrainian government undertakes to repay all debts of the above-mentioned JSC, which took place before the date of transfer of ownership to the buyer of the state block of shares, which is 78.289% of the authorized capital of this JSC.
According to the published resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, the state property Fund undertakes to repay the investor any losses or expenses (more precisely to pay any amount of additional taxes and fees, including penalties and penalties , as well as other fines that are accrued to the company by a court decision, which came into force after the date of transfer of ownership of the shares of JSC “Tsentrenergo” to its buyer).
The essence of the sensation associated with the seizure of JSC “Centrenergo” is that for 27 years of independent Ukraine for the first time in its history, the state undertook to pay the buyer all the debts that were formed in this enterprise before the transfer to its new owner. And, in fact, for the entire period of its existence.
It is possible that the amount of compensation to the new owner bude even higher than the cost of the enterprise.
There is an impression that in Ukraine there are investors with phenomenal abilities, with the possibility of hypnotic action on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. And it seems that these people are owners of one of the companies – buyers under the name of OOO “Ukrdorinvest”, which, according to the people’s Deputy Evgeniy murayev is associated with the closest aide to Poroshenko, Igor Kononenko, and Fund balance assets the firm oversees the Deputy Chairman of Fund Vladimir Derzhavin -also a close friend Kononenko. By a strange concurrence of “circumstances”, Mr. V. Derivin is a close friend of the head of Supervisory Council of JSC “Centrenergo” Alexander Vizir.
Truly, ways of the Ukrainian corrupt officials are inscrutable! There is a question to the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and the Ukrainian anti-corruption bodies created with “fatherly” support of the USA: NABU, SAP, SAS of Ukraine. Ukrainian society is following with deep concern the end of the era of post-euromaidan privatization. Before Ukraine, as never acute is the sacramental question: to be or not to be? after such a privatization.
Academician and Vice-President
Academy of Economics
Sciences of Ukraine





With a sense of deep concern, academician Peshko.

Medical reform of Ukraine-chaos and ghosts. 800 hospitals have been closed in Ukraine!

Medical reform of Ukraine-chaos and ghosts. 800 hospitals have been closed in Ukraine!

The attempt of the leadership of Ukraine to reduce budget expenditures is carried out by reducing the financing of the most important social sphere – health

Outright cynicism of the current government is an attempt to deprive the citizens of Ukraine of the constitutional right to public professional and free medical care.

All this happens under the guise of various verbal manipulations. I. e., to the people unscrupulously hollow thoughts that the present power really wants to modernize and improve the health care system existing in Ukraine.

This deception of Ukrainian citizens by the Kiev authorities is carried out through verbal manipulation, i.e., when people are shamelessly lying, allegedly, about the construction of new modern hospitals; promises to give everyone the opportunity to be treated with the most qualified honey.experts; talk about some kind of medical insurance; talk about giving some obscure package primary on a free basis; talk about family doctors; crazy theses that, allegedly, money will “go” for the patient and many other things that has the purpose to create feeling of chaos, confusion and misunderstanding from the population that occurs actually !?

And in fact, it is necessary to follow not the distracting maneuvers of the current Ukrainian bureaucrats and kleptocrats, and not necessary to look at the specific facts and figures!

For some reason, promising the construction of new hospitals, none of the Ukrainian government does not inform the population that from 2012 to the present moment in Ukraine has closed 800 hospitals !!!

This is a specific fact that explains the government’s thesis on the creation of new honey.institutions, then let them explain to the people why they are destroying existing hospitals?

Promises that each Ukrainian will be treated at more qualified doctors contradicts to the facts of dismissal and departure abroad, just the most qualified doctors and honey.sisters!

According to the latest data of trade unions honey.workers from Ukraine have already left more than 100 thousand of the most qualified doctors and honey.sisters’.

Number of beds in the remaining 1,700 hospitals (from the pre-existing 2500 med.institutions) decreased by more than 30 %.

There is a closure of entire departments in the vital, most qualified and highly specialized honey.institutions such as Okhmatdet, where they are trying to close the bone marrow transplant Department.

That will lead to the loss of last hope for thousands of young patients who still have a chance to live.

I. e., in case of closure of such Department, thousands of children with cancer will be cynically killed.

This is the true face of the current government and their true goals – the destruction of the Ukrainian people, because the same actions are carried out in other honey.institutions that provide the most highly specialized and high-quality modern medical care.

The doctors at all these hospitals feel like they’re hanging by a thread.

The ghosts of the dismissed doctors scare patients of different honey.institutions, including cancer Institute, Institute of gerontology, endocrinology and other academic institutions of the Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine.

And even ordinary district and regional hospitals across the country.



The Eastern partnership for 28 EU countries is nothing but a good catch for primitive bait . And for the countries of the former Soviet Union, which are partners of the EU in the so – called Eastern partnership, for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus-it is a Mirage of a happy future with milk rivers and sour banks. But for countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, this Mirage has already dissipated and has come a sobering , heavy , and for many , even tragic reality in the form of economic collapse, social upheavals, up to the hardest military conflicts. One of the most difficult and protracted is the Ukrainian “Armageddon”.

In the EU and the US sit absolutely cold – blooded , greedy and ruthless pragmatists who have one cherished dream-to get the territory with their natural and , in part, intellectual resources, to strengthen its economic power and material prosperity at the expense of the resources of the above-mentioned countries of the former USSR . At the same time, Western benefactors worry only about personal gain and indifference to people of different nationalities living in these countries, the so-called CIS.

It was the first four countries mentioned above that became victims of the greedy policy of the Western world, where the essence of the Eastern partnership is only in plundering the natural and intellectual resources of these countries and bringing the population to a miserable existence and, practically, total extinction as a result of the so-called liberal reforms imposed on them. As, for example, in Ukraine, health care reform, pension reform, education reform, judicial reform and law enforcement reform, which have caused an increase in mortality among the population of Ukraine and a sharp decrease in fertility.

As a result, the death rate is 2 times higher than the birth rate, and the population of Ukraine is dramatically reduced . Social conditions are becoming more and more incompatible with the conditions of survival of the entire Ukrainian people.

Only Belarus and Azerbaijan , thanks to its wise and realistic leadership , have so far avoided the fate of their friends in the CIS.

It is very clear-sighted decision of Lukashenka, who refused the IMF loans, apparently realizing that the IMF and the world Bank are the main “tentacles” or , frankly, the “main tools” with the help of which the economic and socio – political destruction of the countries is carried out. These processes are carried out through the activities within these countries of various so-called public organizations – “grant-eaters”, funded by the of Western countries for the purpose of moral and psychological corruption of society and the creation of artificially inspired civil conflicts , as a result of which , under the guise of so-called color and other revolutions come to power Pro-Western and Pro-American regimes.

Azerbaijani President Aliyev, as a truly Eastern wise politician, also tries to keep the Western “benefactors” at a safe distance, understanding the consequences of this “Eastern partnership”. I think that it would be more reasonable for Belarus , Azerbaijan, Russia , Kazakhstan and all post-Soviet countries to develop economic , cultural, scientific and other types of social cooperation within the framework of the former Soviet Union. This can save them from the terrible fate that befell Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and even numerous countries of the Arab world.

It is necessary to revive equal economic , social and political cooperation with all countries-the former republics of the Soviet Union, as well as broader and deeper cooperation and cooperation with the BRICS countries .

It is such a broad economic, social and political cooperation with the prospect of creating a new global economic Union with the creation of their own interstate settlement currency tied to the gold and commodity resources of these countries that will allow them to effectively confront the Western world and protect the interests of their countries and all the peoples living on the territory of these States from those nightmares that are experiencing those countries of the world that have undergone the above-mentioned “color , pink, spring” and other revolutions-state coups.

To live or not to live in Ukraine

To live or not to live in Ukraine

Every year more than half a million people die in the country ! The increase in mortality among newborns and women in childbirth is also depressing. And all this is a consequence of the socio-economic policy of the current ruling Ukrainian elite.

Along with rising prices for gas , heating , cold and hot water and other utilities , prices for basic food products are rising, control over which has been abolished by the current government.

All this bleak picture is complemented by the so-called medical reform, which, in fact, is nothing but a reduction of more than twice the cost of medical care to the population of Ukraine.

Curtailing the volume and quality of medical services, our government calls a resounding word “medical reform”.

The first swallows of the so-called honey.reform is the closure of dozens of hospitals, med. outpatient clinics , feldsher-midwife stations, the elimination of entire services of strategic importance for the state, namely, the elimination of sanitary-epidemiological service of Ukraine, the elimination of the preventive direction of the former Soviet medicine, which to everyone’s knowledge has been recognized the most economically developed countries, as one of the best systems in the world honey. assistance to population.

In developed countries, solidary (public) sources of financing (compulsory health insurance or centralised taxes) account for an average of 6.6 per cent of GDP ( gross domestic product) in total expenditure on assistance to the population.

Such financing of health care gives developed countries the opportunity to provide a full range of health care to the entire population.

Only in Germany, the so-called voluntary health insurance, has about 10% of the wealthiest population, ie, they pay for their treatment with their own funds.

All other residents of Germany, through the system of compulsory health insurance, have only public funding (ie, free provision of a full range of, and, both in stationary, and at out-patient treatment).

Only in the US , Turkey and Mexico guaranteed state honey.aid is not universal. In these countries, guaranteed honey.aid is not available in the US, respectively, 16% of people in Turkey – 30%, in Mexico – 50%.

To date , the Ukrainian state unilaterally, without asking the consent of its people , blatantly violating constitutional rights, deprives the entire population of free and full medical care.

It is not only a shame, it is a genocide of the Ukrainian people. The time will come and these actions of state officials will be considered as a gross violation of the basic law of Ukraine – the Constitution. For that all the guilty will suffer the most severe punishment.

The last message to the current government

The last message to the current government

On the streets of our cities and villages , I have not yet met a single person who would not care about the fratricidal war in the East of Ukraine, who would not complain about the unbearable life in the current reality, when food prices are rising by leaps and bounds, prices for utilities: gas, electricity, water (both cold and hot), heating, garbage disposal, the cost of meeting ordinary, basic human needs have become a luxury.

The question sometimes costs an edge: either to buy products for survival, or to pay utilities.

This problem is becoming an overwhelming burden for the vast majority of our people. That is why , debts for utilities are growing like a snowball.

And not only in the capital, but throughout the country.

Meager pensions, in 1647 – 1700 hryvnias don’t leave to elderly people chance of survival.

The real purchasing power of Ukrainian pensioners for the years after the “revolutionary” shocks fell by more than 2 times.

At the same time, the state has deprived all citizens of Ukraine, of which 80% live below the poverty line (according to the UN), even the most basic, free medical care.

Dozens of hospitals are being closed across the country and medical personnel are being dismissed.

Doctors and nurses are leaving for Poland and other Western countries in the hope of finding a way for their families to survive.

From Ukraine, according to the medical trade unions, has left about 100 of thousands of workers – skilled doctors and nurses. In hospitals already there is a personnel hunger .

The wave of robbery, banditry, raiding swept the entire territory of our country.

Random people who do not have enough education and experience hired by the police are not able to resist the terrible wave of crime.

The crime rate is less than 10 %, and only 2% of these 10% go to court.

The police from the body, which, according to the Constitution, must protect the interests of the people, has become a tool with which the government is trying to counter the Ukrainian people, outraged by unprecedented, cynical actions through corrupt Ukrainian authorities.

The security service of Ukraine, instead of protecting the state interests of the country, has become a body for the suppression of opposition political parties, public organizations, as well as individual politicians, journalists and public figures.

Law enforcement comes to the insanity, when the Ukrainians are forbidden to use the words “party of war”, “civil war in the East of Ukraine”, etc. statements that are commonly heard from the lips of residents of Ukrainian towns and villages .

Such actions of the authorities are nothing but political terror!

It is cynical anti-Ukrainian, anti-people dictatorship which, in anticipation of the end falls to frankly illegal, anti-constitutional, so criminal actions!

Attempts to intimidate the Ukrainian public with the help of law enforcement agencies, the SBU, the interior Ministry, the Prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies are crimes that are not only signs of abuse of power and official position, abuse of authority, but , in fact, there is betrayal, treason!

Such crimes are punishable by the laws of Ukraine and belong to the category of the most serious crimes for which capital punishment is provided!!!

Instead of saving the sinking Ukrainian economy, the current Supreme Ukrainian establishment is mired in corruption.

Plunder of the state goes in almost open cynical form and in especially large sizes.

Which is also a criminal offense, for which the most severe punishment is provided !

Instead of ending the fratricidal war in Eastern Ukraine, the authorities are using this tragedy of the entire Ukrainian people for personal enrichment.

Evidence of such crimes regularly appears in the media.

Not only the highest statesmen of Ukraine, but also their accomplices from the Verkhovna Rada – members of the Deputy corps are involved in them.

In all likelihood, the Ukrainian elite relies on the loyalty of the current justice system, which was created by the current President on the principle of personal loyalty and favor.

But we should not forget that the people brought the current government to such a heavy material and neuropsychic stress, from which even the system of “corrupt Ukrainian justice”can not protect!

Irresponsibility, thoughtlessness and greed of the Ukrainian leadership have reached such proportions that it is obvious that there is a threat of direct people’s lynching!

I ask all people’s deputies of Ukraine, members of the Government and the President of Ukraine to immediately stop rocking the boat in which the entire Ukrainian people with the so-called “our” people’s power!

Ukraine is on the threshold of another Maidan, which may be the last for our state.

With a sense of deep concern, academician Peshko.



Massive outbreaks of measles, the spread of tetanus, anthrax, tuberculosis, leptospirosis and other serious diseases, which Ukraine has forgotten over the years of Soviet power, were the result of the critical state of the health system in the country. This opinion was expressed in an interview with korr. TASS Ukrainian academician, candidate of medical Sciences, doctor of economic Sciences Anatoly Peshko.
“According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, in most regions of the country recorded massive outbreaks of measles – more than eight thousand cases of children and adults, – said Peshko. – This is an epidemiological threshold and the situation can be called an epidemic.” However, according to the academician, measles is not the most terrible disease that spreads in Ukraine. “We began to have diseases that we forgot about during the Soviet era: anthrax, tuberculosis, leptospirosis and others. This is due to the fact that there is no proper work on the prevention of particularly dangerous infections and vaccination against polio, measles, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus,” he explained.
Not enough vaccines
“Vaccination, in turn, is not carried out due to the fact that there is not enough of the vaccines themselves, – says Peshko. Ukraine doesn’t have enough means for its purchases, and some countries provide vaccines as humanitarian aid, – he told. – So, from Hungary, came to eight thousand doses. They singled them out not only because they understand the difficult situation, but also because they understand the number of our citizens coming to work for them and who are potential distributors of dangerous infection.”
Peshko noted that the aggravation of the situation with vaccination of the population occurred also in connection with the termination by Ukraine of purchases of medicines in Russia. “Our government for political reasons broke off relations with Russia, from which we purchased a lot of different vaccines and medicines, and today our people suffer from the lack of high – quality Russian-made drugs, which are often much better than both Ukrainian and Indian and European”, – he said.
Epidemic of lawlessness
“The situation with measles is a private manifestation of the attitude of the current government to health care, to the citizens of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian academician is convinced. – We have an epidemic not only of measles, we have an epidemic, first of all, lawlessness, corruption and fraud.”
He believes that this “chaos” can only be stopped by a change of power, and started a widely publicized reform of the health problem with the incidence does not change for the better. ” No medical reform in Ukraine does not pass, there was just a substitution of concepts: free medicine was replaced by a fee, that is, the budget of Ukraine on health care shifted to the shoulders of ordinary citizens of Ukraine”, – says Peshko.
In particular, he gave an example, the Ministry of health eliminated the Office of sanitary and epidemiological medicine, which was responsible for carrying out preventive work against the spread of particularly dangerous infections. “The program” Cheap medicines”, which is designed to provide access to medicines for people who are forced to take them for life, also does not work, ” the academician said. Thus,” it is impossible to consider the problem of measles in isolation from all the others, ” Peshko concluded.
Medical reform
The new law on medical reform in Ukraine came into force on January 30. One of the main points of the document is the division of medical services into two types: free and paid.
Now, in accordance with the law, Ukrainians will be provided with a state guaranteed package of a certain amount of medical services and medicines, which the state undertakes to pay at pre-established rates. The tariffs themselves will be approved by the government of Ukraine annually. However, the guaranteed package is planned to include only the most common cases of visits to the doctor, namely rescue or emergency care to the patient, primary medical care, palliative care. All other services will be paid.
In this case, the funds are supposed to be allocated not to hospitals, but to a specific patient. But, on average, per person, depending on age, according to available data, will account for only 210 hryvnia per year (about $ 8). According to the authors of the law, the innovations will allow more effective fight against corruption, stop funding empty hospitals, and doctors will be able to open a clinic and conduct their practice. According to the law, state financial guarantees will be implemented from 2018 to 2020.
The authorities also announced that they are preparing to create a National health service of Ukraine, which will dispose of public funds intended to cover the costs of insurance of citizens within the state guaranteed package of medical care. It is planned that by July the service will be created and will begin work. According to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, the true results of the reform in Ukraine will be felt only in a few years.
But many are sounding the alarm today. In the Verkhovna Rada deputies from the” Opposition bloc ” openly call it a fraud, genocide of the Ukrainian people and a violation of the Constitution, as free medicine is guaranteed by the Basic law of the country.