We must love and respect the Ukrainian language

We must love and respect the Ukrainian language

My mother was born in the village of Goncharevo, near the city of Myrhorod, the station of Gogolevo and the heart of every Ukrainian town such as Dikanka. These cities were brightly and sincerely sung in the works of our favorite writer Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. My childhood from the earliest years passed in a small hut-mazanik where my grandfather and grandmother, whom I have loved and love to this day, have lived all my life, although they have not been with me for more than three decades.

It was thanks to this sincere and great love for his relatives, who were true Ukrainians, and most importantly, they were human, friendly, and most importantly, real people with a capital letter. They were farmers. The love for the native language, to the native land and our Ukrainian people grew in me, since my childhood.

My father was also born on the farm of Gapta, near Ovruch in Zhytomyr, in the family of doctors. Together with the name of my father, I received love for my native Polesie region. My father taught me not only to be a doctor, but also, first of all, to be a true person.

The Ukrainian language for me is our native land, the endless fertile groves, on which the ripening grain shrinks, these are forests, in which tasty strawberries, blueberries, tasty mushrooms, a lot of different game and different birds grow. Thanks to my father, I became not only a doctor but also a dedicated hunter and fisherman.

So, for me, the Ukrainian language is, first of all, the best memories of life, connected with the wonderful nature and wonderful people living in a country called Ukraine.

Love for their parents, grandfathers and ancestors, love for the history and traditions of the Ukrainian people is passed from generation to generation thanks to the Ukrainian language. Therefore, the Ukrainian language is not just a means of communication, it is a language that transmits emotions, feelings, love, life, history of the Ukrainian people. Respect for the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation begins with love for the Ukrainian language.

But it is important not only that we have the opportunity to speak Ukrainian, it is important that every Ukrainian remains a true person in any situation.

The Ukrainian language teaches us not only to be human, honest, friendly, it teaches us to respect all other people of different nations living near us in our country. Therefore, in any case, we can not allow the development of the Ukrainian language to press other languages spoken by our compatriots, whether Russian, Jewish, or Hungarian, or any other language.

Love, first of all, your country, love your people and, directly, every citizen of Ukraine, protect them, create for them conditions of decent life, worthy old age, decent education. And let the Ukrainian language help you in the best understanding of each other and in creating favorable conditions for the development and prosperity of the Ukrainian nation in the whole world!

public activist, Academician,
Vice President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine,
Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

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