What land reform is necessary for Ukraine?

What land reform is necessary for Ukraine?

ТThe so-called land reform, i.e. free sale of agricultural land, is detrimental both for the state of Ukraine and for its people. Under whatever “sauce” we would not be required to free the sale of land, the true purpose of this scam is to procure its inflationary, unrefined dollars, by the world’s Masonic organizations. After all, the acquisition of such a real asset, like Ukrainian black earth, is strategically important for obtaining in the future the global dominance of these trillions in the matter of the world’s food dependence on them. In fact, Ukrainian farmers really need reform in the following areas:

  1. The most severe blow to agricultural producers is the introduction of value added tax on their products, therefore, the return of a preferential tax system to agricultural producers (VAT refunds) is a key condition for the growth of agro-industrial production in Ukraine.
  2. Lowering the fixed agricultural tax rate.
  3. To stop the fiscal pressure on farmers through increasing the estimated value of land and, consequently, the growth of rent, the ultimate goal of which is to increase absolute revenues in the form of an increasing tax on personal income from growing rents.
  4. To stop the unwarranted increase in wages in the agricultural sector not related to the growth of production and against the background of a fall in the profitability of these enterprises. When the government tries to increase revenues to the state budget through taxes on wages (which today constitute almost 52% of the salary itself), while increasing tax pressure on producers of agricultural products.
  5. To stop politicization in all economic questions, incl. return agricultural markets in Russia and other CIS countries, which causes agricultural producers to lose about 40% of their traditional sales markets (which is associated with corresponding significant financial and economic losses amounting to billions of dollars).
  6. To abolish the collection of VAT when importing new models of agricultural machinery, advanced varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops and livestock breeding (like cattle, pigs, poultry, rabbits) into Ukraine, plant protection products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides).
  7. To reduce the price of mineral fertilizers due to the revival of the Ukrainian chemical industry, and also to abolish excises on Russian fertilizers until Ukrainian producers of mineral fertilizers raise their volume of production to the maximum, so that the price on the domestic market is economically acceptable for farmers ., the introduction of mineral fertilizers would give a tangible, scientifically valid effect).
  8. Lower the price of gas and electricity not only for the population, but also for agricultural enterprises to an economically sound level.
  9. Create favorable conditions for the livestock sector by introducing excises on the import of foreign livestock products to a level at which Ukrainian livestock production becomes profitable, with a profitability of at least 50-60%. This will allow filling our shops with Ukrainian meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.
  10. The financial and banking support of agricultural producers should ensure, at a minimum, the stability of the national currency and cheap (2-3% per annum), long-term (10-15 years) loans for the livestock sector, the restoration and development of the irrigated farming system.
  11. Prices for agricultural products exported from Ukraine should be regulated by the government through state export companies, so that foreign exporters do not steal Ukrainian agribusinesses using a system of monopolistic collusion while understating purchase prices for domestic agro products. This leads to unfair enrichment of exporters & nbsp; through their receipt of excess profits and deterioration of the economic situation of agricultural producers, who receive a minimum profit when selling their products at underpriced prices as a result of collusion by foreign exporters.
  12. Elimination of corruption at all stages of export-import transactions with agricultural products and goods for agricultural production in Ukraine.


Public figure, academician and vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Аnatoly Peshko

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