The Soviet health care system for Ukraine

The Soviet health care system for Ukraine

After watching the recent “Black Mirror” program on the “Inter” TV channel devoted to the issue of medical care to the population, I realized that I can no longer stand by and watch the process of the collapse of our medicine!

What exactly scares?

It is absurd to discuss health issues, involving people who do not have medical education, who do not understand, in principle, the system of medical care that takes place in various countries around the world. It’s sad, but the fact that even the chairman of the Health Committee has an orthodox view of the health system that they want to legitimize in our country and demand its obligatory execution.

The system of medical aid created in the USSR was and remains the most humane, generally accessible and as close to the population as the city and the village. It was this system that gave people highly qualified and free medical care for all people, regardless of their social status. In addition, the Soviet system of training medical personnel was much more effective than the existing in America so-called “test system” of education, including medical.

The “test system” of learning in general is imperfect. And for doctors it is completely unacceptable because a doctor should not only have a good memory and memorize the material that domestic and foreign medicine has worked for him. The present doctor, in addition to knowledge of the theory and practice of both classical and non-standard variants of the manifestation of diseases, must have clinical thinking that allows him to conduct differential diagnostics. A true doctor should be able to diagnose correctly if there is even a very complicated and confusing symptomatology (that is, when the disease can acquire not the classical course, in which it is very difficult to distinguish one disease from others having a similar clinical picture). “The test system” does not develop the doctor here this very thing – clinical thinking. It makes his work more like a robot that knows some specific symptoms and, at the same time, has a strictly regulated so-called “treatment protocol” (treatment regimen).

The superiority of Soviet medicine and Soviet doctors over American (and other Western doctors) has always been felt precisely because our doctors approached the diagnosis and treatment of patients, taking into account the fact that the same disease in different people can take place in completely different ways . And the sensitivity of patients to the same drugs depends very much on their individual tolerability of these drugs. In other words, modern so-called selective beta-1-adrenergic blockers (for example, nebilet) affect some patients effectively, and in other patients with the same diagnosis (eg, hypertension) do not have any effect. On these patients, non-selective beta-blockers (for example, anaprilin) ​​act more efficiently. We see the same thing with antibiotics, when the sensitivity of each patient to the same antibiotics is different (each patient needs to select an antibiotic individually). Although, of course, there are general principles of antibiotic therapy, but they are effective only in the classical course of certain diseases. In real life, unfortunately, we are doctors with sufficient experience – we know well that there is practically no classical course of diseases. This means that an attempt to unify the treatment of all diseases through the approval of a specific therapy scheme for each disease (protocol of treatment) is an example of a short-sighted approach from a limited perspective to the treatment of a particular disease. Such protocol treatment regimens will produce an incomplete result and a large number of complications in those patients who are the victim of such “narrow-eyed” therapy.

An attempt to translate the universal system of rendering medical assistance developed in the Soviet Union into the framework of the so-called & laquo; insurance medicine & raquo; is erroneous and criminal! The fact is that every citizen of our country should always remember that, according to the current Constitution of Ukraine, the state is liable for those tax payments that we pay out of our salaries (income tax, unified social tax, taxes on household deposits, taxes on pensions, numerous taxes on enterprises of various forms of ownership), provide the population with high-grade, highly qualified and free medical care.

The fact that today the current government in Ukraine does not comply with the Basic Law of Ukraine and does not provide the population with full-fledged, effective and free treatment is a crime of the current government and is not a reason to change the health care system in Ukraine! Simply, the current anti-human state elite is trying to shift an expensive system of medical care to people from the state treasury (which, in fact, is also our money, already paid for the state to fulfill its mandatory function of protecting life and health of Ukrainian citizens) on the shoulders and so on living below the poverty line of the population of our country!

People should understand that the insurance companies that are being created are essentially the same financial commercial structures as the banks. They are also subject to similar risks of bankruptcy, stolen, depreciation of contributions of insurance premiums due to inflationary processes and other criminal scams in which insured patients may lose their savings in large part or completely. Therefore, people will not get any social guarantees from the introduction of insurance medicine! And they will receive only one more instrument of their robbery.

In fact, in order to establish an effective health care system in Ukraine, it is necessary to restore the growth of the economy of the state, its industry and agriculture, which will provide people with high-paid jobs and will allow the state budget to be filled so that the new government, the President and Parliament can ensure sufficient funding for the Ministry health care of Ukraine. This will make it possible to maintain the proximity of medical assistance to people in the village through the preservation of feldsher-midwife stations, rural dispensaries and district hospitals. And already qualified and highly qualified medical aid will be provided by doctors of regional and regional hospitals. Highly specialized medical care will continue to be provided by specialized medical institutions that are part of the system of the Medical Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health of our country.

Everything is extremely simple. Sufficient funding, not by inflationary, but by real money from medical workers, should provide for raising salaries for doctors, nurses, nurses and other employees of medical institutions at the level of wages of socially developed countries such as Germany, Sweden, England, Finland and others. The problem of our health is absolutely far-fetched. The only problem here is the meager financing of medical institutions, which absolutely does not meet the modern world requirements. As soon as doctors, nurses and other medical workers receive decent wages, and hospitals – the necessary resources to purchase the current pharmaceutical products and modern diagnostic and medical equipment, all problems of the medical industry will be resolved!

The problem of the Ukrainian health care system is not its inferiority, but its inadequate funding!

Therefore, the problems of the health care system in Ukraine are directly related to ineffective governance, which, especially over the past two years, has led to an almost complete collapse of the state’s economy. Serious problems arose not only in the healthcare sphere, but also in the sphere of pensions: the state’s debt to pensioners is equal to 160 billion hryvnia, which is more than 23% of the total budget of our state for 2017. Social failures are also acutely visible in the sphere of secondary and higher education, and in the field of culture and science!

And all these crisis processes are the result of the adventurist management of the state by people who have neither sufficient education, nor experience, nor the ability to effectively manage the industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy of our country. This is our greatest tragedy, without the permission of which all sorts of adventurous attempts at pseudo-reforms in all spheres of Ukraine’s social life are undoubtedly doomed to failure!

Public figure, academician and vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

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