Real exchange rate, dollar including …

Real exchange rate, dollar including …

Unfortunately, we were not at that time in the wrong place. Began to lose world control and realizing the strength of its old enemy of the USSR, and then Russia, the United States decided to weaken it. Armed conflict – The ideal way, and the experience of organizing such operations, Americans do not lend. They worked perfectly, without realizing the consequences, even Europe picked up the wave. After all, here is the “struggle with the oligarchic clans”, “for democratic values”, and “for raising the consciousness of nations”.

But from somehow unnoticed, but almost a year passed. And if you compare the slogans and the real result during this time, then it becomes not at all. In our country there are military actions. Yesterday’s friends kill each other, and families divide into their own, and others. Recognizing the economic consequences of the escalation of the conflict with Russia, the Allies quietly turn aside. Europe shyly shields with penny aid and several hundreds of body armor, allowing our eastern neighbor to build gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine.

Meanwhile, under the guise of artificial propagation of the hryvnia inflation issue, a planned and skilful robbery is carried out in the country, which exceeds the appetites of the former government. The new team headed by Alexander Turchinov, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and former head of the National Bank Stepan Kubivym has nothing to deny. And about the London real estate of the former Attorney General of Ukraine Oleg Mechnitsky for tens of millions of dollars are already legends. Moreover, this tendency did not affect the presidential elections and new appointments, including the heads of the National Bank.

The complex of restrictive factors that are currently applied to Ukraine put our country in a state of bankruptcy. To date, even the most liquid enterprises of industrial and agro complexes are beginning to operate at a loss. The main reason for this is hyperinflation and the lack of an effective fight against it. Only the areas with fiscal rehabilitation can support their viability. But a month later, they can be on the verge of foul. Ordinary people began the struggle for survival and preparation for hunger and cold winter. Politicians take forces from us, exhaust our statements and push for a miracle to wait. Meanwhile, for a real alignment of the situation, only a few steps are needed.

No matter how it sounds, first of all, you need to stop the war. Do not succumb to provocations and bid favors of help. After all, none of the so-called allies will return us our children, brothers, parents and men with no money.

Second, the currency for critical imports should be bought at the National Bank at the rate of 8-10 hryvnia per dollar. Business is still working with this indicator and understands that everything else is an artificial twist. It is for such an index that we have to purchase vital goods that we do not produce. And first and foremost, these are energy carriers, military-industrial complex equipment, pharmaceuticals, spare parts for the agro-industrial complex, necessary fertilizers and plant protection products. All other areas can serve their currency needs at relevant auctions.

The actions of the authorities should be aimed at the growth of the domestic market and the real increase in the purchasing power of the population. These conditions in the very short run will allow not only to equalize the situation in the economy, but also to get to the already partially empty, through so-called sanctions, the markets of Europe and Russia. Such steps of power will increase the welfare of every citizen of the country, preserving thousands of lives of Ukrainians.

Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

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