To live or not to live in Ukraine

To live or not to live in Ukraine

Every year more than half a million people die in the country ! The increase in mortality among newborns and women in childbirth is also depressing. And all this is a consequence of the socio-economic policy of the current ruling Ukrainian elite.

Along with rising prices for gas , heating , cold and hot water and other utilities , prices for basic food products are rising, control over which has been abolished by the current government.

All this bleak picture is complemented by the so-called medical reform, which, in fact, is nothing but a reduction of more than twice the cost of medical care to the population of Ukraine.

Curtailing the volume and quality of medical services, our government calls a resounding word “medical reform”.

The first swallows of the so-called honey.reform is the closure of dozens of hospitals, med. outpatient clinics , feldsher-midwife stations, the elimination of entire services of strategic importance for the state, namely, the elimination of sanitary-epidemiological service of Ukraine, the elimination of the preventive direction of the former Soviet medicine, which to everyone’s knowledge has been recognized the most economically developed countries, as one of the best systems in the world honey. assistance to population.

In developed countries, solidary (public) sources of financing (compulsory health insurance or centralised taxes) account for an average of 6.6 per cent of GDP ( gross domestic product) in total expenditure on assistance to the population.

Such financing of health care gives developed countries the opportunity to provide a full range of health care to the entire population.

Only in Germany, the so-called voluntary health insurance, has about 10% of the wealthiest population, ie, they pay for their treatment with their own funds.

All other residents of Germany, through the system of compulsory health insurance, have only public funding (ie, free provision of a full range of, and, both in stationary, and at out-patient treatment).

Only in the US , Turkey and Mexico guaranteed state honey.aid is not universal. In these countries, guaranteed honey.aid is not available in the US, respectively, 16% of people in Turkey – 30%, in Mexico – 50%.

To date , the Ukrainian state unilaterally, without asking the consent of its people , blatantly violating constitutional rights, deprives the entire population of free and full medical care.

It is not only a shame, it is a genocide of the Ukrainian people. The time will come and these actions of state officials will be considered as a gross violation of the basic law of Ukraine – the Constitution. For that all the guilty will suffer the most severe punishment.

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