The last message to the current government

The last message to the current government

On the streets of our cities and villages , I have not yet met a single person who would not care about the fratricidal war in the East of Ukraine, who would not complain about the unbearable life in the current reality, when food prices are rising by leaps and bounds, prices for utilities: gas, electricity, water (both cold and hot), heating, garbage disposal, the cost of meeting ordinary, basic human needs have become a luxury.

The question sometimes costs an edge: either to buy products for survival, or to pay utilities.

This problem is becoming an overwhelming burden for the vast majority of our people. That is why , debts for utilities are growing like a snowball.

And not only in the capital, but throughout the country.

Meager pensions, in 1647 – 1700 hryvnias don’t leave to elderly people chance of survival.

The real purchasing power of Ukrainian pensioners for the years after the “revolutionary” shocks fell by more than 2 times.

At the same time, the state has deprived all citizens of Ukraine, of which 80% live below the poverty line (according to the UN), even the most basic, free medical care.

Dozens of hospitals are being closed across the country and medical personnel are being dismissed.

Doctors and nurses are leaving for Poland and other Western countries in the hope of finding a way for their families to survive.

From Ukraine, according to the medical trade unions, has left about 100 of thousands of workers – skilled doctors and nurses. In hospitals already there is a personnel hunger .

The wave of robbery, banditry, raiding swept the entire territory of our country.

Random people who do not have enough education and experience hired by the police are not able to resist the terrible wave of crime.

The crime rate is less than 10 %, and only 2% of these 10% go to court.

The police from the body, which, according to the Constitution, must protect the interests of the people, has become a tool with which the government is trying to counter the Ukrainian people, outraged by unprecedented, cynical actions through corrupt Ukrainian authorities.

The security service of Ukraine, instead of protecting the state interests of the country, has become a body for the suppression of opposition political parties, public organizations, as well as individual politicians, journalists and public figures.

Law enforcement comes to the insanity, when the Ukrainians are forbidden to use the words “party of war”, “civil war in the East of Ukraine”, etc. statements that are commonly heard from the lips of residents of Ukrainian towns and villages .

Such actions of the authorities are nothing but political terror!

It is cynical anti-Ukrainian, anti-people dictatorship which, in anticipation of the end falls to frankly illegal, anti-constitutional, so criminal actions!

Attempts to intimidate the Ukrainian public with the help of law enforcement agencies, the SBU, the interior Ministry, the Prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement agencies are crimes that are not only signs of abuse of power and official position, abuse of authority, but , in fact, there is betrayal, treason!

Such crimes are punishable by the laws of Ukraine and belong to the category of the most serious crimes for which capital punishment is provided!!!

Instead of saving the sinking Ukrainian economy, the current Supreme Ukrainian establishment is mired in corruption.

Plunder of the state goes in almost open cynical form and in especially large sizes.

Which is also a criminal offense, for which the most severe punishment is provided !

Instead of ending the fratricidal war in Eastern Ukraine, the authorities are using this tragedy of the entire Ukrainian people for personal enrichment.

Evidence of such crimes regularly appears in the media.

Not only the highest statesmen of Ukraine, but also their accomplices from the Verkhovna Rada – members of the Deputy corps are involved in them.

In all likelihood, the Ukrainian elite relies on the loyalty of the current justice system, which was created by the current President on the principle of personal loyalty and favor.

But we should not forget that the people brought the current government to such a heavy material and neuropsychic stress, from which even the system of “corrupt Ukrainian justice”can not protect!

Irresponsibility, thoughtlessness and greed of the Ukrainian leadership have reached such proportions that it is obvious that there is a threat of direct people’s lynching!

I ask all people’s deputies of Ukraine, members of the Government and the President of Ukraine to immediately stop rocking the boat in which the entire Ukrainian people with the so-called “our” people’s power!

Ukraine is on the threshold of another Maidan, which may be the last for our state.

With a sense of deep concern, academician Peshko.

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