No chance for survival, or new medreform

No chance for survival, or new medreform

This is largely due, firstly, to the absence of the Minister of the necessary knowledge about the conditions and peculiarities of the provision of medical care to citizens, depending on the causes of the disease. And secondly, with the ignorance of the intricacies of the current health system in Ukraine.

These factors are accompanied by a lack of understanding of the mentality of Ukrainians in the field of medical care for the population. Also, the state of the economic and socio-political crisis does not allow to receive the budget of the country funds adequate to the real cost of privatized health facilities – regional and district hospitals, polyclinics, special medical institutions (tuberculosis clinics, skin clinics, etc.) and others medical institutions.

In the event of attempts to transfer privately to medical institutions of Ukraine and, in particular, as stated by the Minister, the privatization of medical institutions in Kyiv, as a pilot experiment, this will lead to undoubtedly tragic consequences for the capital’s residents, especially the elderly, as well as members of low-income families, from income equal to the minimum subsistence level. Unfortunately, the number of these people in Kyiv, as well as throughout Ukraine, reaches about 65% of the total urban population. This figure is somewhat lower in Kyiv, as it is the center of the state, where the largest number of the most lucrative and wealthy enterprises are concentrated, which provides higher incomes of the working part of the population. Speaking about all Ukrainians, the number of people living at the minimum subsistence level will reach about 85%.

Thus, healthcare reform, announced by the new Minister of Healthcare imported into Ukraine, will lead to a major part of 75-85% of poor Ukrainians as a result of the shortfall or lack of qualified medical assistance.

Privatization of medical institutions in the conditions of the economic crisis, as well as in the ineffective work of the system of controlling, law enforcement and judicial authorities of Ukraine, will lead to the sale of state-owned health care facilities at a symbolic price, which will be at times subtracted from real data. Conditionally, the next “privatization” will inflict losses on the state budget, calculated in billions of hryvnia and dollars.

It will be the ground for the prosperity of hidden megaculture. In addition to the huge economic disadvantages, the life and health, and the already long-suffering Ukrainian people, will be the most significant loss. In the case of a total or mass “privatization” of medical institutions in Kiev and Ukraine, there will be problems with the provision of emergency medical care to patients with a different urgent (acute) pathology. After all, nobody explains to our population, in what volume and at what expense, will help the private medical institution in urgent cases (accidents, development of acute myocardial infarction or stroke, knife or firearms)? Will the Hippocratic oath be violated, and will they receive the above-mentioned patients all the necessary medical assistance? It is unlikely that private hospitals will provide expensive services to low-income citizens, as well as the elderly or the disabled.

Thus, the reform of the health care system should be carried out not spontaneously, but well thought out, calculating the economic component of this process, as well as taking into account the socio-political situation in the country. It is important to rely not on the utopian ideas of Ukrainian or foreign officials aimed at saving the state budget. The priority should be the most qualified, full medical care aimed at restoring the health of Ukrainian citizens, as well as carrying out preventive measures designed to make it impossible to have a high level of morbidity, injury and mortality in the country.

The health care system, as well as social protection, should be aimed at increasing the life expectancy of the people, increasing the birth rate and comprehensive maternity and childhood support in Ukraine. Only such a health care reform, I firmly believe, will be supported by all citizens and medical workers in Ukraine, whose interests should also be protected by the state, motivating doctors for their effective and effective medical practice.

Public figure, Academician
and Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoly Peshko

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