Medical reform

Medical reform

Accepted by the Supreme Council of Ukraine Medical reform under pressure of Prime Minister V. Groysman and his Minister of Health U. Suprun and signing by the President of Ukraine are system of total destruction of the Ukrainian people that can be safely put on the one side with the Holodomor by 1932-1933. This       «Medikomor» of 2018 provides three main tasks:

To remove from the state the obligation about provide free and qualified assistance to all people of Ukraine that in a rude way violates the Constitution of Ukraine and shifts the costs of protecting the lives and health of people on the shoulders of the poor population in our country . Thus, our taxes, which we paid to the state budget, are used by state officials of higher and middle rank in their personal corruption schemes.For this purpose, according to the medical “reform” the constitution is created by the organ , a certain public council for medicine, which, at its own discretion, without any outside control and skilled management, will distribute the entire medical budget at its “great-power” discretion  which confirms the corrupt nature of this organ , which is not controlled by the medical community, or the employees of the Ministry of Health for the laundering of public health expenditures in Ukraine.

The load, which is provided for one family doctor in the amount of 2 thousand people per year, shows that the family doctor will be able to give each of his patients no more than half an hour of time throughout the year. Even the most stupid “maydown” understands that if the doctor physically has only 30 minutes of time for examination, examination, diagnosis and treatment of the above-mentioned diseases, plus the registration of paper or even electronic documentation of any effective and real help, and the pain of what the patient’s cure from any disease can not be said. Thus, everyone understands that the invented Suprun load of the family doctor is utopian, to be more precise – idiotic. For half an hour is not enough not only for all of the above actions that need to be performed by a doctor, but this time is not enough even for documentation and history collection, and not to mention the examination ,diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Slogans about the family doctor are the same fake as slogans about the European standard of living which according to promises of our present statesmen already had to come to Ukraine. But we see that we are even further from Europe than we were in 2013 before the coup d’état in the country!

Financing of the health care system on the principle of Suprun, will inevitably lead to the elimination of almost the entire system of academic degrees(we see that today the institutes in the med Academy System. Sciences of Ukraine work for 2 days a week, such as the Institute of Nephrology; or even stop their work, such as the Institute of cardiac surgery. N. M. Amosova). In the same tragic situation all city and regional in Kiev and in other areas of Ukraine medical institutions. To date, almost all hospitals either do not receive or receive 10%, a maximum of 15 % of the funds necessary for their functioning and the provision of emergency and specialized, and even more so, highly specialized medical care. The medical reform has another goal, officially veiled-it is the collapse of all multi-stage and well-established medical care to the population.

Special attention should be paid to the prices for medical services, which are many times (5, 10, and sometimes 20 times) higher than the real income not only of the poorest segments of the population but also the so-called middle class. This means that 85 % of the population of Ukraine to obtain the necessary medical care will have to sell all their property and then there is no confidence that it will save the unfortunate patient who will be forced to apply to a medical institution operating under the system of paramedic U. Suprun. So, 85% of Ukrainians become victims of the Ukrainian-American “medicomor” 2018!


With regret about what is happening in the health care system of Ukraine, academician and Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, candidate of medical Sciences.


A. V. Peshko

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