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The boarding house appreciates kindness and expresses gratitude

Director of the Zhytomyr Geriatric boarding house Yuri Sheremet once again expresses gratitude from his colleagues and especially from the patients of the institution he heads, for the charitable assistance provided. Gratitude is addressed to Anatoly Peshk, Academician, First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine. The director of the largest geriatric institution in the Zhytomyr region notes that A.V. Peshko has been systematically, for several years, providing charitable assistance to elderly people who, due to life circumstances, found themselves without the support of relatives or friends. “For such people, any help is especially important as a manifestation of sensitivity, kindness and warmth, which our patients also need,” says the comments provided by the director of the boarding house in October on the occasion of the next visit of Anatoly Peshko with charitable assistance for the geriatric boarding house.</p>

Academician A.V. Peshko is very well known in the Zhytomyr region, primarily for his active life position in protecting the national producer, as well as for his activities in the direction of upholding the principles of building a modern civil society in Ukraine. Fellow citizens of Zhytomyr especially respect and appreciate the charitable work of Anatoly Peshko, the help he provides to orphans from the Denishiv boarding school, as well as to the pupils of the boarding school in the city of Korostyshev. Anatoly Vladimirovich does not ignore the elderly people from the Zhytomyr geriatric boarding house, where they especially appreciate their sensitivity, attention and spiritual kindness.