Why am I proud of my father ?!

Peshko Vladimir Andreevich


Zhytomyr region can rightly be proud of the fact that many talented and gifted people were born on its territory. But even among them there are bright personalities who are endowed with exceptional abilities and special talent – to be a Doctor, to be a Person with a capital letter…
It is clear that the fight against insidious diseases requires special professional knowledge, significant practical experience, as well as a perfect understanding of the nature of the human soul.

It was such a doctor, the organizer of health care in Zhytomyr region was Vladimir Andreevich Peshko. He was born on July 4, 1933 in Ovruch district in the family of a doctor. Since childhood, he was attracted to the mysterious world of medicine, which he discovered for himself, often visiting the hospital where his father worked as a general practitioner. Apparently a certain influence on the choice of the future profession of the young man and had his uncle-Modest Rolanovich Peshko, who had to go through the difficult roads of the Great Patriotic War, where he as a surgeon saved the lives of many soldiers and officers.

After graduating from Ovruch Secondary School No. 1, V. A. Peshko successfully passes the entrance exams to the Kiev Medical Institute named after A. A. Bogomolets and becomes a student of the medical faculty.

In 1957, he began his career as a surgeon at the Brusilovsky district hospital. From 1958 to 1963, V. A. Peshko was a resident surgeon, deputy chief physician of the Korostyshev Central District Hospital. In the same year, he – a competent organizer of medical affairs, a responsible employee-was appointed chief physician of the same hospital. This position he held for ten years. Thanks to its chief physician, the hospital was one of the first in Ukraine to become a basic medical institution of the World Health Organization. Health care organizers from all over the Soviet Union and many foreign countries applied to the hospital for experience.

A highly qualified doctor, enriched with good practical experience, was appointed to the post of chief physician of the Zhytomyr regional Hospital in June 1972, where he did a lot to strengthen its material and technical base and personnel potential.

Since April 1975, Vladimir Andreevich Peshko – Head of the Health Department of the Zhytomyr Regional Executive Committee. In this high position, V. A. Peshko proved to be a competent health care organizer, an initiative, principled leader. He paid a lot of attention to the introduction of a systematic approach in the management of health care institutions in the region, strengthening their material and technical base, and developing health facilities. Since 1976, thanks to his initiative and perseverance, with the assistance of regional and local authorities and at the expense of industrial and agricultural enterprises, 30 million rubles were spent in the region for the construction of health facilities, 14 modern medical buildings and 14 new polyclinics were put into operation. Emergency and emergency medical departments were set up in all districts, and emergency and emergency medical stations were set up in cities. The number of therapeutic medical sites increased from 194 to 307, and pediatric – from 140 to 234. In particular, V. A. Peshko paid special attention to the development of the system of health protection of the rural population – with him, the work of 27 rural Paramedic and Midwifery Centers  was organized. The provision of the population with beds increased from 111 to 120 per 10 thousand people; doctors – from 19.6 to 26.6; average medical workers-from 73 to 81.9.

At the regional hospital was opened specialized departments: thoraco-pulmonology, rheumatology, burn, orthopedic, and vascular surgery. The quality indicators of the activity of medical and preventive institutions have significantly improved, new methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases have been introduced.

Republican scientific and practical conferences and symposiums with the participation of such well-known scientists as A. Yu. Romanenko, V. D. Bratus, N. G. Goncharuk, A. F. Lazar, V. Y. Milko, S. S. Lavrik were repeatedly held on the basis of healthcare institutions of the region.

According to Vladimir Andreevich, he was happy that at one time he had the opportunity to work side by side in Zhytomyr region with such famous doctors as Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Doctor A. F. Gerbachevsky; honored doctors O. F. Voloshina, A. V. Kalinina, G. A. Bekh, V. M. Zhivotaev, V. P. Muravyev, E. A. Bondarenko, I. G. Yamkova, V. V. Oleynik, A. A. Savchenko, A. A. Melnichuk, Yu.P. Spizhenkom.

Working in recent years as the chief medical officer of the regional hospital, V. A. Peshko paid a lot of attention to the problem of treating the population of the region who suffered from the Chernobyl accident.

For achievements in the organization of the health service V. A. Pesko was awarded the order “red banner of Labour”, “Honour Sign”, medals “For labour valour”, “For valiant labour”, badge “excellent health”.
He was repeatedly elected as a deputy of the district and regional councils.

Premature death interrupted the life of Vladimir Andreevich Peshka at the age of 59… However, the memory of the outstanding organizer of healthcare in the region will always remain in the hearts of his associates, colleagues, students and followers.