Get away – from the fatal line!

Get away – from the fatal line!

You can call it whatever you want, but it’s hard not to notice that the crisis in Ukraine this time is totally systemic.. A whole range of problems that have accumulated over the years in the economic, political and spiritual life of our country, today need to be solved quickly and decisively. As a matter of fact, the understanding of the current difficult situation in Ukraine did not appear today or even yesterday. However, today the time that we have left to restore order, and in fact-to save the country, is calculated not even in months, but already in weeks. And every day lost to save the country can be historically crucial. Today, the already familiar and well-known anti-crisis issues are on the agenda in full growth: “what to do? and “where to start?”.

Obviously, you should start by looking for people with an exceptionally positive reputation and universal education, with a lot of life experience. Let’s not be disingenuous — there are not so many of them in Ukraine, but they are still there. They are still ready to take on the burden of carrying out the most difficult tasks to overcome the crisis in the life of the country. One of them is a well-known person in scientific circles, among entrepreneurs and Industrialists of Ukraine. Candidate of medical Sciences, doctor of Economics, academician and first Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Vladimirovich Peshko has deep knowledge and extensive experience in various areas of the economy of Ukraine. He repeatedly called on the country’s leadership, politicians of different orientations and political camps to refrain, and even better-to abandon the numerous erroneous decisions that led our country to a severe, disastrous and destructive crisis. Unfortunately, those who got to the political Olympus of Ukraine rarely listened to the advice of a scientist-economist and a life-wise industrial practitioner.

Despite this, Anatoly Peshko still knows, offers and can solve the most important problematic issues of the domestic economy, bring Ukraine out of economic and social collapses. Academician A.V. Peshko sees the salvation of Ukraine in the implementation of completely new, non-traditional economic, financial, banking, energy and infrastructure strategies and tactics for the practice of recent decades. Anatoly Peshko is convinced that even today Ukraine is able to overcome the crisis without damaging loans from the International Monetary Fund and the world Bank. As the long-term head of a large and successful agricultural enterprise (LLC “Nadbuzhzhya plus”, Vinnytsia region), Anatoly Peshko offers reasonable answers to problematic questions in the agricultural sector without selling land.

A specific two-year program developed by A.V. Peshko will increase the country’s GDP by $ 120 billion to $ 300 billion. The budget and the General welfare of the citizens of Ukraine will grow proportionally. First Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko offers programs for the modernization of the energy sector of our state. As a practical Manager who worked at the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine in the 90s, A.V. Peshko knows how to attract funds for investment in the country’s energy sector. Including, first of all, how to attract investments for the planned reconstruction of all 15 nuclear power units in Ukraine, which today have 100% depreciation of fixed assets and pose a serious danger not only for Ukraine, but also for the inhabitants of Europe and, perhaps, the whole world.

Anatoly Peshko is the son of a well-known doctor in Zhytomyr region and a long-term head of the regional health Department, Vladimir Andreevich Peshko. The son inherited excellent family traditions, became a real professional as a doctor, and then – as a scientist-economist, who proved in practice many fundamental laws of development and modernization of the economy of the so-called transition period. Anatoly Peshka today is rightly called a moral authority, because he has been constantly taking care of orphans and elderly people for many decades.

As a scientist-innovator and at the same time a talented leader-practitioner, A.V. Peshko has been successfully engaged in agricultural production for more than 15 years, growing some of the highest yields of wheat, barley, sunflower, soy and other grain crops in Ukraine. The enterprise of Anatoly Peshka LLC “Nadbuzhzhya plus” is one of the exemplary enterprises both in matters of modernization, reconstruction of buildings and structures, and in the organization of production and compliance with modern technologies. Responsible head “Nadbuzhzhya plus” and to the timely payment of wages as well as rents to landlords that cooperate with them.

The current situation in the country urgently requires immediate and scientifically sound measures to overcome the crisis. Such professionals as Anatoly Vladimirovich Peshko-honest, highly moral, worthy, caring people-should occupy the most responsible positions in the state.

The public of Zhytomyr region, especially those people who know well and remember the family of academician A. V. Peshko, who are familiar with him personally, strongly advise President of Ukraine V. A. Zelensky and speaker of the Verkhovna Rada D. A. Razumkov to appoint Anatoly Peshko to the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine. Many of our fellow countrymen are convinced that Anatoly Vladimirovich Peshko is able to successfully solve large-scale and acute crisis problems in the Ukrainian economy.

A. A. MOROZ, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of III—V convocations; B. N.  Andrushkiv, President of the Academy of social management of Ukraine, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor; N. G. Belopolsky, Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences, Professor; I. G. Grabar, head of the Department of the Polessky national University, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor; Y. B. Brodsky, head of the Department of Polessky state University, candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor; P. N. MOSIYCHUK, head of Department of the regional clinical hospital, doctor of the highest category, V. I Makarchuk, Director Korostyshevsky special boarding school; G. N. SHPAK, Director Danishevskiy special boarding school; V. F GANNOSHINA, head of the Zhytomyr school № 63; O. N. Biletsky, Deputy Chairman of Zhytomyr regional Council, member of regional Council of two convocations.