Vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences urged Zelensky to buy a Russian coronavirus vaccine

Vice-president of the Academy of Economic Sciences urged Zelensky to buy a Russian coronavirus vaccine

First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko called on President Vladimir Zelensky to buy the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus “Sputnik V”, despite the ongoing war.

The text of the letter he published on his Facebook page.

“Dear Vladimir Alexandrovich! The coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine is gaining threatening proportions. The increase in cases of 11-12 thousand people per day will very quickly bring the collapsed domestic health care system to its knees. Ukrainians simply have no place to be treated and people will die without waiting for medical help. This is a terrible prospect that a weekend quarantine, unfortunately, will not be able to prevent. Today, it is obvious to the entire scientific community, not only in Ukraine, but also around the world, that in order to combat the epidemic, it is necessary to take any measures that will raise T-cell immunity, which in turn will help to strengthen the protective reaction of each person,” the message reads.

According to him, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Brazil, China, South Korea, Turkey and India have already allegedly begun to conclude contracts for the supply of Russian vaccines, so it is necessary to discard political motives and save the lives of Ukrainians.

“According to Alexander Ginzburg, director of the Gamalea Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, whose institution developed the vaccine, cellular immunity to coronavirus after the use of Sputnik V can last up to two years. Which is quite enough to stop the chain of spread of the virus. In addition, Russia has already registered and a second vaccine – the “Apiversion” scientific production center “Vector”. She is undergoing post-registration studies. And the Chumakov Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences has developed its own vaccine, which contains a whole virus. This drug is also undergoing clinical trials. It is expected that the vaccine may be registered before the end of the year. At the same time, the Pfizer vaccine, which has been so much talked about recently, has logistical problems related to storage conditions. In addition, this vaccine is much more expensive than its Russian counterpart, ” he added.

Peshko urged Zelensky to buy vaccine samples and produce them in Ukraine, boosting the country’s economy. “so that the Ukrainian people do not suffer.”

“I urge you, Vladimir Alexandrovich, to put aside all political differences and think about saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainians! After all, they may die from the deadly virus in the coming months. The European Union, despite the sanctions regime against the Russian Federation, can afford to allow the use of the Russian vaccine on its territory.  All of us must first of all think about the Ukrainian people. Politics can wait. People want to live. Please buy a vaccine, give Ukrainians a chance to survive, ” the scientist concluded.