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USA bred as suckers slogan of ” agrarian superpower»

25.04.2018, Kiev, Igor Petrov

Ukraine will not be able to become an “agrarian superpower” simply because in the foreseeable future its lands will be seized by transnational corporations.

About it on a press-conferences in Kiev were declared by Anatolii Peshko, Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“Firstly, the agricultural superpowers does not happen. In one agricultural sector a lot of money will not earn. And, in General, we are not turned into an agrarian power, but into an agricultural raw material appendage. And this is done systematically all Western countries, starting with the same Germany and ending with the United States.

If I used to hope that the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections could change the situation for the better, today I do not have these illusions. I won’t vote for old parties because I don’t see any decent person there with rare exception.

I hoped that in place of these scams will come after all professional people with a clear conscience, thinking about the future of our country. But I was very disappointed when I watched the Congress of the so-called “Agrarian party”. I have lost the last hope that in our country the parliamentary way can change the situation for the better.

At all levels of government come people, in fact, recruited by the United States, intelligence agencies working for their multinational companies.

The Chairman of this party once studied at one of the American agrarian universities and worked in the largest American companies, such as Monsanto. Naturally, these companies are interested in the seizure of Ukrainian land. Therefore, they bring their people to the Ukrainian government, starting from the bottom, ” the scientist said.