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Ukrainian expert: a half of our gas transportation system can be cut into scrap metal

The Ukrainian gas transportation system can be safely put into scrap metal immediately after the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline is put into operation. This opinion was expressed by the Ukrainian economic expert Anatoly Peshko.

The interlocutor of journalists admitted that Western Europe is interested in the transit of Russian gas on the bottom of the Baltic sea. The fact is that this way is much shorter and more convenient than the delivery of “blue fuel” through the territory of Ukraine. This is reported by the Internet portal “Politnavigator”.

Anatolii Peshko drew attention to the fact that the construction of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline is supported by a large number of influential German politicians. In particular, the ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder stands for the implementation of this project. The Ukrainian expert believes that if such an authoritative person is engaged in the solution of this issue, it will certainly be resolved.

“If Nord stream-2 will operate, half of our gas transportation system, in fact, can be safely cut into scrap metal. Because it is at thirty billion cubic meters of gas, which will remain, goes only to self-sufficiency. At the same time, only one branch will be involved, which is directed to Western Europe,” Anatolii Peshko said.

“Nord stream 2” is a project of the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic sea, over a length of 1200 km Is an extension of “Northern stream”.

Author: Stanislav Blokhin