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Ukrainian economy is not growing, contrary to the statements of Kiev-expert

Украинская экономика не растет, вопреки заявлениям Киева – эксперт

The government of Ukraine regularly declare the growth of the country’s economy, but the real data suggest that the situation is only getting worse.

This was told by the academician with education of the Academy of higher education of Ukraine, the Academy of social management of Ukraine and is a doctor of economic Sciences Anatoly Peshko.

According to him, despite the promises of the current government of Ukraine about the gold mountains after the Maidan, this revolution did not bring relief to the economy of the country.

“Maidan was not in the interests of the Ukrainian people,” the expert said.

He also explained that today Kiev claims about the growth of GDP in the amount of 2-2. 5%. In reality, however, the situation continues to deteriorate. The growth of the economy, which is claimed in Kiev, looks like” floundering drowning in a quagmire”, and this” floundering”, the more makes movements, the more drowning.

The expert notes that in fact Ukraine has long been bankrupt, and is not able to pay even interest on foreign debts.