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Ukrainian economist Peshko: what independence? Us has Embassy of the United States!

In Ukraine, the industry and the agricultural sector are destroyed, and people are appointed to senior positions under the direct supervision of the United States.

This was during the conference on “the Results of the 27th anniversary of the proclamation of an independent state of Ukraine” said doctor of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolii Peshko, reports “Politnavigator”.

“The country does not work industry and the agricultural sector, like all other industries – this is not a complete list of what is happening on the eve of the 27th anniversary of independence. Do you think Ukraine is independent? If we have all appointments to senior positions, including the “anti – Corruption court”, the Prosecutor’s office, the NABU-are carried out only with consultations held at the U.S. Embassy. Do you consider this country independent?”– asked colleagues Anatolii Peshko.