Ukrainian academician urged Zelenskyi to buy “Sputnik V”

Ukrainian academician urged Zelenskyi to buy “Sputnik V”


Anatoliy Peshko, the First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, urged the President of the country Volodymyr Zelensky to purchase the vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V from Russia. The scientist wrote about it on his Facebook page on Monday, November 16.

The academician asked the head of state to give orders to the Ukrainian government “either to purchase a ready-made vaccine or to purchase technology for independent production from Russia.

According to Peshko, the production of “Sputnik V” at Ukrainian enterprises will help the health care of the country, save the lives of citizens and promote the development of the pharmacological industry.

“The European Union, despite the sanctions regime against Russia, can afford to allow the use of the Russian vaccine on its territory… Why isn’t Ukraine ready to put human life above politics?” – the academician asks a question.

Peshko stressed that Ukrainians should make the only right decision and buy the maximum number of doses for vaccination of Ukrainian citizens from Russia to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on October 6 that it was possible to supply Ukraine with Russian coronavirus vaccine, but a request from Kiev was needed.

Earlier Zelensky advised not to believe statements of politicians who had already been vaccinated against coronavirus by Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” but to wait for vaccine promised by European Union.

For his part, Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction of the Verkhovna Rada, called Zelensky’s decision to wait for the European coronavirus vaccine a marasmus by giving up the Russian vaccine.