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Ukraine will turn into a bargaining chip at the talks Trump and Putin in Kiev said that Ukrainians should not to be happy

09.07.2018 12:59

Kyiv, July 9


Ukraine should not have any hopes and illusions about the upcoming meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump. This was stated by Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolii Peshko at a press conference in Kiev. According to him, the States and Russia have much more important problems than Ukraine. He believes that if Ukraine is to be discussed, it will be a kind of bargaining chip, so that the leaders of the countries can solve their problems, so Ukrainians should not be happy and believe the propaganda of the Kiev media.

The analyst recalled that now trump has not the best relations with Europe, so between them began a trade and economic war in the form of duties and so on. A similar situation is observed with China, added Peshko

“Trump acts on the principle: divide and rule. He now needs some kind of counterweight to Europe and China, what can be Russia. He understands this, therefore, this meeting is scheduled, which is scheduled for July 16. For Putin, it is very important to resolve the middle East conflict. Now where Russia plays the role of peacemaker. We see that now not only the Arab countries are using Russia’s help to resolve their problems, but also Israel. For Russia, this is beneficial, because any problems between Iran and Israel – the growth of oil prices, and, accordingly, the income to the budget. This game is on both sides. I think that it will continue for a very long time, ” Peshko said.