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The strategy of stabilisation of economy

№19, October 2008

The implementation of any economic strategy requires a balanced approach, taking into account the continuous impact on its development of numerous social, economic, technical, environmental, political and other factors. Especially vulnerable to them is the microeconomics, as in the conditions of social transformations is exposed to their destructive action most of all.

Attempts by politicians to manage these processes are not always successful. Now scientists are maturing thoughts that allow for scientifically sound regulation of the processes of development of economic systems, is very timely and extremely relevant. This topic Anatoly Peshko devoted his monograph, which has a prosaic title ” Balanced scorecard in the formation of the development strategy of organizations and enterprises.” The author professionally reveals new, in many cases stimulating opportunities of application of specific regulatory policy in the sphere of implementation of strategy of development of the enterprises on the basis of the balanced approach. Offers ways of its implementation, information and communication systems, significantly help in the effective functioning of economic structures in the modern transition economy.

The relevance of the research topic, its scientific novelty and practical significance can not be said. In the conditions of the all-encompassing crisis of our society, every new word concerns the improvement of economic mechanisms, the system of relations in the sphere of economy, is invaluable.

Returning mentally to the recent past, looking through yellowed newspaper articles on this subject, analyzing the restructuring processes, involuntarily come to the conclusion, the author has a prophetic insight and courage to emphasize once again in an axiom annoying for all of us – an unbalanced strategy has no prospects for implementation. Comparing the realities of life with the possible prospects for further development of society, he, despite the current economic moment, the mentality of our people, proposes to introduce a certain system of indicators and use them as a tool for balancing economic systems and improving management based on information software and telecommunications. In our view, his proposals are not only timely but also relevant. If we do not respond quickly to what is happening now in the economy of Ukraine, we can not only lose time, but also experience other, including large, material losses.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, our country is developing, if not by Directive methods, it is distorted by market methods.

The book was published last year in the publishing house “KVITS” and is now actively distributed in Ukraine.

In total, the monograph comprehensively describes how to practically build a balanced strategy for the development of enterprises, organizations, economic systems, and therefore society as a whole.

The author of the book is concerned about the solutions to these problems, in particular, how the ways of stabilization of production in the period of state formation are being worked out, which is extremely important in today’s conditions. The difficulties and even the failure of their solutions traditional methods of civilized Nations due to the lack of training to work in the new conditions. As a result, there are exacerbations of political struggle and inhibition of reproduction in political thought of the problems of improving economic mechanisms, forecasting the development of systems for the future. The paper highlights the issues of regimes and stages of development of balanced economic economic systems, dialectics of individual and public interest as the basis for the organization of effective production, development and improvement of material and social systems, the relationship of development strategy and budget. Identifies possible obstacles and barriers to its implementation, proposed the use of information technology etc.

With all the positive aspects of forming a balanced system of indicators of the development strategy of enterprises and organizations, in our opinion, the proposals can be effective only for the transition period. Flexible market mechanisms justify themselves in market conditions.

Based on the above information, anyone who is interested in a stable economy, social well-being, can form approaches to solving all economic, social, technical and other problems on its territory. We consider it possible to determine the main directions of ensuring the implementation of the development strategy of enterprises and organizations, including on the basis of the proposed system of indicators.

A total of 8 sections and 36 subsections of the book can be found some explanation of the causes of the period of restructuring of the total economic and political crises. Analyzing the restructuring processes, the author reveals his view on other issues that are relevant in the period of globalization of society and the formation of independent Ukraine.

Sure, if the current leaders of enterprises and organizations were familiar with the work of A. Peshko then, in fact, would know the origin of many economic, social problems investigating, the author refers to many famous scholars in this field. The tools of forming a development strategy are not left without attention in the given list. His knowledge would allow to avoid many mistakes and miscalculations and to prevent them.

The author States that there are prerequisites for the stabilization of the economy in society. Such judgments are not too idealized, because in many cases non-transparent social relations do not add optimism, which confirms the correctness of the author’s choice of the scientific direction of the study.

The publication received the blessing and approval of many scientists, academicians of the NAS of Ukraine, heads of regional academic groups, acted as editors and reviewers of this unique work. The monograph is designed for researchers, teachers, students and all intellectual people of the state, and above all it will be useful for the heads of enterprises and organizations, parties, public associations, all who think not only on the Ukrainian custom, about his house, which, as a rule, always on the edge, but also on the General management categories, including development of a strategy for balanced development of economic systems.

In our opinion, the book, taking into account the information given in it, can also be useful for political and economic clubs for discussions, political scientists, social scientists. In addition, we believe it will be interesting for a wide range of readers, especially those who want to open a so-called own business or effectively manage and develop.


In issue 13-14 of the magazine “Veche” for 2008 on pages 43-46 published an article ” trade Unions and political parties: ways of interaction in the modern political system.” Its author-candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, head of the Department of political science of Dnipropetrovsk national University Oleg Tupitsa.

Authors: Bogdan Andrushkiv, Natalia Kirich