The right vaccine. Why “Sputnik V” has already met all expectations

The right vaccine. Why “Sputnik V” has already met all expectations


The Ukrainian academician called on Volodymyr Zelensky to purchase a Russian vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky should order the purchase of Russian vaccine from Covid-19 “Sputnik V”, said First Vice President of the Ukrainian Academy of Economic Sciences Anatoly Peshko


Like other countries, Ukraine needs a coronavirus vaccine. Today, countries around the world are agreeing to supply and co-produce future vaccines. And many of them have already signed contracts with the Russian Federation, which already has a developed and licensed Sputnik V vaccine. I believe that the use of the Russian vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus is an absolutely correct and necessary action on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, “Peshko wrote on his Facebook page.


The academician noted that he knows the Ukrainian president as a responsive, kind and humane person, in this connection he calls on him to give an order to the government to purchase the Russian vaccine immediately.


“I urge you, Vladimir Alexandrovich, to reject all political differences and think about saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainians! After all, they may die from a deadly virus in the coming months. The European Union, despite the sanctions against Russia, can afford to use the Russian vaccine on its territory “This vaccine is bought by countries like Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Brazil, China, South Korea, Turkey, India. Why is Ukraine not ready to put human life above politics?” – added Anatoly Peshko.