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The manifestation of corruption and pressure on freedom of speech goes over the edge

04.12.2017 14:28

December 4 in the permanent category “Expert view” from NewsNetwork – academician, doctor of Economics Anatolii Peshko, who in an exclusive interview with NewsNetwork gave an assessment of corruption in Ukraine and pressure on freedom of speech. In his opinion, corruption has long won in our country, so people should rise and within the constitutional framework to change the stolen and discredited government.

Anatolii Peshko, academician, doctor of economic Sciences:

“I think that corruption has long won in our country. She won the law, the Constitution and even common sense, because in the behavior of Pro-government people I do not see the observance of the letter of the law, and sometimes they lose even a sense of common sense and logic. When they behave this way and act against the NewsOne channel, and these are our colleagues, journalists, and no one wants to support them. I noticed that in the information field no Ukrainian TV channel rose in his defense. If the channel objectively covers events, no one has the right to block it. Since we have freedom of speech, religion and expression of will, on what basis some so-called activists block the channel, and law enforcement agencies do not react. These are not activists, but bandits and terrorists who need to be arrested and brought to justice according to the law, but we do not do this. This is a manifestation of corruption and pressure on freedom of speech, which goes over the edge. I am sure that if today all TV channels don’t rise, won’t lift people and won’t force the power to work within the law, it will become even worse as will arrest and kill. We already have many examples of journalists being killed for their professional activities, political views and beliefs. Therefore, I see only one way out of this situation: people should rise and within the constitutional framework make a change of the government that has stolen and completely discredited itself so that no one from the current ones comes, and those who come must pass a strict test selection. Also, in the selection, in addition to their promises and slogans, we must study the biography to understand what this person has done throughout his life. If this person has done some good deeds for the people and the state, then only then can he run for Deputy or become President.”