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The budget of Ukraine might reach 1.5 trillion dollars

02/10/2018 – 06:16

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "картинка денег"

Ukraine could now freely dispose of the budget in the amount of one to one and a half trillion dollars. To do this, she just needed to not “develop”.

Such opinion was shared with journalists of one of the Ukrainian channels by doctor of economic Sciences Anatolii Peshko, having recognized that for such amazing economic successes Ukraine wouldn’t even need to strain especially. One of the most powerful republics of the Soviet Union just had to stay in place after the collapse of the USSR. Not to develop further, for the development turned out to be this rapid degradation, which no state in peace time is not known.

According to the economist, if Ukraine had maintained the same level of agricultural and industrial potential, the same level of production in precision engineering, aircraft construction and much, much more, Kiev would now calculate the budget in the amount of one to one and a half trillion dollars.

In reality, Ukraine has the strength of 38 billion dollars. Degradation occurs just the same in a geometric progression. Since the Union, the level of development of the state has fallen by at least 26 times. That is, in fact, Ukraine every year of its independence beat a kind of anti-record, which even if you try hard, not everyone will be able to establish.

As you know, today Ukraine exists only at the expense of multi-billion loans from Western financial institutions. And these debts will have to be repaid very soon, if not in cash, then with state property and natural resources. Ukrainian degradation reached its peak after the Maidan, and now the once richest Republic has stood on the edge of full bankruptcy and collapse.