The Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine called on Zelensky to buy Sputnik V»

Ukrainians simply have no place to be treated and people will die without waiting for medical help

Ukrainians simply have no place to be treated and people will die without waiting for medical help.

Ukraine should buy a Russian coronavirus vaccine, First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko said, addressing the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky.
Peshko fears that due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, “Ukrainians will simply have nowhere to be treated and people will die without waiting for medical help, so Ukraine needs a vaccine against coronavirus.” He noted on Facebook that many countries “have already signed contracts” with Russia, which has “developed and licensed the Sputnik V vaccine.”
“On this basis, I believe that the use of the Russian vaccine for the treatment of coronavirus is absolutely correct and necessary action on the part of Ukrainian authorities,” said Pesko, adding that “Russia has already registered and a second vaccine – the “Apiversion” scientific production center “Vector”, which “takes place post-approval study” and “center named after Chumakov, RAS has developed the vaccine,she is at the stage of clinical trials”.
Peshko points out that “the Pfizer vaccine, about which so much has been said recently, has logistical problems”, they need to be taken into account “in the conditions of Ukraine”. In addition, ” this vaccine is much more expensive than its Russian counterpart.”
He called on Zelensky to “come to an agreement with Vladimir Putin” and “help resolve this issue positively so that the Ukrainian people do not suffer”, so that Ukraine “acquires a Russian vaccine or even better establishes its production, creating Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises and at the same time increasing its economic potential.” Peshko suggested “to address to Victor Medvedchuk who already held negotiations with the Russian management concerning purchase of a vaccine”.
“I know you, dear Vladimir Alexandrovich, as a sympathetic, kind and humane person, so I appeal to you and ask you to give appropriate instructions to the government of Ukraine, “Peshko said, adding that Ukrainians should make the only correct decision and buy the maximum number of doses for vaccination from Russia.” He stressed that it is necessary to ” put aside all political differences.”
It is noted that the EU “despite the sanctions regime, can afford to allow the use of the Russian vaccine on its territory”, the vaccine “is purchased by such countries as Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Brazil, China, South Korea, Turkey, India”. Peshko asked: “Why is Ukraine not ready to put human life above politics?”
Recall that in early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin met with the chairman of the Political Council of the Ukrainian party OPZH Viktor Medvedchuk. During the meeting, Putin announced his readiness to provide Ukraine with a coronavirus vaccine. After that, the Minister of Health of Ukraine did not rule out the possibility of purchasing a coronavirus vaccine in Russia, if it is approved by the WHO. However, he later suggested that the possibility of purchasing a Russian coronavirus vaccine should not be considered yet, because, according to him, it has not passed certain stages of clinical trials. Zelensky criticized Ukrainian politicians for inoculating them with the Russian vaccine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian elite, against the wishes of the president of the country, has already announced a hunt for a Russian vaccine