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13.04.2018 16:40
Leading Kiev experts called the main world threats, the most urgent of which is the escalation of the military conflict around Syria.
Anatoly Peshko, academician, Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine and political scientist said directly, the whole world sees that America is bluffing, accusing Assad of using chemical weapons in the Duma, and is looking for an excuse to unleash a local armed conflict. Thus, the West is trying to retain the right to dictate the global agenda to the world. But these times, Anatolii Peshko believes, are long gone, today Russia and China will no longer allow it.
“Today, before our eyes in Syria, through the fault of the United States and its allies, a conflict is developing, which can lead the world to an absolute catastrophe. America’s allies in the Syrian Duma today are actively represented by”victims of chemical weapons”. I do not rule out that these people are ready to use real chemical weapons with openly provocative purposes. In any case, we must first carefully understand and establish who used chemical weapons in the Duma, and for what purposes. And at all — was whether it. And then, within the legal framework, that is, in the UN, to think about how to punish the violator of world rules.

However, Americans, as usual, blatantly disregard international law, the opinion of the world community and try to do everything to preserve the right to do whatever they want and act solely in their own interests.

I think this game will end one way or another in the near future. But the problem is that this “game of world hegemon” can end much more seriously than Donald trump suggests today.

Each of us has children, and trump has them. In my opinion, he simply does not have enough knowledge to understand that if he decides to start a full-scale military conflict in the middle East, Russia will simply be forced to use its latest missile weapons. But at the same time, we must clearly understand that all these American aircraft carriers and destroyers, which today are sent from the Norfolk base to the shores of Syria, are nothing more than beautiful cans filled with missiles and filled with planes. In case Russia needs it, this whole squadron will be destroyed in an hour and a half. And effective counteraction against the latest Russian hypersonic cruise missiles and missiles with nuclear engines in the United States today is simply not. And all trump’s talk about” the latest smart missiles”, which allegedly have the United States — it’s nothing more than a bluff!

Of course, Vladimir Putin does not speak about it publicly today. But if Russia has the latest hypersonic and cruise missiles, it is able to use them for completely different purposes. Not only as strategic offensive weapons, but also for missile defense. This means that Russia can use its latest weapons to suppress us missiles at the “take-off point”.

This means that Russia is either on the threshold or has already created its own effective missile DEFENSE system. Able to effectively protect it from a sudden us nuclear strike. As well as against missile attacks from the allies of America.

The only real threat to Russia today is, in my opinion, American submarines armed with Trident-type missiles. They are capable of launching nuclear missiles from the underwater position, being in close proximity to the borders of Russia. I think that is the only reason why today Russia does not disclose the fact that it has its own powerful missile DEFENSE system. But I have no doubt that if a global nuclear conflict starts, America will be swept off the face of the earth. Russia in such a conflict, of course, will also suffer, but not so much.

The problem of America is that it is mainly inhabited by people with a very low level of education, which for this reason is very prone to various advertising campaigns. Therefore, they blindly believe such political “advertising campaigns”, which are carried out by their rulers. Most Americans do not understand that the hypersonic missiles that Russia possesses today have no analogues in the world, they are catastrophic weapons of mass destruction. I say this not because I want to intimidate Americans, on the contrary, I would like to save the lives of residents and the United States. And Russia and Ukraine. Because I would like to explain to presumptuous American politicians: if a global nuclear disaster begins, there will simply be no winners. Even if Putin will be able to shoot down American nuclear missiles on takeoff, still the effect of nuclear contamination of the planet will be such that 95% of The world’s population will be simply destroyed. Those who find themselves in the zone of impact of nuclear warheads will die instantly. But most of the population will die within 5-7 days after such a blow from acute radiation sickness.

And those “smart” Americans who have now taken to actively build air-RAID shelters, simply do not understand that they will not be able to escape. They can be protected from the shock wave after a nuclear explosion, as well as from light radiation. But none of them will be able to escape from the radiation anyway! Moreover, radioactive contamination of the terrain and atmosphere will continue for at least 6-7 years — no one will be able to sit in the bunkers! And all continents will suffer without exception-not only Europe and America, but also Australia with New Zealand, and even the Fiery Earth with Antarctica.

Therefore, Western politicians should not engage in a deliberate escalation of the conflict, and a little air their heads, and sit down at the negotiating table with Russia, China and their allies. In the modern world, all disputed issues must be addressed in the negotiations and only in the legal field. Do you think that someone illegally used chemical weapons in the combat zone? Please conduct a thorough investigation and take the appropriate decision at the UN security Council, together with other countries.

But we know very well that today the United States has no evidence of the use of weapons by the Assad regime. And they themselves know this very well. In recent years, the United States does not even bother to somehow modify its primitive tactics, in which they regularly accuse objectionable persons and countries in the use or storage of even nuclear and chemical weapons. We have all witnessed how they destroyed Iraq after being accused of possessing chemical weapons. As a result, they destroyed the whole state with impunity and publicly executed its former leader Saddam Hussein. But no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. The question is why none of the American politicians who made the decision and destroyed the whole country, has not yet appeared before the Hague Tribunal?! After all, they have committed a real crime against humanity! Therefore, if in the near future trump decides to use weapons against Syria, I believe that it will also be necessary to bring it to the international court of justice as a war criminal!

The behavior of trump and his allies in Europe shows that the collective West still wants to dictate its will to all the peoples of the world, to impose its own agenda. But no, not anymore! First of all, China and Russia will not allow this. In the Asian news already passed information that China temporarily transferred all the ships which are in the Mediterranean sea under control to the Russian military. I am sure that if trump uses weapons in Syria, Beijing will immediately side with Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran. This, however, also does not Bode well for the world, except for the global conflict.

I am sure that our lives and the lives of our children are more expensive than any political or material interests of the Western elites. And in this regard, I would urge all sane people in all countries of the world these days to go to mass protests, and to say their resolute “no” to this adventurous and unjustified policy of Donald trump and the entire American administration.”