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Public figures demanded that the government comply with the Constitution of Ukraine


Abuse of power,  corruption in power structures have become the main factors of the unpunished activities of radical groups that put pressure on journalists and citizens of Ukraine.

This conclusion was reached by the participants of the press conference “Close your mouth” or cruel rules of freedom of speech in Ukraine”, held on may 17 in Kiev. The event was attended by representatives of the human rights group “Uspishna VARTA”.

The participants expressed concern about the situation in Ukraine with unprecedented violation of the Constitution of Ukraine and the rights of citizens.

“In Ukraine, there is an imitation of statehood. It should be noted that the law enforcement system of Ukraine is designed to serve the oligarchy. Today, young people are under the pressure of radical nationalist organizations. And we run the risk of repeating the experience of Spain 50-ies, which recognized that the generation born during and after the war-lost, ” – said the expert on security Sergei Shabovta.

Academician and Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of economic Sciences Anatolii Peshko said: “the Current government, flirting with radical extremist groups, ignores the calls of the international community to stop attacks on freedom of speech in Ukraine. However, she announced a secret “witch hunt”, which has already affected such media as “NewsOne”, “112 Ukraine”, “inter”, radio “Vesti”, “RIA NOVOSTI”.

Human rights activists of “Uspishna VARTA” supported the initiative of the organizers of the press conference to appeal to the heads of world States in order to influence the current situation in Ukraine with the violation of the rights of citizens by right-wing organizations to preserve peace and end the war.