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Problems of health care: why reform medicine might fail?

10 November 2016, 19: 20

First of all, to improve the efficiency of the health system need to restore growth to the economy of the state.

Such opinion in the exclusive comment “to the Word and Business” was expressed by the Vice-President of Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko, analyzing reform of health care in Ukraine.

“Without the economic growth of industry and agriculture, which will provide people with high – paying jobs and will fill the state Budget to the new government, President and Parliament were able to provide sufficient funding to the Ministry of health, the reform will not be effective,” – says the academician.

The problem of our health care is absolutely far-fetched. The only snag is the meager financing of medical institutions, which absolutely does not meet modern world requirements, the expert said.

“As soon as doctors, nurses and other medical workers receive a decent salary, and hospitals – the necessary resources for the purchase of medicines and modern diagnostic and medical equipment that meet the standards of the present time, all the problems of the medical industry will be solved,” he said.

The problem of the Ukrainian health care system is not in its inferiority, but in its insufficient funding.

“The problems of the health care system in Ukraine are directly related to ineffective public administration, which, especially over the past two years, has led to an almost complete collapse of the state economy,” Peshko said.

Crisis processes in health care and other industries, the expert said, are the result of adventurous state management of people who have neither sufficient education nor experience, nor the ability to effectively manage the industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy of our country.

“This is our greatest tragedy, without which any adventurous attempts of pseudo – reforms in all spheres of social life of Ukraine, without any doubt, are doomed to failure,” Anatolii Peshko concluded.

Recall, the government of Ukraine allowed health care institutions to provide paid medical services using telemedicine. Also in 2017, a gradual transition to insurance medicine is planned.