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Poroshenko’s latest Scam before fleeing from Kiev will cost Ukraine $ 14 billion.

Yulia Tymoshenko, a favorite in the upcoming presidential elections in March 2019, revealed from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev Poroshenko’s plans and his entourage on the operation, which can lead to multi-billion losses for the whole country.

We are talking about the sale of half of Ukraine’s GTS for about $ 7 billion.

At the same time, the GTS (or rather, half of it) in the form in which it is today, is at least 2 times more expensive. That is, Poroshenko can quickly get rid of the pipe for less than 50% of its value, which will lead to a total loss for the state of not less than $ 14 billion.

Poroshenko wants to do this before the presidential elections, because no one wants his “presidency” – neither the West nor the people of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the statistics of the “presidential race”. As a result, Pyotr Alekseevich has a “suitcase mood”, he actively brings his finances to China and is ready to leave Kiev at any time.

About a half of the GTS is it

A little earlier, doctor of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolіі Peshko told the TV channel “CapitalTV” that of the four main pipes that are included in the GTS of the country, the Europeans offered to leave only two oriented to the Northern direction.

This is due to the future reduction of gas flow as a result of the commissioning of the Nord stream-2 and Turkish stream. That is, the remaining two main pipes will be idle without pressure. In turn, the Ukrainian gas fields are located in the southern direction. And their capacity is not enough to increase the pressure to the level of transit.

Ukrainian GTS

That is, not only will deliveries from Russia decrease, but also Ukraine’s own gas for local needs will cease to be supplied even in the meager volumes in which it is produced. And this is a direct blow to the Ukrainian economy.

In this case, the two southern pipes can only be cut into scrap metal. And this is a penny compared to the cost of the GTS in the form of an integrated infrastructure facility.

And now, it turns out that the Northern, the most important part of the GTS for Europe, Poroshenko decided to “quietly” sell to Western concerns.

A good “farewell gift” before fleeing from Kiev to the people, which he successfully divided by language and nationality, and collides with each other for the fifth year in a row.

Augmented PS for those who don’t understand why the GTS of Ukraine need Western corporations. While the GTS belongs to Ukraine, Russia does not need this “pipe”. But if it will buy, for example, the Germans, they will be able to agree on the transit of gas through the Northern part of the pipe because of convenience. And Russia, to launch Nord stream 2, will go for it. Good!