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Publication date: 30.12.2018 09:40

Ukraine is not the first year bankrupt, unable to pay even interest on foreign loans. The country is held by Western sponsors-supervisors. If they refuse the Ukrainian project, the country will default.

This was announced by academician, doctor of Economics and candidate of medical Sciences Anatolіі Peshko during the press conference “Results of 2018 in the field of politics, Economics, defense, medicine, religion: achievements, losses, victories.”

“On the eve of 2019, we are provided with short-term loans in the amount of $ 3.9 billion, but now we, the 42 million state (and about 10 million people left the country), began to give them at very high interest rates. A year ago we took under 7,375%, now — under 9,7%. At the same time, Hungary with a population of 10 million people takes loans at 1.75%,” Peshko said.

The academician added that the representation of Ukraine as an agrarian superpower is not true.

Export growth is observed not at the expense of production growth, but by reducing sales in domestic markets and transferring not only sales, but also production itself to Europe and South-East Asia.

“This makes one of the most successful and close to the President of Ukraine businessmen (majority shareholder of the agricultural holding” Mironovskiy Hleboprodukt ” Yuri Kosyuk. — Ed.). A ” MHP ” occupies 25% of the annual export of all agricultural products. Judge for yourself, if the country expected the prospect of economic growth, would such a large businessman withdraw from the country of production? But as a result, the domestic price of poultry meat has risen three times compared to last year. Plus, as a result of weak irrigation, the harvest of early grain — wheat, barley, rape, flax — turned out to be a widow less,” Peshko said.