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“Nord stream-2”: why the Russian project really – “sentence” for GTS of Ukraine

«Северный поток-2»: почему проект РФ действительно - «приговор» ГТС Украины

Well-known Ukrainian journalist, video blogger and political refugee Anatolii Shariy explained in his video on the author’s Youtube video hosting channel why the Germans would not refuse to build Nord stream-2.

Earlier, the information portal Politpuzzle cited the opinion of the Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolii Peshko, who expressed confidence that the gas transportation system of Ukraine will soon be sent to scrap metal, and Germany will not give up gas from Russia.

The expert explained his position by the fact that the Russian gas supplied by the Nord stream-2 pipeline to Germany will be much cheaper than the Ukrainian transit “blue fuel”. In addition, after the construction of” SP-2″, the Ukrainian GTS will only be able to ensure its self-sufficiency and supply a certain amount of resources through one branch to Western Europe.

However, journalist Anatolii Shari believes that Germany’s interest in the Russian gas pipeline is not limited to the cost of energy. Videoblogger reminded that in fact Germany is completely dependent on cheap Russian gas. The entire Eastern part of the state is powered by Gazprom. Of course, there is Norway. However, the tariffs there are much higher, and therefore Russia’s services are a priority.

Shariy also recalled that Germany has embarked on the path of development of “green technologies” and the abandonment of nuclear programs. So, in Germany over the past twenty years, 13 nuclear power plants have been mothballed. Many of them were built in the 50-60-ies of the last century and modernization is no longer subject. Seven more operating nuclear power plants are also waiting for closure. Given without any core course in Germany, Berlin will do everything in order to obtain for the next 10 years, the contract for the cheapest gas. And Nord stream 2 is the main contender here. Therefore, according to Sharia, the Chancellor of Germany and other German politicians will not be up to the expectations of Ukraine – they have their own interests, which are realized for the benefit of the German people.

With Sharii solidarity and Alan Riley of London’s public management Institute. According to the expert, Ukraine will lose its importance for Germany after the construction of the “Nord stream-2” and will be no different from any North African country.

Author: Gregory Pavlopoulou…