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Literally. Anatolii Peshko, politician, Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine.

June 7, 2017 № 43 (19488)

President Poroshenko with great fervor and outright pomp announces to the Ukrainian people the main achievement in three years-the completion of the Association of Ukraine and the EU …

I urge him to explain to all of us what improvements (real) in the life of Ukrainians occurred during the entire period of “promotion” of our country in the EU.

In our stores cheaper bread, milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, meat, fruit? No! Are citizens ‘ rights to freedom of speech, religion and other civil rights protected in Ukraine? No! Are rural roads and Central highways asphalted? No! Cheaper tickets for trains, planes and buses? No! Have we improved the lives of students, pensioners, the disabled and other low-income segments of the population? No!

Why has it become more difficult for industrial and agricultural enterprises to work? Why are their incomes falling catastrophically? Why for a song sell the main riches of the people of Ukraine-the wood, minerals (amber and many other things)? Why try to sell more expensive for any people-his native land?

What, then, has improved? Where real (!) Achievements and reforms on the way to the EU? Questions to the President, government and Parliament-hundreds! The indignation of the people overwhelms the Cup of patience, and the ruling elite, as before, considers us stupid and silent ” patience» …