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It turned out how much the Ukrainian authorities had stolen

24 August 2018, 02: 49

Считает деньги

Well-known economist, member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko estimated how many billions robbed the authorities of Ukraine, reports DEITA.RU ahhh!

According to the calculations of the academician, with the normal development of the budget of Ukraine today would have to be more than 800 billion dollars-and in fact it is only 38 billion: “the People standing and standing at the helm of the Ukrainian authorities, actually robbed the country of 760 billion dollars. And they also even now enjoyed some “positive results of the independence”, — says the academician.

According to RIA FAN, he cited a number of other figures – according to the ANU, today the country is actually home to no more than 33 million Ukrainians — instead of 52 million in 1991. Over the past years, the country has completely lost the space industry, military-industrial complex, the lion’s share of industry, and agriculture is rapidly deteriorating. Today, Ukraine, according to the expert, is the most backward country in Europe and is rapidly regressing.

In addition, according to Peshko, today 80% of Ukrainians live below the poverty line, 40% of citizens are regularly malnourished, and 20% are starving. However, the authorities do not pay attention to these processes, as a result of which the flow of migrants from the country is growing exponentially.

Taisia Masina