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Good deeds

First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko installed a playground for children living in the village of Khmarovka, Vinnytsia region.

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The Saturday day off on May 29, 2021 in the village of Chernyatka and Khmarivka in the Gaisinsky district of the Vinnytsia region was overcast in the morning.

With the arrival of Academician and first Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, because everywhere this person comes, good deeds are being done. So this day was a good day for the village of Khmarivka, as Anatoly Vladimirovich shared a piece of his spiritual goodness and installed a playground for children living in this village, forgotten by the Ukrainian authorities and some hypocrites, hooch businessmen.

In addition, the so-called hoochers and crooks – “businessmen” through the director of the local school actively opposed for a year that this playground was installed.

And yet, through the joint efforts of the headman Sergey Bondarchuk and the chairman of the TG Pyotr Shvets, as well as other people who are not indifferent, this playground was installed. Moreover, this is not the first playground installed by Anatoly Peshko.

For more than 16 years of work in the villages of Chernyatka and Khmarivka, his agricultural enterprise “Nadbuzhzha Plus” and he, for his personal money, carried out a major reconstruction of the school in the village of Chernyatka: restored a sports hall, added a room for internal toilets for children, carried out communications with water, which, by the way, supplies to this rural school.

In addition, Anatoly Vladimirovich also made repairs in two kindergartens of the villages of Chernyatka and Khmarivka, the repair of the only medical outpatient clinic in the village of Chernyatka. He provided this medical outpatient clinic with the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic and preventive tools: surgical, gynecological, otolaryngological, etc. Equipped with devices for the sterilization of this and other medical instruments. By the way, in the medical dispensary, Anatoly Peshko made a central water heating system on a solid fuel boiler and in addition gave a chainsaw for cutting firewood.

In addition, it was thanks to Anatoly Vladimirovich that 10 km of the road from the village of Julinka to Chernyatka, as well as the main streets in this village, were paved. In addition, Anatoly Peshko installed street lighting on the main streets of Chernyatka. Almost every day, he helps those people who need treatment and helps those families who have lost their loved ones, allocating significant funds, special vehicles, wreaths, and so on. I built a concrete openwork fence around the old central cemetery and made a road to the new cemetery. Allocated funds for the construction of a memorial for the new cemetery. Systematically, with its transport and its tractors, it improves the hard surface on those streets where previously it was impossible not to pass, not to pass because of the centuries-old dirt.

For the money of Anatoly Peshko, the Orthodox Church in the village of Chernyatka was completed and equipped, for the funds of Anatoly Vladimirovich, all the main building materials were purchased and the Temple in Khmarivka was built. Anatoly Vladimirovich regularly provides charitable assistance to the Orthodox Church to this day.

And in order for the villages to live, Anatoly Vladimirovich specifically supports the chief doctor and director of the House of Culture of the village of Chernyatka, paying monthly financial assistance. It also helps activists of the House of Culture in the village of Khmarivka.

Anatoly Vladimirovich understands that the life of the villages of Chernyatka and Khmarivka depends on whether his agricultural enterprise “Nadbuzhya Plus” will give jobs and wages to the residents of these villages, whether it will continue to pay all taxes in full, unlike the would-be tenants who take human land for black rent and do not pay taxes to the budgets of these villages!

In order for the company “Nadbuzhzhya Plus” to continue to work effectively, it conducts a systematic and major reconstruction of all production buildings and structures, self-propelled equipment and the entire huge range of agricultural tillage equipment and other units.

All sane residents of the villages of Chernyatka and Khmarivka hope that such active activity of Anatoly Peshko on the territory of their community will continue — and will give them hope for survival and a happy life in these difficult times for the whole of Ukraine.

Grateful residents of the villages of Chernyatka and Khmarivka.