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Experts emphasize the need to urgently form the national elite of Ukraine and engage in the development of the country’s economy

Kiev. August 23. UNIAN. In particular, the sharp decline in living standards and security , as well as the deterioration of the demographic situation in Ukraine, are of great concern.

This was discussed during the expert discussion in UNIAN, dedicated to the independence Day of Ukraine, with the participation of: academician and Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of higher education of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of social management of Ukraine, doctor of economic Sciences, candidate of medical Sciences Anatolii Peshko; President of the Ukrainian Association of security professionals Sergey Shabovta; expert of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management, political scientist Nikolay Spiridonov; political consultant, political scientist Ruslan Bisaev; people’s artist of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Nina Matvienko.

According to academician and Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of social management of Ukraine, doctor of economic Sciences, candidate of medical Sciences Anatoly Peshko, in 1990 there were more than 50 million Ukrainians.

“The demographic situation in Ukraine is catastrophic. According to official statistics, the figure is 42.6 million people, however, according to the Institute of demography and social research named after M. V. Ptukh, as of January 1, 2017, the population, excluding the temporarily occupied territories, is only 36 million people. According to the UN and the world Bank, 6-7 million young people, the most able-bodied, went to European countries to work mainly in rough, low-skilled jobs. Consequently, the number of population – no more than 36 million. The catastrophic situation with mortality, which has doubled, and the birth rate has fallen twice. Thus, a situation is created in the country that in 20 years there will be no more than 20 million Ukrainians in Ukraine. And we had 50 million”, — said the academician Pesko.

High mortality rate in Ukraine, according to him, not only at the expense of the elderly, but also middle-aged people, because they are not provided with appropriate medical care.

“A lot of people die of working age, because they can not get normal medical care… I will not name all the causes of high mortality, but the main is a deep total poverty, which does not allow people to provide adequate food and purchase medicines that could continue and make life quality, to support people in working condition,” Anatolii Peshko said.

He noted that the demographic ratio in the Ukrainian society has also sharply deteriorated. “If earlier one employee in Ukraine was one idle, then today, a working person has two broken”, — said the academician Pesko.

Such situation, according to him, developed from-for deterioration of life of Ukrainians for years of independence that is caused by the wrong policy realized in the country — social, economic, and also from-for irresponsibility, unprofessionalism in branches of the power and corruption.

The academician also said that he did not see the positive results of the reforms implemented in the country and criticized the medical reform.

“This is a medical reform that takes millions and will take millions of lives of our citizens … we will have paid Medicine, and, in particular, for an elementary operation, for example, appendicitis, will have to pay from 30 to 60-80 thousand UAH, neurosurgical operations, injuries — from 100 thousand UAH and above. This means that totally people will die because they will not be provided with any medical care. And talk about insurance medicine, it’s just a bluff, no one gives it to anyone, ” said, in particular, Anatolii Peshko.

Present at the event, people’s artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko, in turn, urged Ukrainians not to despair.

“Even with this whole situation, I address today to my people with congratulations — on the holiday of our independence. I love my land and my country very much. Independence is a mother with a small child, who should be very cherished, nurtured, and helped this independence. I appeal to the sons and daughters of Ukraine, do not be indifferent to our mother-independence. We have earned it at such a price today, so much blood, so many children have lost… We must protect our land, ” said Nina Matvienko.

According to political scientist Ruslan Bizyaev, Ukraine has now become a socially uncomfortable country, which was one of the reasons for the mass migration, which is observed.

“What should be done to make Ukraine a successful country? We must urgently form our national elite, which will clearly answer the question of who we are and where we are going. Now the geopolitical map of the world is changing very quickly. Already all in the world it is clear that the previous world system collapsed, there comes a time of situational unions. And with situational unions, a very simple and clear principle applies-the weak are trampled on, they negotiate with the strong. We urgently need to become strong, we need to stop all fault lines and all conflicts, both internal and external. And seriously engage in the economy, because the economy is at the head of everything,” — said political scientist Bizyaev.