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Expert: insurance medicine is another tool of the authorities for robbing Ukrainians

9 November 2016, 17: 06

The attempt to transfer the universal system of medical care into the framework of the so-called insurance medicine is erroneous and criminal.

This opinion in an exclusive commentary “Word and Deed” expressed Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolii Peshko, analyzing the launch of insurance medicine in Ukraine.

“The fact is that every citizen of our country should always remember that according to the current Constitution of Ukraine, the state is obliged to pay for those tax payments that we pay from our salaries (income tax, unified social tax, taxes on deposits of the population, taxes on pensions, numerous taxes on enterprises of various forms of ownership), to provide the population with full high – quality and free medical care”, – he stated.

The fact that today the current government in Ukraine does not comply with the Basic law and does not provide the population with a full, effective and free treatment is a crime, but not a reason to change the health care system in Ukraine.

“Just the current anti-human state elite is trying to shift the expensive system of medical care from the state Treasury (which, in fact, is also our money, already paid to the state to perform its mandatory function – to protect the life and health of citizens of Ukraine) on the shoulders of the population living below the poverty line of our country”, – said the expert.

As the expert explained, people should understand that the insurance companies created are essentially the same financial commercial structures as banks. They are also exposed to similar risks of bankruptcy, embezzlement, depreciation of insurance contributions due to inflation and other criminal frauds in which insured patients may lose their savings in large part or even in full.

“People will not receive any social guarantees from the introduction of insurance medicine. And received only another tool of their stealing”, – concluded Peshko.

As you know, the Ministry of health believe that the Ukrainian health care system should not focus on private insurance companies, so the insurance medicine should be public.

Recall, in September, acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said that the primary link will be covered by guaranteed services through public insurance.