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Tour operator “forgot” to pay for flights: about hundred tourists are stuck in Kiev airport

About a hundred Ukrainians were stuck at Zhulyany airport, the flights of which were canceled. As one of the victims said, tourists can not fly to Spain due to the fact that the tour operator did not pay for the flights, reports TSNua. “We have a flight from Zhulyan to Tenerife, an air carrier Dart Airlines, a tour operator” IdrisKa tour. “At the moment, there is no information about the departure at the airport, the airport announced that the tour operator did not pay the airline this flight and now, in fact, about 100 people are located in the airport and can not fly away.There are two flights, the first Kiev-Alikante, and the second one – Kiev-Tenerife, which are charter flights from Dart, “he said. Journalists tried to contact the tour operator “IdrisKa tour”, but no one answers any number, and many numbers are simply disabled, or an answering machine responds. “It turns out that the tour operator does not give information and all the phones are disconnected, people are nervous, the airport does not bear any responsibility.” Now, in fact, this is a fraud on the part of the operator and we have no solution, “he added.

According to the tourist, he only paid charter tickets, but other people bought whole tours with accommodation and transfer. “Round-trip tickets cost about 500-600 euros, we are at the airport for more than 2.5 hours and we have no information,” he said. He also noted that the Spanish airport has information about this flight, that is, the information was sent to them yesterday, August 30, and she was present on the website Zhulyan: “And now there is no information and the airport pretends that nothing was given to anyone and nothing did not confirm, but at the same time, the declared flight from the Spanish side gave confirmation of the flight. ” At the airport “Zhulyany” TSNUua confirmed that this is a resonant case and before this was not. The flights were not really paid for, because they were withdrawn, but the payment is expected within an hour. “The tour operator IdrisKa tour did not pay for this flight, we are now waiting for payment, as soon as the payment has passed, people will fly away.” We were informed about it in the manual. “Yesterday the flight information was also known about non-payment, it was the first time we had such a ticket So, while we all expect it, we were told that within an hour the payment should be, we do not have other information yet, “the airport said. It should be noted that the company “IdrisKa tour” has been operating in the tourist market of Ukraine since 2006 and occupies one of the leading positions as a tour operator in the directions: Turkey, Spain, Portugal, etc. Earlier, fifty tourists who bought a bus tour to Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia, are stuck in the Odessa region near the border with Romania. In Ismail, the driver dropped the passengers right on the roadside and went to repair the vehicles, but by night he never returned.