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Economy of Ukraine for 27 years of independence. Sad results. Anatolii PeshkoИтоги-падения-Экономика-Украины-за-27-лет-независимости-Анатолий-Пешко/Q2lvMmViczNKbk0

26 August 2018, 20: 30

“Are there really any moments in these 27 years that we could be proud of? Before other countries, before other peoples that our state has achieved some significant success in the social, economic or any other sphere of activity. on this question I, unfortunately large, not can to answer positively. That we had in 1991? We had a state that in its level of economic, scientific and technical potential was at the level of development of the advanced States of Europe, not far behind Germany and France. What do we have today? Ukraine fell in the ranking of development to the level of the lowest developed countries…”

From gas production and the agricultural sector to Yuzhmash missiles and Antonov aircraft — Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine academician Anatolii Peshko sums up the bleak results of economic development of Ukraine under the leadership of elites, who came with the Declaration of Independence. The incompetence and selfishness which the scientist, and imputes the guilt of such effects.