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Due to health care reform people are deprived of basic medical care-candidate of medical Sciences Anatolii Peshko

15 JUNE 2018 FRIDAY 18:19

Candidate of medical Sciences Anatolii Peshko notes that due to the reform of health care people in Ukraine are deprived of basic medical care for hemorrhoids treatment and many other treatments. He said this during the press-conference “Medifarma 2018 or the genocide of the medicine in Ukraine” in the press center of Ukrainian news.

“The reform of health care, which is now trying to carry out, it will, in fact, lead to the fact that people will lose the opportunity to receive free medical care,” he said. According to him, the system of Semashko (three-level system of medical care), which was created in the years of the USSR, allowed to provide prompt medical care. This system allows you to stop at least bleeding and give time to save lives and health.

“People came to power in our country, for whom human life means nothing. Old people, children are deprived of basic medical care. They are not able to buy even the most essential drugs that would allow them to save lives. I have repeatedly appealed to the authorities to make the most necessary medicines available to people. Mortality from cardiovascular diseases is the highest. Because the same anapirin, adenosin should be available to the General population,” added Pesko.

And in today’s conditions when rural FAPs are liquidated, and regional hospitals unite in one structure, possibility of expeditious delivery of medical care decreases.

At the same time, he noted that according to independent medical unions, about 80 thousand medical workers left Ukraine in search of better earnings abroad. “Think about these catastrophic figures! Soon there will be no one to treat! I’m not talking about any highly specialized medical care, because leave the most intelligent, ” – said Peshko.

Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik noted that Ukraine recorded the highest level of maternal mortality in Europe. In particular, for 2017, 2378 deaths are known, while in Germany this figure is 42 cases.

Also Bortnik added that in Ukraine there is a jump in the growth of tuberculosis incidence due to interruptions in the provision of BCG vaccine, which we have observed regularly in recent years.

“According to the world health organization in Ukraine, more than 5% of people are infected with hepatitis C. in absolute figures, this figure is more than 2 million people,” he added.

Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Kogan Boris, doctor, assistant of the Department of social medicine and public health of the National medical University took part in the press conference. O. O. Bogomolets, the head of the Public Council of the Ministry of health from 2015-2017., the head of the NGO”platform for public health” Maksim Ionov, Director of the medical center “Family care”, the therapist of the highest category. Natalia Marilucia.