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Doesn’t the Ministry of Health of Ukraine know that vaccination against Covid-19 is ineffective and unsafe?

Does the Ministry of Health of Ukraine really not know that vaccination against Covid-19 is ineffective and unsafe, and the spread of the disease can be prevented by another more harmless and effective method ?!

I read today on the Internet a statement by Bill Gates, which is published by the media that the world and all of humanity need to prepare for the massive use of biological weapons. I would like to draw the attention of readers to the fact that the statement of Bill Gates, who in his essence does not have a medical education, causes a stir in the world.

Is it strange that my appeal to the Ukrainians and the entire world community, in which at the very beginning of the coronavirus “pandemic” I officially drew the attention of the inhabitants of Ukraine and the whole world, to the fact that the creation and spread of this influenza infection is man-made, did not cause concern? !

And then I warned the Ukrainians and the whole world that this was just, let’s say, a big experiment to test the effectiveness of the use of infectious diseases as a weapon of mass destruction, in other words, a biological weapon. Unfortunately, no one then paid attention to the words of a truly qualified doctor, which is a pity.

The current statement by Bill Gates about the danger of the massive use of bacteriological weapons is a direct confirmation of the fact that many world superstates are now focusing on bacteriological weapons.

This cannot but cause general concern. Because people who make such a responsible and criminal decision lack the understanding that even the presence of any vaccines, antidotes or serums cannot protect them personally from such highly dangerous infections, due to the same thing that viruses, bacteria and fungal infections have the ability to mutate and create such forms of diseases (or strains) that will be insensitive to vaccines, serums or antidotes created in advance for their treatment and prevention.

Already today there is one very effective method for the prevention of all viral, fungal, bacterial and as yet unidentified types and routes of transmission of infectious diseases that can be transmitted sexually, through the household, through blood, airborne droplets or fecal-oral.

Today, modern medicine is faced with new knowledge that many diseases, previously considered genetic or autoimmune, are actually transmitted from mother to child in utero through the blood. This applies to diseases such as: multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other diseases, can be transmitted by even smaller microorganisms, which today are called prions.

That is, in this way, I want to warn those illiterate and adventurous leaders of states who are planning to create biological weapons to destroy the population of certain states from this extremely ill-considered and dangerous step, because today’s medicine is completely unknown the reasons for many well-known severe infectious and seemingly non-communicable diseases.

Practice shows that those diseases that were previously considered not infectious, but genetic or autoimmune, in fact, can also be infectious.

All of the above information speaks of the unsafe use of biological weapons for both the victim and the customer of this weapon !!!

We do not know perfectly the nature of many well-known diseases.

Now let’s talk about the methods of treatment, prevention and prevention of all infections, and in particular the COVID-19 flu. More than a year ago, I argued that the influenza virus is not transmitted through the supposedly infected surfaces of furniture, household and office equipment, that is, I warned that it is not transmitted by the usual fecal-oral route, but only by airborne droplets. It is only now that my statement has become apparent to many qualified doctors.

This infection is transmitted only by airborne droplets, so all doctors and ordinary people who used gloves, as well as disinfectants for treating surfaces and floors in the room, showed their complete illiteracy and, frankly, failure as doctors and especially as sanitary hygienic profile. Most of the disinfectants used in schools, kindergartens and in rooms for adults, except for old life-proven medicines made on the basis of ethyl alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and other old life-tested drugs, are dangerous for young and middle-aged children and for adults as well. Because they are highly toxic and can cause the phenomenon of bronchospasm and further development of bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases.

I do not object to the use of natural disinfectants to prevent the flu virus, but various other infections of a bacterial and fungal nature, of which there are a huge number today. Such dangerous agents include not only viruses, bacteria and fungal infections, but also helminthic invasions that previously existed only in Africa, Asia, India and Latin America and were practically absent in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

In connection with general globalization, the spread of various infectious, viral, bacterial infections, helminthic invasions has become extremely dangerous and widespread !!!

Bill Gates’ warning is also no coincidence! He is in close contact with the US Central Intelligence Agency, so his warning is not groundless !!! He is well informed.

What you need to know and do for heads of state, in particular Ukraine, heads of regional and district state administrations, the Ministry of Health, regional and district health departments of Ukraine and all doctors of our country:

  1. It is necessary to create a vertically integrated, managed sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemiological service, subordinate to the Ministry of Health.
  2. Personnel for this service and the health care system as a whole must be trained on the basis of the reanimated system of medical education, which has practically been destroyed in Ukraine (the qualifications of current graduates of secondary and higher medical institutions defy any criticism! It is necessary to start with the training of qualified personnel and not only in medicine, but also in the economy and all spheres of human activity in Ukraine.At the same time, I want to draw the attention of the leadership of Ukraine that one of its biggest mistakes is the creation of that socio-economic situation in the country in which Ukraine lost its professional and scientific personnel in medicine, economy , education, etc.
  3. It is necessary to explain to the society that the most effective means of personal prevention of all bacterial, viral, fungal and other infections is to observe the rules of personal hygiene. There are many such rules, but I will draw your attention to one of the simplest ones – to wash your hands regularly and not necessarily with the use of highly toxic and disinfecting agents. It is best to use plain laundry soap to wash your hands. It not only washes your hands, but also has antibacterial and antifungal effects. Do not use Fairy or any other similar products for washing dishes (they are highly toxic and carcinogenic). Wash dishes and hands with regular baking soda and mustard! Don’t neglect them!
  4. I propose one of the most effective methods for destroying bacterial, fungal, viral infections up to the so-called especially dangerous infections, which are characterized not only by a high growth rate of the number of cases, but also by a high mortality rate among patients who become ill with these diseases. Such especially dangerous infections include: tuberculosis, diphtheria, cholera, viral hepatitis A, psittacosis and many other especially dangerous infections. Influenza type COVID 19 does not belong to the category of especially dangerous infections, since the mortality rate for this disease of patients does not exceed 1.5-2% worldwide! I draw your attention to the fact that in 2017-2018, the mortality from influenza in Ukraine was 8-10%, that is, it was much higher than today!

It is possible to stop all of the above and many infectious diseases not mentioned in this article with the help of the widespread use of quartz lamps. That is, these are sources of ultraviolet radiation that kill all types of infections existing on Earth, which means they can stop the spread of any bacteriological weapon! This means that quartz lamps must be installed not only in operating rooms and dressing rooms, but in all places of mass gathering of people (shopping and entertainment centers, metro, large grocery and industrial stores, in the entrances of apartment buildings, at train stations and airports). Small mobile portable quartz lamps can be used even at home. That is, if someone in the family falls ill with any viral disease, it is necessary to carry out quartzing at regular intervals, that is, disinfecting the room in which the sick family member is. At the time of quartzing, the patient can be transferred to another room. It is advisable to carry out quartzing, combining it with the ventilation of the room. Quartz lamps are harmless to human life and health if they are used in accordance with the standards and requirements for their use. Lamps in the room must be placed so that their direct radiation does not fall on the cornea of ​​the eye, as this can cause it to burn. The use of quartz lamps is much more effective, much cheaper and much less toxic, and dozens of times less side effects and complications than the use of any disinfectant. There are safe quartz lamps that can be used in rooms where people are!

In this article, I cannot disclose all the measures to prevent the development of infectious, viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, as well as other acute and chronic pathologies that humanity suffers from. In the following articles, I will try to present in a popular scientific form for the population of Ukraine and other countries of the world methods of prevention and prevention of the development of other not only infectious, but also acute and chronic diseases that cause the highest mortality among the population of not only our country, but also all residents of our planets.

With care and sincere human concern for the life of my fellow Ukrainians, as well as the entire world community

Academician and First Vice President

Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Candidate of Medical Sciences,

Peshko A.V.