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Azerbaijan is closer to us than Europe. For Media.Az says Ukrainian expert Anatolii Peshko

14 MARCH 2019, 10:07

Азербайджан для нас ближе, чем Европа. Для Media.Az комментирует украинский эксперт Анатолий Пешко

Of the 44 registered presidential candidates of Ukraine (post-Soviet record, and possibly the world), to the finish line reached 39. Five persons withdrew their candidacies. The length of the ballot will not be 1 meter 15 centimeters, as previously thought, but rather about a meter. That too much. Could be worse, after all, originally to participate in the elections have expressed desire of more than 90 people.

Visiting Media today.Az Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, political expert and former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, academician Anatolii Peshko.

-There were expectations that more applicants will withdraw in someone’s favor. But, nevertheless, there were 39 candidates. That’s a lot…

– This is, of course, an abnormal phenomenon. It is clear that there are not so many adequate candidates from this number. I think that in the near future a few more people will leave the presidential race in favor of the real contenders for the post of head of state.

– Is there still such a possibility? After all, the deadline for withdrawing his candidacy has already expired on March 7.

– True. This was possible until the moment when they start printing ballots. But in principle, even if ballots are already ready, then next to the candidate who came down from a distance election commissions have to put an inscription that this person left. Such precedents have already been in various elections in Ukraine, but, however, not during the presidential campaign.

– We talked with many candidates for President of Ukraine, experts, political strategists. And the closer the elections are, the more often we hear allegations that the current President Petro Poroshenko is likely to be re-elected for a second term. What you think?

– I think that theoretically Petro Poroshenko has an opportunity to remain the President. Collisions with law enforcement agencies, with the Same national case (the Ukrainian far – right nationalist party-an edition) which pursues it on all cities where the President carries out actions can be provoked. Force could be used, riots would occur and, as a consequence, martial law would be imposed, which would delay elections.

But recently, and it is well understood, the West has ceased to support Petro Poroshenko. But the candidate Vladimir Zelensky (famous actor and comedian – ed.) West has arranged the show, which means that his candidacy as President suits them. The United States and Europe need well-managed from outside the heads.

But even more desirable candidate for the West – Anatoly Gritsenko. He is a creature of the West, never remains idle. It is possible to remember how at the time of the President Victor Yushchenko, Anatoly Gritsenko for no reason became the Minister of defence. In fact, he destroyed the Ukrainian army.

– It is connected with scandal round “Ukroboronprom” which is developed now?

– No. The current scandal is connected with the current President and his immediate entourage. But and under Gritsenko was many what…

– According to ratings, Anatoly Gritsenko has no chances of an exit to the second round. He was one of the real candidates last year, but a lot has changed since then. But if not Gritsenko, then who else, in your opinion, can go to the second round and compete with Poroshenko (in my opinion, the current President of Ukraine in the second round will come out, although I may be wrong)?

– In fact, the situation in the second round can be quite unpredictable. Maybe there will be dirt on Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Vladimir Zelensky, Anatoly Gritsenko or Yuri Boyko. But they are the most real contenders for the presidency.

We conducted our own independent surveys. On the first place – Zelensky, on the second Tymoshenko, on the third Poroshenko, on the fourth Gritsenko and on the fifth – quickly.

– Yuriy Boyko-representative of the South-East of Ukraine. And there are strong candidates. Alexander Vilkul, for example. It is in his favor, withdrew his candidacy another candidate Eugene Moore. Why are these leaders not uniting?

It’s not that simple. Evgeny Muraev gave his votes to Alexander Vilkul, but many of his electorate took it negatively. So there is a virtual voice transmission, and there is a real one.

– In the election programs of candidates for President of Ukraine very little mention of neighbors in the post-Soviet space, and more and more references to Europe, the European future, NATO. Why?

– This is a very correct question, the answer to which is not. After all, Azerbaijan, like many other former Soviet republics, is much closer to us mentally and economically than Europe. We need to develop economic relations with Azerbaijan – a stable country in the economic and political sense, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and not to focus unconditionally on Europe. These countries are our markets. Our products are listed there.

And the European quotas are small, we close them within a few weeks, or, at most, months. Europe in words declares one thing, but really no one cares about Ukraine. Real partners, real friends are Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other post – Soviet countries.