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“Armenian mechanism” as a lever of pressure on Russia comment by academician Anatolii Peshko

30-09-2017 | 14:00

A notable event of this week is the decision of the Armenian standing parliamentary Commission on foreign relations, which voted against Armenia’s withdrawal from the Eurasian economic Union. Recall that, as already reported c initiative of the country’s withdrawal from the EAEC was made by conventionally “Pro-Western” bloc “EFC”.

Meanwhile, in conversation with academician, Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, political expert, former adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko said that it was the expected decision. “It is important for Yerevan to remain in the Eurasian economic Union. Whatever it was, the EAEU member States are Armenia’s partners. And it is the former republics of the USSR, close to Armenia mentally,” said Pesko.

According to experts, between post-Soviet countries over the decades of being a part of the Soviet Union formed close relations: “we Must understand that attempts to separate Armenia from other countries of the Eurasian Union is the handiwork of the United States who want to maintain world domination. For this purpose, the us Federal reserve system and many other things are used, including the “Armenian mechanism” as a lever of pressure on Russia.”

According to the academician, one of the ways to weaken Russia is, for example, the Armenian-Azerbaijani and other conflicts that broke out in the territory of the former USSR, including Ukraine.

“The draft law on Armenia’s withdrawal from the EAEU is another attempt by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who actually control America, to maintain maximum leverage on the processes in the world. Note: even the President of the United States Donald Trump is not given the opportunity to make independent decisions,” – said Peshko.

As for the agreement between Armenia and the European Union expected to be signed in November, which was opposed by Moscow in 2013 and the document was never signed, the expert agrees with the opinion that this is to some extent blackmail by Armenia, which wants to get more bonuses from Russia.

“But I want to give you an example of Ukraine, which has followed the path of Association with the European Union. We have nothing to gain from this. We had a huge common market with Russia, we received about 40-60 billion dollars a year only from the sale of our goods. And now Kiev has abandoned the Russian market, and the country has lost a lot. And if Armenia signs an agreement with the EU, it will lose a lot,” Peshko said.

Continuing to talk about the example of Ukraine, the expert said that it was not by chance that he cited the figure of 40-60 billion dollars: “Today the European market gives us only 20 billion. That is, we have 2-3 times reduced the market. Europe in any case can not replace Russia. And besides, Ukrainian goods, as well as Armenian ones, by their characteristics, by their certification requirements do not meet European standards. Our products are not in demand in the EU, which means we will not be business partners.”

“In Europe, they thought that Ukraine could become a market, but then they realized that even in this capacity we are not suitable, because the standard of living of Ukrainians has fallen significantly over the past three years after the so – called “revolution of hydration” (“Euromaidan” – Ed.). Armenia will find itself in the same situation, ” the source said