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Armenian-future President of Ukraine? About how real it is, we talked to an expert from Kiev

21 SEPTEMBER 2018, 11:30

The year 2019 is approaching, when Ukraine – one of the largest countries of the post-Soviet space will be covered by another wave of elections-presidential and parliamentary. Political experts have already started to make forecasts: what scenarios of the Ukrainian elections are beneficial for their countries?

Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine, political expert and former adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine academician Anatolii Peshko commented in an interview with Media.Az the situation in Ukraine and shared his forecasts.

– Each country is already discussing the question: which candidate will be beneficial for it? But we will now talk from the point of view of Azerbaijan. What do you think, what scenarios of the Ukrainian elections are beneficial or not beneficial for Azerbaijan?

– I would call optimistic and pessimistic options. An optimistic option for Ukraine and Azerbaijan is the coming to power of a candidate from the South – Eastern and Central regions of the country. But if there is no single candidate, the incumbent President Petro Poroshenko may well win the next presidential election.

I wanted all healthy forces in the country to minimize their ambitions and unite. In this case, I think about 40% of voters can vote for such a single candidate.

I must say that the figure of Petro Poroshenko is already irritating in Europe. He is a very rich man and over the years of his reign became even richer, according to some data, increasing his capital by more than seven times. The West is not satisfied, as well as the need to constantly support financially Ukraine, a country that is mired in total corruption.

Against this background, there is a person who is considered “new and fresh” – Victor Medvedchuk. But we understand that this man has long been in politics, participated in the presidential campaign of Leonid Kuchma in 1999, etc. And he has no professional data, knowledge of the economy…

– Sorry to interrupt. You mentioned that Arsen Avakov could become President of Ukraine…

– Yes, Arsen Avakov has great ambitions. And it is possible that the party in power (Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the popular front) may nominate Arsen Avakov as a presidential candidate.

There will be many candidates in the elections, this is the representative of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko. He will not gain, of course, the required minimum passing, but will pull the electorate for further passage to the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine.

Yulia Tymoshenko-she has a high rating among candidates. She’s even in the first place. But our ratings should be ” trusted with a high degree of doubt.” In second place the current President, and the third and fourth place – Arsen Avakov and Anatolii Gritsenko (former defense Minister).

But according to some reports, Anatoly Gritsenko in the 90s was trained in the CIA and Mossad. So that an appropriate loop remained…

– What can you say about the rupture of relations between Ukraine and Russia? Can it affect other CIS countries, including Azerbaijan?

– The break in relations with Russia, which is trying to exercise our power raises questions.

The largest investments in the economy of Ukraine in 2018 and earlier, invested in Russia. The rupture of these relations will have a negative impact on the citizens of our country. And, of course, tensions between Russia and Ukraine will increase. And it is unlikely that this will have a positive impact on Azerbaijan and other countries.

– At the beginning of our conversation, you said that the best candidate for President of Ukraine will be a representative of the South-Eastern and Central regions of the country. Does this mean that Ukraine is so fragmented?

– Ukraine is not a Federal state. But it is really split into two camps: the South-East and the center on one side and the West and partly part of Central Ukraine on the other side.

Certain nationalist, far-right sentiments are more prevalent in the Western part of the country.

And in the Central and South-Eastern part of Ukraine tend to internationalism, friendship with other countries of the former Soviet Union.

By the way, Crimea and part of Luhansk and Donetsk regions fall out as voters, and they could vote for the “party of peace”.

Summing up I will note that division of Ukraine into two poles, unfortunately, exists.