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Anatoly Peshko-a man of pure and generous soul

22 January 2019

On our Zhytomyr land was born dynasty, which still continues to bring light and healing not only the body but also the human soul. The teaching staff of the KNS “Korostyshevskaya special boarding school” Zhytomyr regional Council expresses its sincere gratitude to our countryman, public figure, politician, academician and Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences, doctor of economic Sciences, academician of the Academy of higher school of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of social management of Ukraine, candidate of medical Sciences, freelance adviser to the two chairmen of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, mayor of Ukraine. Kiev and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, a member of the editorial Board of the professional magazine “Socio-economic problems and the state”, a member of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine and just a man with a capital letter and burning in the heart of good to each of our pupil Anatoly Vladimirovich Peshko.

Anatoly Vladimirovich is the son of the famous doctor Vladimir Andreevich Peshko who since April 1975 was the head of the Department of health of Zhytomyr oblast Executive Committee. In this high office.A. Pesko proved himself a competent public health professional, proactive, principled leader. He paid much attention to the introduction of a systematic approach in the management of health institutions in the region, strengthening their material and technical base, the construction of health facilities. Since 1976, thanks to his initiative and perseverance, 14 modern medical buildings and 14 new clinics have been put into operation. In all districts, emergency departments were organized, and in the cities — the station of emergency and emergency medical care. The number of therapeutic sites has increased from 194 to 307, pediatric — from 140 to 234. Special attention to V. A. Pesko was given to development of the health care system of rural population — when it was organized in 27 rural physicians. The provision of beds increased from 111 to 120 per ten thousand population, doctors — from 19.6 to 26.6, average health workers — from 73 to 81.9. Thanks to the persistent efforts And hard work of V. Peshko during his work as head of the regional hospital were opened specialized departments: thoracic-pulmonological, rheumatological, proctological, vascular surgery.

Following the example of his father, Anatoly Vladimirovich does not remain on the side of caring for orphans, children deprived of parental care, who have health problems, and the elderly, who, unfortunately, the state left to fend for themselves. Provides a systematic and various forms of assistance, in order to decorate and to warm their lives. In our opinion, the main priority of his life is to give a piece of his heart, love, hope for a bright future.

Dear Anatoly Vladimirovich! We, the staff of the KNS “Korostyshevskaya special boarding school”, are asking you to submit your candidacy for the post of President of Ukraine at the presidential campaign, which began on December 31, 2018. After all, we believe that such people as you, Anatoly Vladimirovich — honest, highly respected, professional, caring — should hold senior positions in the state. Thanks to such people, Ukraine can finally become a peaceful, happy country with a developed, successful economy.

staff and parents of pupils
Knz ” Korostyshevskaya
special boarding school”.