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Anatolii Peshko: the richest President in the poorest country

17of MAY 2018 THURSDAY, 16:50

Public figures and experts during a press conference at the press center of the news Agency “Ukrainski Novini” discussed the current political and economic situation in Ukraine and signed an appeal to the leaders and politicians of Europe and America on the violation of the rights of citizens in the country.

Doctor of economic Sciences Anatolii Peshko noted that the pressure on the media and the public in Ukraine are violations of the law.

Also, in his opinion, privatization takes place with gross violations.

For example, Peshko says that the cost of the open joint stock company “Odessa port plant ” is not less than $5 billion, when it is planned to privatize at a price of $ 54 million.

“All civilized countries give birth free of charge, paying huge sums to families who gave birth to children in order to increase the birth rate. And our country has reached the point that it has created a situation where mothers have to pay for childbirth. This is the most blasphemous crime against the Ukrainian family, ” said the doctor of Sciences.

Security expert Sergey Shabovta believes that the younger generation in Ukraine faces the pressure of radical nationalist sentiments and at the same time is looking for ways of self-realization abroad.

“There are no democratic prospects in Ukraine. The state is a set of cynical simulation systems that successfully parasitize on their own criminal mechanisms. All this will lead to the growth of a new “Lost generation”, – said Shabovta

President of the city public Association “Panteleimon Healer Foundation ” Yuri Vorobyov, people’s artist Raisa Nedashkovskaya and Vice-President of the Academy of economic Sciences Nikolai Belopolsky in their speeches noted the deterioration in all spheres of activity in Ukraine and stated that the actions of the government violate the law of the country.

Also during the speech, all participants signed an appeal to the leaders and politicians of Europe and America, including us President Donald trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the European Council Donald Tusk, describing the situation in the country and the violation of the rights of Ukrainians.