Academician Peshko to President Zelensky: Ukraine is preparing a land scam that has no analogues in the world

Academician Peshko to President Zelensky: Ukraine is preparing a land scam that has no analogues in the world

Academician and First Vice President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Peshko wrote a letter to President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he points out the risks and opportunities that Ukraine faces.

The text of the appeal was published on the website

President of Ukraine Zelensky V.A.

Dear Vladimir Alexandrovich!

I was made to turn to you by great concern for the future of our Ukrainian people, our children and grandchildren. As a result of deliberately erroneous, malicious and even criminal transformation plans imposed on Ukraine, an irreversible tragedy may occur in the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine in three months.

You are well aware that almost 10 million hectares of state-owned arable land have already been stolen in Ukraine. This was done under the guise of your decree “On the transfer of state property lands to the disposal of the United Territorial Communities” (UTO).

Since the transfer of state lands (OTO), the following criminal actions have taken place on the part of state officials of Ukraine.

The lands transferred to the OTG were, as it were, according to the documents, distributed among the ATO participants, but, as it turned out, the same surnames and passports of the same ATOs appear in almost all regions of Ukraine. That is, according to the law of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine have the right to receive 2 hectares of land only once for each citizen of Ukraine who has lived in Ukraine for at least the last 10 years and no more. In addition to the fact that the lands were allocated to the same persons, ATO participants, Afghans, Chernobyl victims and other persons who have certain state benefits, it is characteristic that immediately after receiving the allocated land according to the documents by notarial powers of attorney, these lands were resold to a narrow circle of persons who have direct or indirect relationship to a significant number of Ukrainian oligarchs. Moreover, the sale of land was carried out at prices of $ 300-500 per hectare, that is, practically for nothing. Thus, in Ukraine, state land has already been stolen from 7-1 () million hectares of the 11.4 million hectares of state-owned land that were available in Ukraine at the end of the 90s.

These Ukrainian lands can still be returned to the state, provided that you postpone the entry into force of the law “On the sale of arable land.” Otherwise, these lands will be sold to world foreign owners – world financial oligarchs – at European prices, and Ukraine will lose all its arable state lands, the cost of which, according to the most conservative estimates, is about $ 700 billion, to lose forever.

That is, a scam will be committed – theft, which has no analogues in the world for the entire XIX, XX, XXI centuries.

In addition, the economy of Ukraine, whose budget today is some unfortunate 38-40 billion dollars, will be dealt a crushing blow, after which it will be IMPOSSIBLE to raise Ukraine !!!

I earnestly ask you to meet with me, so that I convey to you completely truthful and objective information about how you can stop this impending catastrophe and, on the contrary, use this state land for a lightning-fast growth of the Ukrainian economy!

As an example, I give you some small calculations. In Ukraine, now bona fide tenants pay rent to people (9 thousand UAH for 1.8 hectares of land). If we calculate this rent, taking into account the taxes that are paid to the state from this rent, namely 18% income tax, 1.5% military duty, 20% VAT (already paid on the sale of this agricultural product to pay rent by the lessor), then in addition to 9 thousand UAH of rent, taxes on this amount, paid to the state, amount to 3555 UAH. The total rent for the agricultural producer is UAH 12,555. Divide this by the dollar exchange rate (on average 28 UAH / USD) – this is 448 USD per 1.8 hectares on average. That is, it is $ 249-250 per hectare. Such rent takes place only in Germany, the richest country in Europe.

If the Ukrainian state leases the land at its disposal (11 million hectares – as if stolen, but so far only stolen according to documents), only to Ukrainian tenants for such a rent, then we will receive an annual net income of 2 billion 750 million dollars. This is what Ukraine can get from leasing land to Ukrainian producers. Ideally, we can attract foreign investors to Ukraine and I can be the guarantor of the implementation of this program. At the same time, the rental price will be at least $ 250 per hectare, and in addition, under the lease agreement, the foreign tenant will be obliged to invest money in the development of irrigated agriculture on 100% of the leased land, and also on the condition that for each hectare of the rented area, foreign The tenant will be obliged to revive meat and dairy production at the rate of: 1 head of cattle per 1 hectare of land.

What colossal real investments will Ukraine receive during the first two years from the implementation of this program?

  1. To build an irrigation system, a foreign investor will have to invest at least 10-12 thousand dollars per 1 hectare of Ukrainian land, which, in terms of 10 million hectares of state land, will amount to 100-120 billion dollars of irrecoverable investments on Ukrainian land.
  2. With the development of meat and dairy cattle breeding, in order to create modern production facilities of this type, the investor will be obliged to invest at least $ 30 thousand to create conditions for growing, keeping cows, milking them, collecting, cooling and storing milk for its further processing … Direct investments under this program alone will amount to: $ 30,000 per cow x 10 million hectares = $ 300 billion. These are absolutely real figures.

Thus, Ukraine will receive annually from $ 2.5 billion to $ 3 billion in net rent – net revenues to the state budget. Plus, Ukraine’s GDP will increase by $ 420 billion only due to direct investments and will reach the level of $ 540 billion and more. That is, in two years Ukraine will receive a GDP growth of 500%, and maybe more. At the same time, Ukraine absolutely does not need any loans, driving our country and people into bondage, destroying the prospect of Ukrainian statehood.

It should be remembered that the entry into the country of an amount equal to $ 420 billion or more will stimulate the infrastructure of these agro-industrial facilities, which will inevitably cause a colossal demand for the products of Ukrainian metallurgy, Ukrainian industrial engineering, increase Ukraine’s need for electricity, for the powerful growth of the construction industry. and also in the growth of the industry of deep processing of agricultural products. That is, Ukraine will receive production with high added value. In Ukraine, there will be a boom in production and construction materials, demand for machine-building products for agriculture and processing of its products, which will inevitably lead to an increase in demand for iron ore products of mining and processing enterprises, products of metallurgical and ferroalloy plants, products of chemical industry giants that produce fertilizers for agriculture.

The growth of the above industries will contribute to the growth of wages, which means the return of highly qualified specialists from abroad to the country. All this will cause an increase in Ukrainian demand for goods and services, and an increase in effective demand within the country will cause, accordingly, growth in other sectors of the national economy of Ukraine, such as light industry, production of building materials, revival of the service sector, etc., etc. P.


All these processes will contribute to the increase and real filling of the budget of Ukraine. This will allow the state to finance other priority sectors of the economy: rocketry, aircraft construction and modern instrumentation. But for all the above industries, it is necessary to remember the need for parallel and priority growth of the electric power industry, without which industrial production is impossible. I also have programs to solve this problem.

Ukraine needs to develop a high-quality health care system not only to stop the development of Covid-19, but also to develop a powerful sanitary anti-epidemiological service, because in the near future Ukraine and other countries of the world will face more terrible shocks associated with the deliberate spread of various infectious viral infections, as well as bacterial and fungal diseases; attempts to spread deadly genetic diseases through a supposedly voluntary-compulsory vaccination system are not excluded (this danger should also be remembered).

Together with recipes for solving economic and social problems, I have recipes for solving the political pain points of our country. This applies to Donbass and other uncontrolled territories of Ukraine. These questions are confidential, and I can voice them in private one-on-one meetings.

  1. S. I would like to bring to your attention the information that Ukraine has a number of problems that people around you simply do not see or do not understand. These are the problems that can lead to the loss of 20-30% of the country’s budget, if they are not eliminated quickly and efficiently. I know how and I can help to solve these problems.

With deep respect and hope for mutual understanding, hope for a joint solution to the global problems of Ukraine,

sincerely your friend,

Academician and First Vice-President of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine