Academician Peshko asked Medvedchuk to agree the production of Russian vaccine in Ukraine

Academician Peshko asked Medvedchuk to agree to the production of Russian vaccine in Ukraine


Academician, first Vice-President of the AON of Ukraine, doctor of Economics Anatoly Peshko addressed the Chairman of the political Council of the opposition platform-for life party. Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk with a request to conclude an agreement on the production of Russian coronavirus vaccine in Ukraine due to the demonstrative inaction of the Ukrainian authorities. Here is the text of the appeal, fully published in the blog on the correspondent’s website:

Dear Viktor Vladimirovich,

As you yourself noted, the coronavirus does not spare anyone. And no one bypasses. The President and his wife, about 100 deputies and Ministers have already suffered from this disease. Oddly enough, the head of the Ministry of health also fell ill with the coronavirus. Therefore, we believe that there is not the slightest need to expand the current pandemic.

But we are not only talking about the consequences of the disease for a person, for an individual organism. The entire state”organism” also suffers. Our already weak economy is getting more and more blows, and small and medium-sized businesses are suffering losses. And the demarches of mayors and local administrators who refuse to comply with the quarantine can be called a new separatism that risks burying the unity of our country. As you can see, the consequences of coronavirus are not only at the purely medical level.

Therefore, the spread of the disease must be stopped immediately. This is the problem at the moment. And for the future, we need to minimize its repetition, all those second, third and tenth “waves” that forecasters frighten society with. How do I do this?

In fact, nothing better than vaccination has been invented today. This is not a universal tool, but the most effective that mankind has invented over the centuries of its significant existence. So, ideally, Ukraine will be the first to present its own developments in this area. This would increase the authority of the government and strengthen its reputation. But, unfortunately, our scientists did not create the first vaccine against coronavirus.

As you are no doubt aware, many countries are conducting research and clinical trials in this area. Someone – with more, and someone-with less success. Russia has already succeeded. The drug, called Sputnik B, showed an efficiency of 94.5%. It is based on adenovirus. It is known that such vaccines have been used before and are considered quite reliable. According to the developers, cellular immunity to coronavirus after using the satellite can be stored for up to two years. This is more than enough to stop the chain of spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, the founder of the German company BioNTech, along with American partners Pfizer, has developed his own vaccine, saying that using their drug will stop the spread of the disease only in the winter of 2021-2022.

Ukraine just doesn’t have an extra year. The stakes are too high, because statistics show that the number of patients in our country is growing almost exponentially.

But it’s not just the “build-up” of vaccine manufacturers, and not the percentages that determine how effective their effects are on the body. It is also a matter of logistics, and the willingness of the manufacturing countries to “share” their invention with Ukraine.

For example, a vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer has logistical problems related to storage conditions, which can be a very big problem in Ukraine. In addition, this vaccine is already sold in large quantities in the European Union and the United States. When Ukraine will get it, no one knows.

After all, even us President trump has promised to deliver vaccines to US citizens no earlier than April next year. Need I say that Ukraine is not on the agenda of the United States and European countries? They will ensure the protection of their own population and are already the second (if not the tenth) to think about the “third world”.

Against the background of all this situation, which seems almost hopeless, Russia is already ready to give Ukraine a vaccine, thanks to you. We know That you have agreed on the possibility of delivering Sputnik V bypassing the huge queue of 50 countries. Our authorities have clearly rejected this possibility. And this is despite the fact that the Russian vaccine is bought by developed countries such as Israel, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Brazil, China and India are ready to develop it together with Russia, while Kazakhstan, India and Turkey are ready to produce it.

And we know that the satellite is not the only development of Russian scientists, there are alternatives. Their value is confirmed by the interest shown by the EU countries and Israel, which remains a kind of standard of medical care.

We are convinced that when the survival of the entire Ukrainian people is at stake, all political differences can and should be suspended. Therefore, we ask you, Viktor Vladimirovich, to agree to its production on the territory of Ukraine, because the Ukrainian authorities do not want to buy it so demonstratively.

This is a chance that no one dares to miss. Politics cannot be higher or more expensive than human life. We ask you to help millions of Ukrainians save their lives and health!

With deep respect,

academician, first Vice-President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, doctor of Economics, candidate of medical Sciences Anatoly Peshko.