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Academician from Ukraine appealed to Trump not to supply lethal weapons, and to allocate 300 thousand dollars to each family affected by the war in the Donbass

1-06-2018, 17:05

Academician and Vice-President of Academy of economic Sciences of Ukraine Anatolii Peshko at a press conference on the international day of protection of children on behalf of all its members addressed to the President of the United States Donald Trump with a request to influence the Ukrainian leadership to end the war in the Donbass unleashed by the Democratic party of the United States and to provide financial assistance to the victims of this conflict. “I appeal to Trump that he influenced to stop the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, as well as the allocation of money for military operations. And to withdraw NATO troops from the territory of Ukraine, in order to stop this military conflict,” Peshko said at the conference. “I think that we, Ukrainians, will understand ourselves at Home and we are able to sit down at the negotiating table and resolve the issue of ending the war,” he added. Anatolii Peshko, together with all the participants of the press conference, signed an appeal to all world leaders with the above-mentioned requests, and also offered to allocate financial assistance from $300 thousand to each affected family from the conflict in the Donbas. “We survive, not live. We need to end the conflict and to improve the economic situation in the country”, — addressed to the President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko, the Director of the Department of internal policy and communications WIAMP Elena in the window frames. Also, in her opinion, in Ukraine for the fourth year of war there is no freedom of speech. “The registered messages of his paid political technologists sound very nice from the lips of the head of state, during meetings with different eyes of States and on TV, and in reality — emptiness!”she added. Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik and expert of the Institute of Ukrainian policy Nikolai Spirodonov noted the lack of social payments to Ukrainians in the occupied territories, as well as the worsening economic crisis throughout Ukraine, controlled and uncontrolled. Experts noted that although Ukraine recognized the birth certificates of the self-proclaimed republics, in General, the country’s leadership does not pay due attention to the protection and social guarantees of children in the occupied territories. The press conference was also attended by the President of the Kiev city public organization of disabled people “Fund of St. Panteleimon Healer” Yuri Vorobyov, people’s artist of the USSR Nina Matvienko and President of the” international Academy of Cossacks ” Mikhail Yamnenko.