Academician Anatoly Peshko asked the President to buy coronavirus vaccines from Russia to save thousands of Ukrainians!

Academician Anatoly Peshko asked the President to buy coronavirus vaccines from Russia to save thousands of Ukrainians!


Address to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyi
Dear Vladimir Alexandrovich!

The coronavirus epidemic in Ukraine is gaining alarming proportions. The growth of 11-12 thousand people in a day will very quickly bring the ruined domestic health system to its knees. Ukrainians will simply have nowhere to be treated and people will die without waiting for medical help. This is a terrible prospect, which, unfortunately, the quarantine of the weekend will not be able to prevent.
Today it is already clear to the whole scientific community, not only in Ukraine, but all over the world, that to fight the epidemic it is necessary to take any measures that will raise the T-cell immunity, which in turn will help to strengthen the protective reaction of each person, including all Ukrainians against coronavirus and other influenza, parainfluenza viruses, and in general all viral and cancer diseases by creating cross-immunity. Therefore, like other countries, Ukraine needs a vaccine against coronavirus. Today, the countries of the world agree on the supply and joint production of future vaccines. And many of them have already signed contracts with the Russian Federation, which already has a developed and licensed vaccine “Sputnik V”. On this basis, I believe that the use of Russian vaccine for coronavirus treatment is absolutely correct and necessary action on the part of Ukrainian authorities.
The Russian drug is based on adenovirus. It is known that such vaccines have already been used in tens and hundreds of thousands of doses, they are considered reliable and provide immunity for a very long time. According to Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, whose institution developed the vaccine, cell immunity to coronavirus can last up to two years after using Sputnik V. This is enough to stop the virus from spreading.
In addition, Russia has already registered a second vaccine – “EpiVacCorona” produced by the Vector Research Center. It is undergoing post-registration research. And the Chumakov Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences has developed its own vaccine, which contains the whole virus. This drug is also going through the stage of clinical trials. It is expected that the vaccine may be registered by the end of the year. At the same time, the vaccine by Pfizer, which has been talked about so much lately, has logistical problems related to storage conditions, which can be a very big problem in Ukraine. In addition, this vaccine is much more expensive than its Russian counterpart. Help solve this issue positively so that the Ukrainian people are not affected. So that, eventually, we can buy the Russian vaccine or even better establish its production by creating Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises and at the same time building up the economic potential of Ukraine.
I know you, dear Volodymyr Oleksandrovych, as a responsive, kind and humane person, so I address you and ask you to give the appropriate orders to the government of Ukraine for immediate resolution of the issue! Either to purchase a ready-made vaccine or to purchase technology from Russia for independent production. Start of immediate production of this vaccine at domestic pharmaceutical enterprises will not only help health care in Ukraine, but also the development of the pharmacological industry, and thus the emergence of new jobs, increasing wages, at least to employees of the pharmaceutical industry.
We Ukrainians must make the only right decision and buy the maximum number of doses for vaccination of Ukrainian citizens from Russia in order to stop the spread of viral infection and save the lives of the most vulnerable categories of citizens of our country – people with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. After all, these are someone’s grandparents, fathers and mothers, they are members of one big family – Ukraine.
I urge you, Volodymyr, to put aside all political disagreements and think about saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainians! After all, they may die of a deadly virus in the coming months. The European Union, despite the sanctions regime against Russia, can afford to allow the use of the Russian vaccine on its territory. This vaccine is purchased by such countries as Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Brazil, China, South Korea, Turkey, India. So why is Ukraine not ready to put human life above politics?
Dear Vladimir Alexandrovich, I ask you to agree with Vladimir Putin, so the most important issue for our country. Or address to Viktor Medvedchuk, who has already held talks with the Russian leadership.

We all have to think about the Ukrainian people first of all. Politics will wait. People want to live. Please, buy a vaccine, give Ukrainians a chance to survive!

With deep respect, in advance, sincerely thank you,
Academician and First Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Ph.D. in Economics, Candidate of Medical Sciences

A. V. Peshko